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Wii U 2013 Predictions with "Black Nerd Fils-Aime

Andre of Black Nerd Comedy loves the Wii U, but knows it won't be long before Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (and Sega?) will fight back with new next-gen games and consoles. So he offers some tips and expectations to keep the Wii U alive in 2013. But not before a Nintendo Direct spoof, where Andre as Reggie Fils-Aime offers some outrageous predictions of upcoming Wii U games and accessories. (Wii U)

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MikeMyers  +   607d ago
He's pretty funny for about 30 seconds but it starts wearing thin.

Nintendo is no doubt going to come out strong for E3. They know later this year it could be a real battle.
hduce  +   607d ago
If you watch the video, this guy is actually funny. I love the name of those Nintendo porn titles.
guitarded77  +   607d ago
"Barely Legal Kid Icarus" cracked me up. His vids are getting better.
guitarded77  +   607d ago
"You - get - both" I LoL at that part.
exfatal  +   607d ago
I really do hope wii u comes out with some neat apps that make the wii u all the more worth while to pick up
stuntman_mike  +   607d ago
I like his videos, funny guy.
RFornillos4  +   607d ago
"U touching your Wii!"


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