David Jaffe's Top 10 Games of 2012

Pop the bubbly, the creator of Twisted Metal and God of War helps us ring in the new year with his favorite games of 2012!

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Godchild10201940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

I agree with Sound Shapes, I downloaded it and go back to it every once in a while. I enjoy the music (instrumentals) in that game and it is a great platforming game. SS is one of the few games that put two different genres together, and do it so well. The best way to play is with Headphones, on a Vita. IMO

David's taste in games is pretty unique and gives a great example of the type of guy he really is. David Jaffe seems like a cool guy and it seems that he doesn't have any bad blood with Sony and I'm happy he pointed out that he is not working on a handheld title or a big fan of them, so no one can jump and say he is working on a handheld title. I would like to know what game he is working on with Jenova Chen or if they still are doing a game together.

He plays everything, enjoys every console and that is the type of developer we need in this industry. Oh, and his daughter is so funny; walking in the room and asking who is GiantBomb. Favorite game Minecraft, not Twisted Metal. Priceless.

MikeMyers1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Someone actually reported my comment because I listed what the games were. So beware when giving out details to any article, being helpful doesn't pay here.

MikeMyers1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

double post

EVILDEAD3601939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

@ Mikemyers

That's weak they reported you detailing the list. I don't want to click it at the moment want to read what the list was.

People do it ALL the time for articles and vids they hate on, why would this be any different.

Shame for the clear double standard.


mochachino1939d ago

@MikeMyers: Have a bubble vote for being helpful. I have video top tens so whoever reported you should stop doing that.

Hicken1938d ago


It happens EVERY time. I try to get people to dish out bubbles for being helpful in such situations.

Honestly, though, I don't know if it's some troll actually reporting people, or whether it's the mods, themselves, for some reason.

In any case, it seems like it's not rewarded. And since it's marked as spam, it's not even visible. It'd almost be better to be marked for trolling.

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Moncole1940d ago

I bought Mutant Blobs attack on Steam a few days ago, really enjoying it. I just need to get a gold medal on two more levels to S-rank it.

Young_ART1940d ago

Black Ops 2 was hand down the best game of this console generation.

Treian1940d ago

...Please don't ever comment again.

Riderz13371940d ago

Thank you for showing me why you have one bubble with that type of comment.

SuperSonic2661939d ago

you do know it's his opinion?

AdmiralSnake1939d ago

It's their opinion though, I love black ops and I don't even agree with it.

Very close minded people on this website I tell you.

DragonKnight1939d ago

@SuperSonic266 and AdmiralSnake: Clearly you've fallen for Young_ART's troll.

Furesis1939d ago

i don't agree with you so that's why i disagreed but it's your opinion so i respect that

Ultr1939d ago

The thing is, people need to learn how to say an opinion!

"Black Ops 2 was hand down the best game of this console generation. "

this is what you say when it's a fact.

he should have said.

"FOR ME Blops2 is hands down the best game of this console generation."

THIS, I respect

360ICE1939d ago

I don't really respect his opinion, but bubbling it down is of course wrong.

360ICE1939d ago

The only reason people take statements like
"Game x is the best game ever" as a statement of fact, is because they're too willing to be offended by it. Which is one major reason why you're bound to see less outrage if people actually like Game x.

Nor does "Black Ops 2 is the best" = "Black Ops 2 is the best for everyone". The only fair assumption to make is that it's the author's personal opinion, and not an attemt at being objective. I mean, does anyone actually use an objective standard when they determine what games are best? No. Hence, it's likely an opinion, and if the readers have some processing skills they'll pick up on that without the need for "IMO"

BlaqMagiq241939d ago

Not sure if stupid or trolling

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Megaton1940d ago

Thirty Flights of Loving. I still really need to play that game.

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