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1UP: "Dante's reinvention should lead to the first hit of 2013."

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Chuk51967d ago

I;m looking forward to this game. There's a lot of hate surrounding it, and some people have been won over, but at the end of the day I hope it's good. I mean if you don't like it, that's fine. Some people are never gonna give it a chance, that's also fine. However, I don't understand the notion that some people are saying this isn't a DMC game at all. That's a bit silly. I mean, that's like saying Alice in Chains isn't Alice in Chains because Layne Staley is gone.

Elda1967d ago

@Chuk5 I absolutely agree!!...some people are really beleiving that their negative comments & beleif of how this game is suppose to be so bad will rub off on other people,not me I will make my on judgement about this game when I'm done playing it.

Root1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Dont say peope have been won over when most DMC fas havent honestly you sound like Capcon

Its not a Dmc game, everything that made the gme Dmc has been changed to resemble something non Dmc like.

If you dont understand that then you obviously havent been paying attention to both sides of this situation

Let me guess you still think its about the hair/look.....

LOGICWINS1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

"Dont say people have been won over when most DMC"

He said SOME people have been won over...not all.

"Its not a Dmc game, everything that made the gme Dmc has been changed to resemble something non Dmc like."

Douchey, yet skilled half devil half human protagonist whose main weapons consists of a sword and two guns




Goal is to stop Mundus, ruler of the underworld


Upgrades moves/weapons throughout the game through use of red orbs


To your credit, some things have changed because DMC(what for it) is a RE-BOOT, hence "re-do" of the franchise. Reboots offer different takes to pre-existing franchises. The Sherlock Holmes franchise has had many reboots and I enjoy all of them.

Fortunately for people who are buying this game, Ninja Theory has ALREADY improved upon past efforts by giving us truly dynamic environments, bosses that ACTUALLY have personalities, and the most natural sounding dialogue in the franchises history.

I played the demo and I had fun with it, so did many others. If you didn't..fine, save yourself and everyone here time and go play another game.

Root1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )


" Douchey, yet skilled half devil half angel protagonist whose main weapons consists of a sword and two guns "

HA...Dante was never half Angel

Your defending this game and you dont even know about the old ones.

Typical white knights....not even DMC fans or they've never played the old ones


Oh yeah LOGIC slyly edit your post.

Bit of advice for next time, dont comment on things you dont know nothing about. Dont defend something because you think it will make you look noble

DragonKnight1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

@LOGICWINS: "Douchey, yet skilled half devil half angel protagonist whose main weapons consists of a sword and two guns."

UNCHECK:- Dante is cocky, not douchey. He's also a half-demon half-HUMAN, not this nephilim bullsh*t ripped right from Darksiders.


UNCHECK:- DmC's scripted B.S. "living world" is some new crap. The "platforming" in Devil May Cry was always understated.

"Goal is to stop Mundus, ruler of the underworld."

UNCHECK:- Mundus was King of the Demon World and threatened to take over the human world until stopped by Sparda. This Mundus is a middle aged businessman who already rules the world and defeated Sparda. NOT THE SAME THING!

"Upgrades moves/weapons throughout the game through use of red orbs."

Wow, you got ONE thing right. That must make the games identical.

To your edit: Ninja Theory and improvement are two words that are impossible to exist together in one sentence in any language. They haven't yet made a game that is beyond average and DmC will definitely go down in history as their worst creation ever. Even Enslaved will be more fondly remembered that this tripe.

LOGICWINS1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

^^If you already know that the game will be trash, why are you here? To simply spew negativity?

The title of this article is

"Why We're Excited About 2013: DmC"

Hence, for people who are EXCITED about DMC.

@Root- LOL, u edited your post as well.

DragonKnight1967d ago

Quite simple really. The title is "why we're excited about 2013: DmC" it isn't "why we're excited and why no one is allowed to post the truth about this game if that truth is negative."

Quite simply, with all the "bought" (and by that I don't necessarily mean paid for) reviews lying to people about how this game is "just like" the older DmC games and how Ninja Theory are "such great developers" despite never making a good game so far, it is necessary for someone to show people that they are being played for fools. If you don't think that such a thing is happening, then I have video for you to watch that shows you just what this industry is capable of and why no one should have faith in anything Capcom does, or Ninja Theory (especially Tameem after his constant insults) and why it's very clear with all available evidence that DmC is a terrible game that people will waste $60 on just to trade off for far too less than what they paid. Here's that vid...

