Best Video Game Antagonist of 2012

It's the last award before the Worst and the Big Countdown, so let's get the antagonist out of the way.

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DarthJay1970d ago

It's a toss up between Vaas and Handsome Jack. Both are two of my favorite bad dudes of all time. Amazing characters.

bigfish1970d ago

Best Antagonist of 2012 and possibly best game of this gen.

arjman1970d ago

Definitely not best game of this gen, don't get me wrong it's a great game but it's certainly not the best. Vaas however is awesome and could easily make it on a 'best video game villains of this gen' list.

IC3_DEMON1970d ago

Far Cry 3 might have the best Antagonist (Vaas) but the worst Protagonist (Jason)

e-p-ayeaH1970d ago

Vaas hardly had any development this is just like Radec from KZ2 all over again.

so much wasted potencial.