Fez will be ported to other platforms, says Polytron

Destructoid- Were you starting to get worried that Fez wouldn't appear on platforms other than Xbox Live Arcade? Despite knowing that Polytron is a small operation, I was. In a reflective post by Phil Fish which teases what might be next for his studio, the designer drops the news that, yes, the game "will finally be ported to other platforms."

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PhantomTommy1941d ago

Really awesome news. This was easily the best game I played all year and I was really hoping it would be ported to other systems. Everyone should experience the joy of Fez!

NukaCola1939d ago

This would be really saucy on Vita with that OLED screen. Would look incredible.

Moncole1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

I wonder what other systems they will choose. They will probably skip PS3/Vita because they dont want to pay for updates. They stopped doing updates on the xbox version because it cost them money.

Yodagamer1941d ago

Well that leaves wii u or pc, unless nintendo doesn't charge for updates on 3ds

Moncole1941d ago

Updates on the Wii U are free for indie dves and they pick the price of the game.

Yodagamer1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Well that leaves wii u, ouya, or pc, unless nintendo doesn't charge for updates on 3ds. Sorry about the double post it double posted instead of editing it.

trouble_bubble1941d ago

Polytron could easily make an arrangement with Sony before releasing Fez on PS3. SCEA exec Adam Boyes said this summer that they're trying to make PSN easier for devs to work with. This after Polytron refused to pay for a Fez patch on XBLA in July.

Either way, if/when Fez releases for PSN it'll have all the updates by default. No reason not to release it on PSN as it would be more up to date than the XBLA version day one.

nukeitall1940d ago

More up to date, doesn't mean bug free on PSN. In fact, it might have other bugs the Xbox Live Arcade version wouldn't have. This is due to differences in the architecture as well as how easy it is for a developer to work with the tools available (or even how buggy the tools are in some cases).

That is just the nature of programming.

Alos881941d ago

I doubt they'll skip PS3, and PC is also definite.

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thebudgetgamer1941d ago

Platforming on a touch screen? Yuck.

Tales RPG addict1941d ago

SONY doesn't charge for updates on the PS3/PS Vita. That's Microsoft your talkin' about.

Yodagamer1941d ago

Tim Schafer, of double fine, has stated in an interview sony charges for ps3 patches as well as microsoft. In this article in the last paragraph under independence day he states it can cost $40,000 to patch on both ps3 and xbox.

Riderz13371941d ago

Eww why would they do that...They should let developers patch their games for free so that they can fix bugs and glitches. Wow I had no idea this was going on, shame on both Microsoft and Sony.

League_of_Draven1940d ago

They do it so devs think twice before release a buggy piece of shit (like Skyrim). They don't want broken games on release. The trend is too common these days for a buggy game to be released with some day 1 patch.

Tales RPG addict1941d ago

I won't buy cause the douchebag guy Phil Fish said to the Japanese designers that they Suck. He needs to get punched in the Face, what an Asshole.

Neckbear1941d ago

And he will reply:

"Suck my dick and choke on it".

What a charming guy.

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