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Submitted by john2 1131d ago | news

Remedy hints at incoming news, possibly about Alan Wake 2

DSOGaming writes: "On Alan Wake's official FB page, Remedy has revealed that it will be sharing more greater news about what they've been up to." (Alan Wake 2, PC, PS3, Remedy Entertainment, Xbox 360)

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Convas  +   1131d ago
I don't have enough "YES"s in me. :3
Abash  +   1131d ago
Remedy needs to make a new IP, the Alan Wake games just cant seem to deliver. The first Alan Wake was far too repetitive and monotonous, then American Nightmare was a step forward but quite a few steps back at the same time. I think it was worth trying something different with the Alan Wake IP but it's time to try to create a new, better IP
MikeMyers  +   1131d ago
I'll have to respectfully disagree. I think there is a great premise here, it just needs to be crafted better.
Jek_Porkins  +   1131d ago
What if Naughty Dog stopped after the first Uncharted? Or Sega after the first Sonic? Most great franchises don't hit stride until at least the second game in the series.

Alan Wake was probably my favorite game of 2010, it had a great story and didn't rely on gore to get cheap scares. It had some of the best lighting, story and atmospheres I've ever played in a game. American Nightmare was nice to hold people over, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I want a true Alan Wake sequel almost more than any other game.

Microsoft signed a publishing deal with Remedy, so I guess it's totally up to them if we get a new game, but all signs point to yes, I kind of hope Alan Wake 2 is a launch title for the next Xbox.

As someone who has 100% completed Alan Wake and American Nightmare on the Xbox 360, anything new involving such a innovative and fun franchise is welcomed.

I also see people complain because the world wasn't fully opened, I don't understand the reason for that, a lot of ideas are scraped and almost every top franchise out right now is linear as can be. Alan Wake was a try cinematic horror experience. Nuff said.
Root  +   1131d ago
I think they should still continue with the Alan Wake franchise but at the same time they should of divided the team so one could of done Max Payne 3 while they start AW2 and once Max Payne 3 was out they second team would of started on a new IP.

I still think they should at least see how it would do released on the PS3. Heavey Rain is a story driven game and that did quite well, give Alan Wake a shot.
BitbyDeath  +   1131d ago

Uncharted and Sonic both came out firing on their first titles.
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TekoIie  +   1131d ago
I disagree with what you said about AW: AN.

Very little good came from it and some of the main mechanics were made worse.

The new flashlight system for example made batteries WORTHLESS for 99% of the game. Especially considering we would be carrying something like 20 (someone correct me if I'm wrong but you carry a LOT of them which is my point).

Go back to the slow recharge flashlight with lots of charge in it.

I could go on with EVERYTHING else but I really dont want to make a wall O text so I'll leave it there :3
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ado908  +   1131d ago

that's different. Uncharted Drakes fortune is a much better game than Alan Wake is. Alan wake is far too repetitive. It was Uncharted that basically changed action adventure shooters. The First Sonic game was amongst the best Sonic game I have not idea what you're talking about. Did you even play their first Sonic game? I highly doubt it.

Alan Wake had a confusing story that made zero sense. All of the things that happens around him including the darkness was because he didn't finish his novel. All entirely because of a book he never finished writing. It was innovative at first but then you kept on doing the same thing over and over and over and over again, it's just plain annoying later and makes you not want to finish the game, despite me actually finishing it. Uncharted Drakes fortune had an amazing compelling story with smooth gameplay and amazing graphics for it's time. There was nothing like it before. Uncharted 2 is being one of the best of all time. Uncharted 3 let me down a bit :/ sorry to say. How do you think The last of us will do? The main team that made uncharted 2 is making the last of us and it will deliver possibly GOTY and it's their first new I.P.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1131d ago
Alan Wake was a handful of Exclusives that was a slow cooker for MS. It went and sold a million copies eventually.

You can't call it quits after the first game? AW wasn't perfect but MS has a beautiful thing going on with this particular IP. This is MS answer to the narrative single player experience which they lacked before.

