Neo Geo X Hacked to Run King of Fighters '97

While a previous mod allowed for ROMS to work by renaming them as one of the pre-loaded games, a user by the name of “Steward” has hacked the console to run King of Fighters ’97 (and we assume other games) via the SD slot.

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ATi_Elite1969d ago

Why hack a Neo Geo..........just play KOF 97 on your PC!

matter of fact I'm gonna play it RIGHT NOW!!!! Loved those Neo Geo fighters!!!

admiralvic1969d ago

Neo Geo X is the new and over priced console that just released. Since the system only contains a few classics and no news on what future games will cost or even if there will be future games for that matter, it's only logical that fans would try to hack it for a fuller experience.

wishingW3L1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

is not overpriced man, the thing is that it comes with a fighting stick that has authentic arcade parts, a dock with HDMI to play on the TV and it comes loaded with 20 games. The handheld itself costs like $70 but they are only selling it with everything bundled.

kagon011969d ago

So this handheld console is actually an emulaor? Now that's what I called cheap. No wonder it'll be easy to sell roms at high prices, the same ancient roms you can find with ease. I was expecting good ports like they did with the neo-geo station, but I was mistaken.


Knushwood Butt1969d ago

Why would anyone bother porting to it??

It's basically a ROM player that you can use either on the go, or hooked up to your TV, with joysticks identical to the original AES system, or very similar to those found on the NEO GEO CD pads (on the handheld unit).

delboy1969d ago

I agree,it is a bit overpriced.
Still better than Vita,and now you get a bigger library of games, and those games have it's own charm.
Games created back then have soul and love put in to it.

rainslacker1969d ago

Not sure why you had to bring the Vita into the discussion. Pretty sure quite a few of those games are available on PSN through their PSP ports or the SNK arcade collection game which has 16 games packed into it. You can also play hundreds of other games on the Vita, so not sure why you think it's better.

delboy1969d ago

Maybe because I don't like Vita and Sony property cards, and only one user stuff on Vita.
I own a ps3, but I don't like Sony politics with vita!
To many restrictions on vita system.
If ps4 is anything like vita, then Sony is death for me and many others.

rainslacker1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

If that's your you think that the neo geo X will offer you everything Sony doesn't with the Vita? To me it seems to be a very limited system outside of hacks that may come around for it.

It has one intended purpose, and none of those purposes give you what you don't get on the Vita. Hence why I asked why you would bring up the Vita when discussing it.

Knushwood Butt1969d ago

Weird thing is, I have the digital version of SNK arcade classics vol 1 or whatever PSP game, and I was never able to copy it to my Vita.

I could do with other games like Peace Walker and Tactics Ogre.

I guess a firmware update may have change that. Haven't tried for a while...

rainslacker1968d ago

It's on the Vita store under games if you search. You should be able to download it directly to your Vita.

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delboy1969d ago

Well go ahead and buy all those preinstalled neo geo games on your Vita.
And tell me how much it will cost you,expensive games plus expensive mem cards?
It will be more than the overpriced neogeo x.

For me,any handheld is better than Vita,and that's my opinion.
You want argument for my personal opinion,read my previous post again.

rainslacker1969d ago

It costs a lot, and you can't even get all of them on PSP. SNK doesn't sell their stuff cheap. Do you think that when they release new game cards for the neo geo X to retail they will be cheap? They will probably be about $20 or so just because of packaging, and a fairly small market to sell to. Or are you just happy that it will likely be hacked and you won't have to pay for them?

You have valid reasons for not liking the Vita, but you are taking the whole Vita bashing thing too far, and you do it in far too many posts, and in topics that have nothing to do with the Vita.

But to say this system is better than the Vita is just wrong, even if it is your opinion. The Vita is far and away a superior product in both build quality and what it offers for the money. The Vita may not be worth it to you, but that has nothing to do with the Vita's quality.

CrescentFang1969d ago

Would totally grab this if it had a better interface and support (game announcements?).
Gunlord would be a great choice. It came out last year! And the AES cartridge is sold out and expensive (well not by NeoGeo standards)

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