Edge: Turok Review

Edge writes: Guns and dinosaurs: an infallible combination if there ever was one, right?

Except various games have failed to make the formula work in the past, not least the last installment in the Turok series, with this publication concluding that its merits were evenly matched by its potential to be 'unforgiving, glitchy and irritating'. Sadly, it is an accusation that could be similarly leveled at this latest Turok – a promising reinvention of the maligned dino-hunting franchise which ultimately makes many of the same mistakes.

For the most part it's hard to care about the fate of the marines on the planet, and the characterization of Kane's Wolf Pack as elite assassins is at odds with the bumbling soldiers you dispatch for the greater part of the game. The sad fact is that this combat mostly fails to ignite interest, and combined with its cruel difficulty spikes, occasional glitches and a severe differential in graphical quality between 360 and PS3 versions (the latter losing out), Turok's strong contextualization and smattering of brave ideas get buried.

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