Its rumored Next gen Xbox will have another narrative driven single player action experience. I can't wait for Alan Wake 2 and see what they have in store for E3 and next gen consoles.
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guitarded77  +   1131d ago
"Can't deliver"??? The series is good... the only thing it hasn't delivered on is Halo and Gears sales numbers. Just because it hasn't sold as well as those other XBOX titles, it doesn't mean it's not a great IP. I say more Alan Wake... I will buy it and play it. I'm all for new IPs too, but MS needs to use some of their other studios for that.
slimpickens  +   1131d ago
The short films before its release were the only breath taking moments I spent with the game. I mean what a waste of potential. In all honestly it was nothing more then another Perfect Dark 360 mess up. Next time around I hope they start fresh and get back to what they originally tried to make. Alan Wake was the game that killed it for me especially since it released the same day as RDR which was a masterpiece. Bungie claiming Reach was open world and AW turning out to be linear and just stupid repetitive just killed it.
EVILDEAD360  +   1131d ago
Would loove an Alan Wake sequel for the 720.

Easily one of the best horror game experiences this entire gen.

It's unfortunate there was such a rocky road for the game to debut, only to be met at launch by a smoking hot Red Dead Redemption.

But a next gen sequel could be the 'remedy' the doctor ordered for this talented team. (Silly pun intended)

TheRealSpy  +   1131d ago
The only thing i don't understand is this: why would MS care to publish another AW game when they couldn't even be bothered to change the release date of the original so that it wouldn't coincide with RDR? I never understand that strategy.

To the people saying that AW isn't that great cuz it's "repetitive" but then defend Uncharted as being "innovative..." ....LOL! hypocrites.

I will admit though. AW could have used some good puzzles. Not that i'm saying Uncharted had good puzzles...they solved themselves and were just there to extend the length of the game, not make you think. Same with the platforming.
EVILDEAD360  +   1131d ago
@ The Real Spy

'The only thing i don't understand is this: why would MS care to publish another AW game when they couldn't even be bothered to change the release date of the original so that it wouldn't coincide with RDR? I never understand that strategy.'

You got it mixed up..

Alan wake already had it's release date and that was after all the delays.

Rockstar are the ones who changed th RDR date to coincide with Alan Wake.

So as you can have niche single horror game vs. Mainstream Rockstar powerhouse that endeed up being the Game of The Year and also was loved on Xbox Live for it's didn't go too well for Alan.

SilentNegotiator  +   1131d ago
They spent a decade making an okay game. Of course they're going to just sequel it to recoup time/money.
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ufo8mycat  +   1131d ago
You must of hated Uncharted then as that was far to repetitive, yet got GOTY

Point is all games are repetitive.
Oh_Yeah  +   1131d ago
Xbox doesn't have many great exclusives but Alan Wake is a gem, I'd easily put it 2nd after halo..start a new ip after only 1 aaa entry? No way, the Gears of War and Fable devs need to do that if anyone under Microsoft. Gears is beyond stale and never changing and Fable took a step in the wrong direction for sure. There's a lot of potential in Alan Wake, I hope to see sequels on 720.
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Walker  +   1131d ago
Agreed, Alan wake has cheap gameplay and graphics but story was good. IMO .
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Walker  +   1131d ago
Agreed, Alan wake has cheap gameplay and graphics but story was good. IMO ...
omi25p  +   1131d ago
Alan wake is one of the best new IP'S this gen.
NukaCola  +   1131d ago
Alan Wake needs a better console for a more solid open world experience as intended originally. Alan Wake has a lot of greatness going for it, but was dampened by the choice to push towards a linear flash light shooter.
BitbyDeath  +   1131d ago
Agreed, can't wait for nextgen.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1131d ago
"Alan Wake needs a better console for a more solid open world experience as intended originally"

Like this?
Alan Wake needs a 2008 pc? 2008 pc is next gen? It had that but then MS bought their attention. & then this..

"Alan Wake's resolution a composite between 720p and 540p"

Had nice phyics to!...

To bad alan wake was pirated 1,140,000 times on 360.

