Editorial: I’ve had enough of your Black Ops II emblem nonsense

Oneofswords: It’s that time of year again, where the Call of Duty players have gotten comfortable enough with the mechanics and maps of the game that they start turning their attention to user-created content. And beyond the war on maps like Turbine and Hijacked, there exists a secret, shadow war…a war over emblems. I’m tired of this particular war, so I’m ending it, right now.

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Nes_Daze1970d ago

What did you expect from the userbase?

BadboyCivic1969d ago

In WWII they put emblems on planes and bombs. In COD its not hurting anyone, so why not.

BLuKhaos1969d ago

People just want to complain over nothing.
I have a dominican flag as my emblem but sometimes I don a haitian flag for the lulz.

M_Prime1970d ago

Oneofswords(Dan Amrich) does say some interesting things and i agree with him on this one. I don't easily get offended, even by penis swastikas (lol) but i can see how that's inappropriate. I would like to see a gallery of the top rated user emblems sort of like the picture they used in the article. Some of those were amazing

PaPa-Slam1970d ago

Some of them are quite nicely made and pretty awesome, but some are extremely offensive.

I couldn't make a decent Emblem if my life depended on it.

playnextgames1969d ago

Why not integrate Facebook accounts in multiplayer games? FB plagues everything else.

DFresh1969d ago

I say if you don't like it play another game.
It's that easy.

2pacalypsenow1969d ago

Yeah cuz if you spent $60 on a game you should play something else

Sashamaz1969d ago

Same game every year, he/she knew what they were buying.

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The story is too old to be commented.