Call of Duty’s Biggest Problem? Penis Swastikas.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II, like the last few Call of Duty games, allows players to create and personalize emblems—little icons that appear on their weapons and next to their names when they're online.

Naturally, being mature and respectable members of society, Call of Duty players are using these emblems to draw swastikas made out of penises.

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BadboyCivic1934d ago

What else did u expect from them?

GuyThatPlaysGames1934d ago

Actually I think the biggest problem with the game is the bullet lag and hit detection....not the emblems.

SuperbVillain1934d ago

You must admit,the hit detection is the best it's been in the past couple COD games.Though it still fux with you at times.

I loved the first MW,then hated everything after it, basically.Then I stopped taking COD as a game to be highly competitive in and just started playing for's way better like this for me.I think I'm past my days of tournaments and wages.I'll save those for sports games with my buddies

guitarded771934d ago

I don't know about the emblems being "obscene", but the pic with that story title is epic.

dontbhatin1934d ago

OH MAN not bullet lag! Thats not realistic or anything.......

Relientk771934d ago

I've played the online a lot and this is true, Black Ops 1 had way better hit detection

lex-10201934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

This is a Kotaku article. What did you expect something actually true and well written?

The_KELRaTH1934d ago

Bullet lag, hit detection and host lag compensation that seems to add on about 1/4 second to everyone else (PS3).
Of course taking the PS3 out of a DMZ reduces the chances of being picked as the host but now there's a shortage of hosts so the game is constantly shuffling, restarting trying to find one.

SAE1934d ago

respawn too, the game is all about luck , one game you are the first the other game you are the last ..

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HammadTheBeast1934d ago

Are multiple penis, penii?

Cause I see tons of penii emblems.

GraveLord1934d ago

Are you doing your part by reporting them?
It's ridiculous that I can't scroll through peoples emblems without worrying about shit like that.

RXL1934d ago

it's not "penii" it's "a good time"


Cablephish1934d ago

Pretty sure that only applies to words that end in "us" not "is"

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zerocrossing1934d ago

Maybe they are compensating for something and I don't mean the Swastikas...

Reverent1934d ago

Nah, CoD children are just Jew hating penis lovers.

As sarcastic as I may seem, I'm actually serious:/

Blastoise1934d ago

People are still whining about these custom emblems?

Get over it already.

SilentNegotiator1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

It's not a lot of people. It's just one article plus Kotaku piggy-backing it with "penis" in their title.

Raccoon1934d ago

but really though get over it!!! I think artistic folks and idiots should have the freedom to express their artistic creations.... the game is rated M for mature so act like it and understand these ignorant jokes...

Faelan1934d ago

So, these... people... wanting to identify themselves with a penis swastika.... seriously... they get turned on by sucking a group of nazi d***s and they want to proclaim it to the rest of the world in a video game? Sounds pretty disgusting and pointless to me, but it's a free world. However, if that's what they really want, then maybe they should put down the contoller and find some nazis dudes. That is, once they're old enough to engage in sexual activities.

alegolo1934d ago

I don't get this. Treyarch said that they'll ban everyone with ''offensive'' emblems but....come on! its suppose to be an 18+ game, it says so in the box.
There's something called freedom of speech, you can put whatever you want. YES, children are the ones with penises in the emblens and the only harm they make is the shame if you die by their hands.
But again, Activision is being hypocrite selling an 18+ game and then banning you for putting such things, because they know their main target are immature kids.

zerocrossing1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Actually freedom of speech does not extend to the Internet, that is to say many websites, game servers and such are regulated, so you play by the rules or you don't play at all.

Also it's probably because Treyarch know impressionable kids play these games that they feel they need to put a stop to it.

gazgriff2k121934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

yep sad fact over 50% of gamers are immature di*ks most of them own xbox 360's lol. my advise don't look at offensive emblems (and dont be so sensitive and serious} also mute racist 10 yaer old Americans you dont need to hear what they have to say. the gaming world much like the real world has its fair share of di*ks just ignor them and pray they mature one day

lilbrat231934d ago

Apparently you are one of those people who DO NOT READ the TOS there is NO such thing as Freedom of Speech when you accept the TOS. *sigh* But I also think the report player is a joke since even cheaters get away with cheating.

Griffin48711934d ago

Typical Call of Duty fanboys...always blaming the children for immaturity. Penis swastikas are too damn sophisticated for a kid. It's a fking adult.

MysticStrummer1934d ago

"There's something called freedom of speech"

Yes, but it has nothing to do with the internet.


At all.

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