But profitable in 48 hrs on pc!

pc or no buy.. 540p is not good enough in todays world.
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SuperLupe  +   1131d ago
I guess that "better console" is the PC or some next gen system. Because the PS3 is definately no beast when it comes to open world experiences. And I'm not even considering the Wii U.
Klonopin  +   1131d ago
No, the next Alan Wake needs to come out for the PC first. Alan Wake did not sell very well on 360 because they cancelled the PC version shortly before it's release. The majority of people eagerly anticipating the game were PC gamers. The backlash was certainly felt by Remedy, they eventually convinced Microsoft to give the greenlight for a PC release; low and behold the PC version sold better than the 360 version.
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TheRealSpy  +   1131d ago
It had NOTHING to do with the console...

They changed it from an open world game so that they could maintain the atmosphere and story driven experience that they were going for. The design choice had nothing to do with hardware limitations.
SilentNegotiator  +   1131d ago

If simply believing whatever Microsoft-purchased Remedy tells you makes you real better......
Knight_Crawler  +   1131d ago
Alan Wake is a very underrated game and MS did not do it justice by releasing it on the same month as Red Dead Redemption plus not giving it the Halo and Gears market budget but I am glad that it came bundled with my 360 that I got last xmas...I would have probably never bought it and missed out on an amazing experience.

Sure it had its down falls but what game doesn't, hopefully they fix the AI which felt like the same enemy though out the game and also make use of the 720 RAM and make open world like it was originally suppose to be - the story telling is where the game shines I wish we had more game like this.

Edit:@ NukaCola - Come on dude its the new year, try to change and love all consoles instead of hating on the 360.

Also you comment is semi correct but you needed to release on the PC...cannot believe that people like you still belive that the PS3 is made from black magic and pixie dust.
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OpenGL  +   1131d ago
Yeah, releasing the same month as a Rockstar game was a huge mistake. I own both the 360 and PC version of Alan Wake(as well as American Nightmare on both platforms) and the PS3 and 360 versions of Red Dead and given the choice of only one, the decision would be pretty easy as Red Dead simply offers so much more content and most would agree that its mechanics are more refined.

Still really hope for a proper Alan Wake sequel though. Sure the original was not without flaws but look at how much Uncharted 2 improved over the original as another user mentioned, it's not as though Remedy couldn't do the same thing. I would like it to return to the open world style of game that was originally presented at IDF 2006.
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RuleofOne343  +   1131d ago
@OpenGL @Knight_Crawler Actually AW had that date all set it was R*who decide to chose that date also not on purpose ,but it did not help AW sales going against an R* GAME.
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fermcr  +   1131d ago
Alan Wake is one of the best games this generation. Alan Wake 2 just needs to improve on the first and it's good to go.
SPAM-FRITTER-123  +   1131d ago
Day 1. best horror/thriller game in a long time.
Sp1d3ynut  +   1131d ago
SilentNegotiator... if you can't troll better than that, don't bother, son. BTW, GT5 and The Last Guardian took longer than AW ; only an idiot thinks 5 years = "a decade".
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MEsoJD  +   1131d ago
I really thought Alan Wake was a horrible game. Good for the fans, but the game just seemed so flawed.
otherZinc  +   1131d ago
Alan Wake is a fantastic game. Its totally what Resident Evil used to be and now should be.

I cant wait for a new Alan Wake.
Alan Wake is best experienced by yourself, lights off 5.1 volume up, with extra base!
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RustedMan  +   1131d ago
Alan Wake has one of the best and most realized environments I've seen in a LONG time. The atmosphere was tremendous, and the original score was beautiful and haunting at the same time.

