Gametrailers: CryENGINE2 vs Reality Comparison

Gametrailers puts the the CryENGINE2 demo up against the reality it tries to mimic.

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IzKyD13313351d ago

if far cry 2 uses this engine, its gonna be game of the year

Fishy Fingers3351d ago

do some research before you speak. Ill give you a clue, Cryteck have NOTHING to do with FarCry2

Monty_The_Great3351d ago

you came to the wrong zone.

PopEmUp3351d ago

the F u talking about he didn't mention Farcy2 using the engine he was trying to point out that if farcy2 used the engine it would turn out to be game of the year

IzKyD13313350d ago

oops, my bad, i just assumed because crytek helped make far cry 1 (dont need to be hostile)

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ForTheFallen3351d ago

Is reality just a Crytek 2 Engine???!?!?

Rice3351d ago

HOLY crap i got fooled so badly....


that rerendering a real life environment is impressive? thats why you think this engine is the best, that is sad.

Fishy Fingers3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )


CryENGINE2 is by far the most powerful/advanced engine out there.

Please tell me which engine you think is better (& please dont give me a console engine as that simply prooves you have no idea what your talking about)?

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The story is too old to be commented.