Why We're Excited About 2013: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance | 1UP

1UP: "MGR's combat loops cuts to the heart of an age-old action game dilemma."

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GSpartan7771967d ago

The demo for this needs to come out in the US. I hope it does.

Clover9041967d ago

It is. Sometime in January.

Gamehard1967d ago

It'll be on the psn in a week or 2. You could always get a hold of ZOE HD lol the demo is pretty sweet :D

Elda1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Another hack & slash game I'm excited about!!

League_of_Draven1967d ago

There is no reason to be excited for a mediocre hack & slash that craps all over MGS' story line in attempt to cash-in on the name.

This game is garbage and isn't worth the money even when it flops and ends up in the bargain bin.

prototypeknuckles1967d ago

still sipping that capcom/Ninja theory kool-aid huh? LMAO trully you are a person that has never played a good hack n slash or your obviosly just trolling, you still think that gameplay wise DmC will be better than MGR revengeance, LMFAO XD.

anyway i cant wait for MGR revengeance i gotta get this game day one.

Elda1967d ago

So sick of reading some of these psychos & miserable peoples negative rants about games they supposedly have no interest in that they try to down you because you like or have interest in game they disaprove of...the NERVE!!...some of you people really need to take a CHILL PILL!!

Dunpeal1967d ago

Exactly! despite all the hate, this game looks cool to me. soooooo many lame elitist gamers up in this biznatch

BlaqMagiq241967d ago

This is a day one buy from me. This will be loads better than DmC.