It IS Twin Peaks in videogame form, who wouldn't want more of that?
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Ezz2013  +   1131d ago
i have both alan wake and American Nightmare on my pc
but still didn't play any of them ...are they good ?!!
Lordchunk  +   1131d ago
Why not just play them if you have them both on PC instead of asking if their good lmao.
Ezz2013  +   1131d ago
have too many games on pc/360/ps3
and don't have time
i bought them 2 days ago from steam
SuperLupe  +   1131d ago
You don't know if it's any good but you buy it anyway ... AND purchase the DLC lol.
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SuperLupe  +   1131d ago
Double post.
#2.3 (Edited 1131d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
SAE  +   1131d ago
Give it a try , it's really fun , just turn off the lights and higher the volume and you will love and hate the game in the same time xD ..
JaredH  +   1131d ago
The bundle of both Alan Wake games is only $10 on steam right now and when you have steam you get a lot of games on impulse if they're cheap enough. However, I wouldn't buy a game I know little about which seems to be your case.

Since you have it you should definitely play it though. It was my favorite games that year and it has a great story.
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ATi_Elite  +   1131d ago
Yes they are Good! Good Story, good port, and solid gameplay....worth a Run through and I expect Alan Wake 2 PC day 1 as AW PC sold well on the PC even after the long wait!

I too bye games and don't play them mostly due to lack of time and way too many AAA PC titles....That's the POWER of a Steam Sale!

MMO's take up a lot of your gaming time cause they are EVERTHING rolled up in Game!
Abdou23  +   1131d ago
Alan Wake was not bad, but we need new IP please.
Kran  +   1131d ago
Alan Wake was a new IP...

and now you want a new one? wtf? :/
LOL_WUT  +   1131d ago
He meant a better IP.
Abdou23  +   1131d ago
@ Kran

Yes it's not a rule that every company must make 2-3 sequels for the same game even if it was successful. Sometimes the key to make great games is not milking it.
Alan Wake was good but just like @LOL_WUT said, i'd like a better game from them,Only if they are going to forget this Max Payne-Alan Wake formula, they need to try some new prospective.
Root  +   1131d ago
I hope they give Alice some character development in the next one. Let the wife of our hero get involved in the story instead of being left in the dark (no pun intended) about whats going on with Alan and being completely oblivious to whats going on around her.

He saved her from the darkness so I think it would be fair if she tried to save him from it and at the same time conquer her fear of it since it's stated she's terrified of the dark. I'm pretty sure her figuring out who Mr Scatch is and trying to find Alan while on the run from him would make a good chapter in the game. Alan could easily write this in the cabin so she can save him.

In my opinion they shouldn't of wasted time with the XBLA game American I need to play that now to understand the story in the second game. It just didn't look very Alan Wake to me, it seems they made him into an action hero. Is it cannon? Is it not? Is he still trapped in the darkness?...Anyone...
Root  +   1131d ago
Yup disagrees for no reason.....typical N4G
Neonridr  +   1131d ago
American Nightmare still continues along with the story. It is a deviation from the standard AW formula as the game seems to rely a lot more on action versus the thriller/horror nature of the first game. It was less spooky, but it was still more Alan Wake story, which to me is a great thing. I can't seem to get enough of the game.
ScubaSteve1  +   1131d ago
wait how are they going to make a second one based from the ending? unless they make it a prequel
Sp1d3ynut  +   1131d ago
I think you need to replay the's obvious you didn't understand the storyline from your first playthrough.
FarCryLover182  +   1131d ago
Next-gen launch title, please!!!
tigertron  +   1131d ago
Give me more Remedy!
tigertron  +   1131d ago
It had better have more Old Gods of Asgard tracks.
brew  +   1131d ago
720 Launch Title.- holiday 2013
Coming to PC mid 2015.
FarCryLover182  +   1131d ago
Sounds about right..
Treian  +   1131d ago
Actually, not. American Nightmare came out on xbox 360 and PC very close together.
BanBrother  +   1131d ago
Sequel number 48 to PS3 exclusive just announced; "OMGZ, WHERE CAN I BUYZ IT????"

Sequel to Xbox 360 game announced; "meh, dey needz more I-peez"

Funny how the internet (N4G) works. Of course I'll get trolled by little kids for stating the blatantly obvious.

