GDC : Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

10 minutes of Dragon Ball z: Burst Limit from Gamespot.

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gta_cb3944d ago

i know what you mean =p

Jamegohanssj53944d ago

Nice thanks for this video. I'm ready for July!

Azurite3944d ago

"what I would say is the best recreation of any dbz anime or movie as I've seen so far"
As I've worked at lot of with DBZ as a ref manager to ZEQ2 I've seen my share of DBZ... I see that Burst Limit contains a lot of inaccuracies that should be addressed.
But I doubt they'll address them since they'd have to redo a lot.
Maybe a future DBZ game will actually be accurate.

HardcoreGamer3944d ago

reason, well, because tenkaichi 3 is the most complete dbz game ever,

pleaes dont even start dissin tenkaichi3 if you only ever played Tenkaichi 1, T1 is no where near T3

tenkaichi 3 in terms of fun owns budokai 3

Salta_nelas3944d ago

Tenkaichi is the best DBZ adaptation...this one is just like Shin budokai for the PSP, i am disappointed really. Same character movement, no destructable enviornments, no fly as you like, same old animations, same button presses as the PSP (like dodges and stuff) and ONLY TILL THE END OF CELL??

I will get the game non the less, but the disappointment wont go away, i expected much more from a new gen DBZ game.

HardcoreGamer3944d ago

just take a look at there teleport, you can teleport and do an attack you want, you cant teleport the way you want,

its still the same, teleport behind and back hand slap technique, i mean thats all the same with nicer graphics..

i would rather still play tenkaichi 3, but ,,, BUT IM hardcore dbz fan and most of the dbz games, in my collection.

MasterChief28293944d ago

Maybe it was because I lost interest in DBZ at the time but I hated Tenkaichi. Budokai 3 still remains the best DBZ game yet.

m91058263944d ago

Shin Butoden was the best, for those who have had the honor of being able to play such a rare gem. It was a very limited release for Sega Saturn in Japan only. I'm lucky enough to own a copy, and it is without a doubt the best adaptation.

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The story is too old to be commented.