Crispy Gamer: In the Hot Seat: Hiroyuki Kobayashi - No Wii Devil May Cry 4, Forget It

Crispy Gamer writes: The main character is a total jerk. The gameplay is repetitive. The here's-the-action-from-this-awkward-but-terribly-stylish camera angle is, to put it mildly, f*#&ing annoying. Finally, the story is the kind of nonsensical videogame garbage that we've been ranting against for years. Top it off with Devil May Cry 2, one of the worst sequels in the history of the medium, and it's tough to believe that this franchise not only still has legs underneath it, but it's still running.

Crispy Gamer sat down with Kobayashi-san in a midtown Manhattan hotel room recently, along with Evan Narcisse, and gave him the double-barrelled Crispy treatment.

Crispy Gamer: With the recent popularity of the Wii, it seems that casual gaming is the new direction in which videogames are heading. Yet, I love the fact that Devil May Cry 4 is still designed to be a hardcore experience for hardcore gamers. I'm happy that you believe that there are enough hardcore gamers out there to support Devil May Cry 4. Beyond that, I hope the series never winds up on the Wii.

Kobayashi: [Laughs] You know, a lot of people ask us if we are going to bring out a Wii version. I simply don't think you can make the game the type of game it is, with the awesome graphics and control -- I don't think that would work on the Wii. So, I don't think we're going to bring one out, no.

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