I, however, welcome any news about Alan Wake. One of my favourite games of all time, and I am yet to play a better downloadable game than American Nightmare. Just My opinion.
FarCryLover182  +   1131d ago
Well Sony does have a lot of IP's and sequels. Microsoft have a few IP's and a lot of sequels. More IP's would be great.
BanBrother  +   1131d ago
But, the point is, people are using that same tired rhetoric they always use. Fact is, this is not Halo, there has been 1 retail game and one downloadable game, yet people are acting as if this is the 11th entry in the series.

Sour grapes, and jealousy I'd say. Anyone who disputes Remedy makes good games is not a true gamer in my books.

EDIT: @Root

"So I don't understand where your getting "Sequel number 48 to PS3 exclusive" that from..."

Never said that Xbox games aren't milked, just that when a new game in a playstation franchise, let's say God of war Ascension (6th game in the series) comes along, everyone is jumping for joy. Yet Alan Wake is not allowed to have a third attempt, (realistically 2nd, as AN was a small episode download).
#9.1.1 (Edited 1131d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(9) | Report
TekoIie  +   1131d ago

"let's say God of war Ascension (6th game in the series) comes along, everyone is jumping for joy. Yet Alan Wake is not allowed to have a third attempt, (realistically 2nd, as AN was a small episode download)"


AW was a great game which completely surprised me. Wasnt expecting much from it at all but I was on the edge of me seat all the way through it! But follow this for a minute:

Imagine Uncharted never got a sequel...
Imagine Assassins Creed never got a sequel...
Imagine Killzone never got a sequel...
Imagine Saints Row never got a sequel...
Imagine Mass Effect never got a sequel...

The games I listed were originally good or average but showed promise and their sequel showed they could do so much more!
#9.1.2 (Edited 1131d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(4) | Report
Root  +   1131d ago
"I'll get trolled by little kids for stating the blatantly obvious."

It's not the obvious though, it's total BS and your just trying to stir crap on here.

People get excited with PS3 games because Sony lets their developers get on with their games, they let them make not only sequels but new IPs. The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, Playstation All Stars, Last Guardian (when it comes out), Untill Dawn to name a few.

So I don't understand where your getting "Sequel number 48 to PS3 exclusive" that from ...

Microsoft just stick to the same old IPs and restricts their developers when making games. Halo, Fable, Forza, Gears of War Alan Wake...then you have Kinect crap which not many core gamers care about.

Besides nobody minds Alan Wake at the minute because it's the IP MS has which they havent done much with so a sequel is welcome. Lets not foget it seperates it's self from the same old shooters MS like to provide.
MysticStrummer  +   1131d ago
Yeah it is funny how the internet works. Lots and lots of worthless exaggeration, such as your post. I don't see anyone saying anything like what you're complaining about, until you brought it up yourself. Two people above you ( the ones you replied to ) made reasonable comments, saying they'd rather have a new IP than more Alan Wake, and you went straight to the sort of anti-fanboy BS that does nothing except identify you as a fanboy. *slow clap*

"Just My opinion"

If they can't have their opinion, neither can you.
#9.3 (Edited 1131d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
BanBrother  +   1131d ago

"Two people above you ( the ones you replied to ) made reasonable comments, saying they'd rather have a new IP than more Alan Wake, and you went straight to the sort of anti-fanboy BS that does nothing except identify you as a fanboy."

Incorrect. Never said anything *negative* about any other platform that I did not include the Xbox in with as well.

If I struck a nerve with you, would that not make you the fanboy? I was not going off of peoples *fanboy comments* to justify my comment, just pointing out the lack of **enthusiasm** whenever there is an Xbox article, which, to be completely honest, everyone knows why. If you do not want to admit to the obvious one-sidedness of this site, go ahead and identify yourself as a.........

I am not a fanboy, maybe if I said something bad about PS3 or Sony (I also said Xbox milks- Halo V God of War) then go ahead, call me one. But I did not. Kids should think before perpetuating these things.
StreetsofRage  +   1131d ago
Alan Wake has a very strong adult following. It has an amazing intricate story. In my opinion, the best adult story this gen. I can't imagine any other story that has such a strong creative story. It raised so many questions tho' which is a good thing. The forums for this game is fluid with theories.

