You Don’t Often Get A Chance To Own An Xbox As Cool As This

Kotaku: Howard Phillips may be a Nintendo legend, but after he left that company in the early 90's he would eventually find his way to Microsoft in time to play a key role in the launch of the original Xbox.

Which explains why he's now selling one of the coolest Xbox lots I've ever seen on eBay.

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MikeMyers1999d ago

Ok, the most important question needs to be asked. What's the warranty going to be?

Sp1d3ynut1999d ago

No, the most important question is: When are you going to grow up?

showtimefolks1999d ago

good for those have have a lot of money to spend but i rather buy a gaming pc,ps4,xbox720 and wii-u and sill spend less than start price for that auction

good for those into collecting rare gaming stuff and with a lot of money

nukeitall1999d ago

We might not appreciate it as much now, but I think those things will be worth a lot in the future. When the gaming community matures more and more. We are talking the youngsters of today that own Xbox 360, will be looking for a piece of their childhood, the same way Atari has today.