Zynga Shuts Down Petville, Mafia Wars 2, Ten Other Games

After laying off 100 employees in October, the company announced that they were “sunsetting” 13 older games from their library and reducing investment in “The Ville”. That has come to fruition this month, culminating in yesterday’s surprising shut down of the popular PetVille and Mafia Wars 2.

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dazzrazz1695d ago

Zynga has learned you can't make metric shit ton of "ville" clone garbage games and stuff their pockets forever ? :D

BitbyDeath1695d ago

Don't understand why a company like Zynga need a hundred employees in the first place.

Starbucks_Fan1695d ago

Good. No more goddamn Mafia requests

cl19831695d ago

I know people will be uposet with this, but another failure in the free to play market.