This is a game that must continue!!! We desperately need more games like this. Too many dumb action games out there.
SAE  +   1131d ago
Even though i don't have xbox360 anymore i still think Alan wake worth a sequel , great game ..
DrugAddict-  +   1131d ago
For he did not know. That beyond the lake he called home. Lies a deeper darker ocean green. Where waves are both wilder and more serene. To its ports I've been. To its ports I've been. Do you understand?
ZeroChaos  +   1131d ago
I loved the original Alan Wake it was a great game. Bought it twice 360 and PC both at full price and loved the game.

American Nightmare tho, maybe I haven't played it to the fullest but I didn't really like it. =/
Skate-AK  +   1131d ago
Personallly Alan Wake is the only 360 excuslive that I'm interested in. Off the top of my head anyways.
Raoh  +   1131d ago
Alan Wake is pretty good. Fortunately I was able to play it on my pc. I got rid of my 360 so I never got to finish it on that platform.

Sad its not on PS3, game is perfect for PS3 fans and would have been even better with Move support.
vegetassj51  +   1131d ago
Alan Wake was a really good game, it just got a little repetitive with the whole flashlight shooter thing. If they find away to balance everything, and fix what was wrong with the first one, then I'm all for a new Alan Wake.
dirthurts  +   1131d ago
I hope it's not on current gen consoles.
Having this on the next gen would really give the game some room to breath and allow it to achieve the goals they wanted before MS restricted it to run on a console (the original maps designed for pc were huge!).
Really enjoyed the first game anyway. But better is better.
Sp1d3ynut  +   1131d ago
What Remedy did with the AW Engine was remarkable. AW was the only game I've ever played that had a truly creepy outdoor environment, that felt real and alive. The way the trees moved, the fog, particle was all done so well. The lighting was 2nd to none as well, and really added to the intensity of the game. Can you imagine if Remedy took a stab (pun intended :o ) at a Friday the 13th game, or Slender...using that engine, and similar gameplay mechanics?
southernbanana  +   1131d ago
Hope they make Alan Wake 2! The first one is one of my favorites this generation. I am anticipating good news from Remedy!
ALLWRONG  +   1131d ago
Why would news about Alan Wake 2 be in the PS3 channel?
DwightOwen  +   1131d ago
I just finished Alan Wake and American Nightmare over the past couple of days. I would LOVE for Remedy to release another one.
Shotcalm  +   1131d ago
moooo said the cow.
ALLWRONG  +   1131d ago
Seriousy are you joking? There has been one Alan Wake game and one arcade Alan Wake game and........? Now if we were talking about SOCOM 11 then yeah, moo.
DrugAddict-  +   1131d ago
So dumb
WeAreLegion  +   1131d ago
Can we please get a PC release on the same day as the console release this time? And maybe optimize it next time? I can run Crysis on full, yet Alan Wake is a little difficult.
ElementX  +   1131d ago
I played part of the first one on 360 but I bought the bundle from Steam's holiday sale. I've spent close to $400 on Steam in the past month!
landog  +   1131d ago
alan wake 2 needs WAY more variety of enimies, real weapons and more diverse, changing enviroments

keep everything else, great story, tone, pacing

just got dull after a few hours for me, shining a flashlight to kill shadowmen gets old fast
black911  +   1131d ago
Just dont make Alan Wake 2 a xbox exclusive. Only shooters sell on the xbox. Alan wave took like 20 years just to sell 1million.
Rampaged Death  +   1131d ago
Next gen launch title please !
_LarZen_  +   1131d ago
PC is Next gen all day long ;)
juaburg  +   1131d ago
I agree that they gameplay mechanics can be improved/ But what I LOVE about the Alan Wake series is that it reminds me a great deal of Twin Peaks, which in my opinion is one of the best tv series of all time.
EditorAtGNG  +   1131d ago
How about Max Payne (an actual sequel). That action game Rockstar delivered last year was anything but a Max Payne sequel (they cut out all the important things that made that game great).
_LarZen_  +   1131d ago
I realy hope it's more Alan Wake. And I realy hopy they release it to PC along With the consoles on day 1.
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