Top 10 Gaming Controversies of 2012

These are the Top 10 most outrageous controversies of 2012! See what happened within the industry and make your own judgments!

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FreshRevenge1999d ago

Mass Effect 3 endings at #2 that's fantastic! Mass Effect 3 ending was horrible!

snowman21491999d ago

Nice job Joe for raising awareness about the imprisonment of the Arma 3 devs, JUSTICE!

animegamingnerd1999d ago

man i still can't believe that whole situation it sucks those guy's never got out in time to spend christmas and new years with their families

Farsendor11999d ago

his youtube channel is awesome

kalkano1999d ago


It's not going to go away. Sega just keeps ignoring it, and hoping it'll be forgotten. It won't.

They can't just sweep it under the carpet. The damage has been done, and silence is not helping.