Chuk51967d ago

Two things.

I never said DmC will convert all or most hardcore DMC fans, I said some are giving it a chance.

Also, I don't think it's just the look. I have seen some of the reasons as to why old fans are so against it. There is reasoning, but the anit-DmC camp can be unreasonably stubborn sometimes. To the point where the speak for all DMC fans. If that isn't arrogance I don't what is. I don't like being told what to do by some people who think they know better as to what I like.

It's find if you don't care for the game, by why can't other people enjoy the game? Why hate on something you have no intention of buying? Personally I wanted to like Dante of old, but found his character flat. Cool, but flat.

Elda1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )'ve been saying the same NEGATIVE BULL on every DmC forum,you need to get over the fact that there are people that are interested in playing this game no matter what you people say or beleive about this game,if you hate this game that much why come to a DmC forum just to waste your time & energy ranting about a game you supposedly have no interest in. I really think you want to play this game but you're in denial.All this negative ranting about a videogame especially a REBOOT is just F-ing CRAZY!! PS..YES I've played all DMC'S & I'm a fan.

CrimsonDragon901967d ago

It's not supposed to look or be like the old series. That's why it's set in an alternate universe. Personaly I don't see why their so much hate on the character change. This is not dmc5. It's a new dmc world. Just like batman films. Tim Burton's batman is different from Nolan's batman. They used the same characters of the series but the designs and story are different. everyone knows the old series is gonna return. So don't see why people are acting inmature about the new one.

oNIXo1966d ago

I a huge DMC fan, and I like the new one.

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DragonKnight1967d ago

Uh no it's not. Here's Devil May Cry

Dante is a half-demon, half-human demon hunter who is carefree, cocky, and can kick ass with style. He has a twin brother, Vergil, who is also half-demon, half-human. Vergil is cold, calculating, and believes in only his own strength and desires nothing more than absolute dominance over all inferior creatures. He's a brutally efficient fighter who believes guns are for weaklings.

Their father is Sparda, the legendary demon who deposed the king of demons Mundus and died a legend. Mundus is a grotesque demon who was king of all demons and pretty much has the same kind of disposition that Vergil does. Dante fights his brother, demons, what have you and is now known as being more powerful than even Sparda. Mundus has no interest in using greed and wealth to rule the world when he has his own demonic power to use.

This is DmC. Dante is half-demon, half-angel (who somehow looks totally human) punk who was being tortured. He's arrogant, self-important, and crude. He fights more like a brawler than with style and finesse. He also has a twin brother who also has the same blood and is also named Vergil. This Vergil is the leader of a group opposed to Mundus and seeks the peace and prosperity of all mankind. Doesn't care about dominance or ruling over all, just wants everyone to be free and happy. He is a slower fighter and appears weaker than his counterpart. Sparda is their father, a full demon that went up against Mundus and lost and is being held captive. Mundus is an ugly business man ruling the world with money and fear, wanting to kill the sons of Sparda.

How do those things sound anything like beyond names to you?

Omnislash1967d ago

Could not have summarized it better myself.
Very well said.

Do not buy this game!

Thatguy-3101967d ago

Funny how people that like the game aren't entitle to express it but the ones that hate it are all over any article that gets released by it. If you don't like it just skip it and click something else ppl.

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Root1967d ago

Here we go more articles to defend the game.

This whole thing stinks

Two years since it was first announced as fans have voiced thir legit complaints about the game, we get nothing from sites, no defense articles just previews on it and whatever else they need to report on...then all of a sudden a month before launch we get article after article of sites trying to defend the game, speaking BS like Capcom on how theyve won over fans and such. THEN even after a horrible broken demo of the final game, early reviews give it high scores and praise things which go against the broken, easy gameplay

This whole thing is way too suspicious to me

GhettoBlasStarr1967d ago

Exactly!!! I was feeling the same way, that something smells fishy.

Look I think DMC will be a OK game, but it's not what I look for in a Devil May Cry game. Yes I've played all the other ones.

As a fan of the series, Why am I not excited for this??
If Hollywood made a cheesy DMC movie it would look like this game.

wishingW3L1967d ago

this doesn't even sounds like a preview, this is more damage control than anything else. lol

strigoi8141967d ago

not a fan of DMC..and i find this one lame compare to the old ones..

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