God of War: Ascension Megaera Concept Art

Enizr: "We start off this spanking new gaming year with some concept art illustrating Megaera, one of the varied enemies Kratos will face and despatch in Sony's upcoming PS3-exclusive third person action-adventure title God of War: Ascension"

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Ezz20131970d ago

yeah she look sexy
but the last pic is creepy

NukaCola1970d ago

oh the concept art...

the final product will be scarier and less dressed.

DhionatanSantos1970d ago

yet again, this is no news. -.- I'm tired of this...

zerocrossing1970d ago

Well it's more news worthy than (top 10 big breasted babes in video games) we get enough of them so this'll do -.-

Obnoxious_Informer1969d ago

Actually, he might be referring to the fact that this concept art was released in October.

Blastoise1970d ago

These images are epic. Looks like God of war is getting creepier lol

dorron1970d ago

News on God Of War: Ascension single player? About damn time! Wen need more of this and less multiplayer videos.