UT3 Hindered By Deadlines, Console Port

Epic Games feels that one of the biggest issues with the recently released Unreal Tournament 3 is that due to the inclusion of console-friendly features (necessary for the title's PlayStation 3 version), the game lacks a lot of necessary polish.

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ruibing3945d ago

What's the point in talking about this now? The game is already out and players are already loving the endless piles of user mods they can use.

ErcsYou3945d ago

If Epic wants to talk about something, talk about a update..

Omegasyde3945d ago

So user friendly features are at fault Epic?

Like working voice communication?
Or how about your Midway servers being the only servers with good ping?
Or perhaps because your game was rushed?

I find it funny, that they complain about Ut3 sucking because we all know the truth that the game was rushed just to sell it before Christmas 2007. Mark Rein should also blame the consoles for lack of Pc sales too right. Despite the Pc version being bought so people could make mods for the ps3.

O and it has been over 3 months yet no simple patches like making mods install, mics work, less lag... I am sure that why the sales of UT3 sucked. Atleast they made mods possible, but such amateur mistakes in online gaming coming from a power house developer is pathetic. Hopefully they cancel UT3 360 and move those resources to making GeOW 3 much better.

DJ3945d ago

They sold around 1.2 million copies so far (PC + PS3)

Sam Fisher3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

does that mean will it look alittle better on the 360 (no offence to fanboys... dont want to make this a flagwar now)... i mean they did say it was b/c of deadlines and they r making this 4 the 360 so they have more time to "polish" it... so the question here is... is the 360 version gonna have/make difference that the ps3 seems to lack/dont have?

fenderputty3944d ago

I would expect that though with 6 more months of work and time. That even happens when PS3 gamers get a game later then the 360. I don't like times exclusives because of it.

OC Shock Value3945d ago

Im saying this as a PS3 fan.. The 360 version will be better..

Compare Achievements
Working Mic Function
More People Playing it
POSSIBLY Better Graphics and Polish
Epic develops games easier on 360

beavis4play3944d ago

anytime someone makes a POINT to say: "i'm a playstation/360 fan"-it means they AREN'T a fan.

UziSuicide3944d ago

While I don't really agree with you on most of the things you've said, I will say that UE3 is an engine I'd rather not have on the PS3. I don't think I've seen one great game on the PS3 that uses it, UT3 is about the best (re graphics and FPS).

They either need to sort out its ability using the cell or shove off and let a more capable PS3 engine have its day, rather than pretending they have the PS3 architecture sussed.

I was looking forward to seeing the UE3 stuff on the PS3, now that I've seen it I kinda wished I hadn't (with the exception of UT3).

Mr Tretton3944d ago

and no mouse/keyboard function on the 360

Asurastrike3945d ago

OC ShockValue you forgot the one thing that makes the PS3 version superior, User Created content. Epic already said the 360 version won't have User created content and that they are working to improve PS3 user content.

OC Shock Value3944d ago

Nice Try

Nobody plays that game online man.. Nobody uses Mods for that game either trust me.. IF you dont believe me then go buy the game and take a look..

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The story is too old to be commented.