Just Shoot Me: FPS Gaming Vest

TN Games' FPS jacket and headset is a peripheral designed to get you closer to the action.

The vest was developed by a US surgeon, Dr Mark Ombrellaro, originally as a medical diagnostic tool for tele-health, to do heath checks remotely.

There are eight air pressure units in the jacket and four in the helmet. Each time you are shot, or damaged in the game, you feel it on the jacket.

It's most dramatic when you are hit in the head.

The jacket and headset works with a limited range of titles, including Half Life 2 and Doom 3, but there is an API for developers to adapt their games.

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Forbidden_Darkness3950d ago

interesting, they should have it for Call of duty 4. would be awesome, but probaly to expencive for me anyways, id rather buy more games than that.

INehalemEXI3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

I like it. I hope it reaches the masses eventually with support for many games.

If they can get it to a $149.99 price point (like the GT5 Logitech wheel) and get support for games like R2 , GoW2, KZ2, etc. I would buy 1.

Lord Anubis3950d ago

i remember this 3 years ago when it was originally intended for parents that traveled a lot. It was intended to feel the hugs of the loved ones over long distances but back then they only had a fabric working.

Frances-the-Mute3949d ago

yeah! me too, i thought it looked familiar