How Obsidian Survived Countless Catastrophes And Made Some Of The Coolest Role-Playing Games Ever

Kotaku: Feargus Urquhart was freaking out.

He and his team at Obsidian Entertainment were about to take one of the biggest steps in the company's history—launching a Kickstarter for a brand new video game—but something was wrong. The button to start up their crowdfunding page had turned grey. Nobody could click it. And the Kickstarter was supposed to launch in just thirty minutes.

Luckily for Urquhart, he had contact information for Cindy Au, Kickstarter's community director, who he had chatted up extensively to prepare for their game-changing project. Au said it was a hiccup in the system, and sure enough, after just a few minutes it was fixed. The button re-appeared.

They clicked it. Waited a few seconds. Then hit refresh. They'd already made $2,000.

Fans have always oscillated between loving and hating Obsidian. They were warming to the game company again.

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Irishguy951967d ago

Haha, thats kinda funny and sad at the same time.

Lucasarts "Hey we like this, we're gonna give you more time!"

Obsidian "Oh really, that's great, we'll go slower and make it as great as possible"

few months later " Yeah tough luck guys, your not getting that extra time, finish it by Christmas or else!"

That' Lucasarts really fell apart though at this time.

"Also It almost feels like a fairy tale ending: after years of rushed projects, sudden cancellations, and brutal layoffs, Obsidian is suddenly in control of its own destiny. They've got two promising games on the way, and even just a few months ago, major publishers were knocking on their door: Urquhart told me he's been talking to Bethesda, Ubisoft, Warner Bros., and LucasArts."

Must feel good for them for once. A lucky break.

Also "He's even got a dream project: Knights of the Old Republic III. On next-gen consoles."

Please let this happen, The old republic was a mistake

NukaCola1967d ago

I have to say, Fallout New Vegas is one of the best games I have ever played.

Tetsujin1967d ago

Outside the glitches I liked New Vegas for the new mechanics, people, and story. However I did like 3 for you can complete the story and go back to finish whatever you was missing. I know they swore because of the "story" you couldn't go back through the game however I wish they did patch it to let you continue.

Welshy1967d ago

I just feel sorry for those who aren't like me and save the game every 15ft and/or enemy killed =/

I had a save just before the battle on the dam so it was fine, but sucks for those who were further behind.

I thought not letting you go back kind of ruined the freedom a little, i can understand from a story and circumstances of the final mission why it would be a big job to allow you to continue, but forcing you to do everything you want to do in the game before being allowed to finish the story restricted me and made me re-play New Vegas less than Fallout 3.

SolDojo1966d ago


CORRECTED: forcing you to do everything you want to do in the game before being allowed to finish the story restricted me and made me re-play New Vegas less than Fallout 3 AFTER I PAYED BETHESDA 8 BUCKS AND DOWNLOADED THEIR NEW MODIFIED ENDING CAUSE EVERYONE BITCHED CAUSE IT MADE NO SENSE THAT FAUKES COULDN'T HIT THE BUTTON AND YOU COULD NOT CONTINUE PLAYING CAUSE YOUR CHAR FUCKING DIED FOR NO REASON.

Just thought I'd throw that correction out there, ya know, in case you had forgotten the 6 month period of DLC releases that could only be played with a save game before the end of F3, of which Broken Steel was the last...

Dererererererereprprprprprprp .

Summons751967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Ummmm obsdian and good game can't be in the same sentence unless a can't is in between those. They make nothing but broken games and even when you can they are terrible in gameplay and story. Don't forge will blame everyone but themselves when a game does turn out bad. Then again this is kotaku and they know nothing about what makes a game good.

aquamala1967d ago

Love fallout new Vegas, I didn't know they made KOTOR2, looking forward to their next game

Silver_Faux1967d ago

after the numerous patches new vegas was awesome, especially the goty edition. i also really enjoyed dungeon seige 3 even though it was very short and had no new game +