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Submitted by capitanandi 1138d ago | opinion piece

[Rant] Yes, We Know You Want Versus XIII

It would be a challenge to find a gamer who legitimately hates Final Fantasy VII, however, ask nearly any fan what their opinion of the newest installments is and you’ll probably get a reaction of utter disdain. Now I have not played every single entry, but I have played most of them between IV and XIII-2, and I see people completely brush off the newest games with barely batting an eyelash because of something someone else said. Defending FFXIII is not the easiest thing in the world, but I would much rather hear complaints from a person who has actually played through the entire game. (Dev, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Final Fantasy XV, Industry, Next-Gen, PS3, Square Enix, Xbox 360)

Snookies12  +   1139d ago
I'll start off by saying I have been with Final Fantasy since the very first entry on the Nintendo (you know, back when it was supposed to be Square's LAST game lol). I've played through each and every one multiple times (up until XIII-2).

I have played through XIII and some of XIII-2. I will say they're not bad games. They're pretty solid RPGs to be honest. However they're not the quality expected of a Final Fantasy game. That is why people want to move on, because they see XIII-3 and go... "Oh great, more of the same we had the last two times." That one will probably not be up to par with previous entries either (even if it is good). We want how it used to be, every entry has new characters, world, story, etc. It's pissing off old fans of the series BECAUSE it keeps continuing. If you didn't like the first one, how would you feel if you had to wait for it to have 2 entire sequels before being able to move on?
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wishingW3L  +   1139d ago
come on, you still believe that urban legend about Square's last game? Sakaguchi already debunked that a long time ago just like Inafune said that he didn't create Mega Man either, that it was a colleague of his but people still keeps calling him the father of Mega Man.

And man, to say that FF13 was a decent game is being just plain delusional. FF13-2 was a bit better on the gameplay department but the story was way worse than it already were....
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Snookies12  +   1139d ago
Delusional? No, it was a decent game. The story was fine, the characters were great, it's just that it was completely linear and had no sense of progression.

That thing about FF being Square's last game was because their games weren't selling back then and that was their last hope. It's not a myth, they actually were in trouble financially because their games weren't selling well. It was intended to be his last game, which is why he called it that.
crxss  +   1138d ago
does SE REALLY know we want versus? really...? lol
MaxXAttaxX  +   1138d ago
I played for almost 20 hours and could not bring myself to play one more.

The last FF game I played before 13 was FF12. Despite its flaws, it was still an RPG. FF13 could barely be called that.
No exploration whatsoever or world map. Linear hallway-like conveyor belt level design. Towns, NPCs, shops all annihilated. Floating spheres? wtf. The battle system and summons... story logs... just... ugh.

The argument that you had to play through hours and hours until it starts to get "better" near the end is total bulls**t. NO game should ever be like that. It's bad game design.
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Irishguy95  +   1138d ago
I also played it for 20 hours, till I got to the open area of gran pulse, my exact words

"THIS!? This is what i've been torturing myself for! Screw this, I don't have to go through this"

Then I watched the rest of the disappointing story with 'dreadful' characters on Youtube. I'm a bit shocked people thought the characters were anything more than terrible. The story itself was good however it was horribly executed.

Also that's a terrible argument "If they're not FF's".

It has nothing to do with FF. Sure if you compare it to other FF's you surely be disappointed, but other than that, it is just a bad game, for so many reasons which so many people pointed out before.

Ok I may as well repoint them out.

Story/ characters - Horrible execution and simply dreadful characters. You have your overblown idiot type Snow "We're heroes". Seriously I couldn't believe he and NORA were saying stuff like that. Hope with his annoying emo ***(but he actually go decent toward the end). Vanille was generally annoying./ Sazh was the only good one, Lightning was flat and a disappointment.

Battle system: Auto battle/nuff said
Well not really nuff said, the battle system comprised of breaking enemies, which was repetitive and boring, boss battles were somewhat fun. The normal battles were a downright pain in the ***

Music - Very good for a game, so long as you don't compare it to previous FF's, it's very good.

Graphics/presentation - Amazing, it's perfect proof to display that graphics mean nothing when the game is boring and repetitive.

Oh and Baldanders was a utterly dreadful villain.
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1137d ago
I really don't get those that defend the 13 series. How can you defend a JRPG that is super linear? How can you defend an FF game that ends in "to be continued"?

Square Enix just needs to MOVE ON to next iteration in the FF series. I don't even care if it's Versus at this point. Just give us a new world with new characters with a new story and a good battle system. Lightning and company are getting old and tiring.
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blackbeld  +   1137d ago
Final Fantasy 13 is the first FF game that I could not finish.

Playing the game after around 20hours get so tired with Lightning I just quit.

Worst FF game ever! They should stop with Lightning and bring us a male hero and not woman like man wannabe hero. Just give us a real male hero!
Godmars290  +   1139d ago
" They're pretty solid RPGs to be honest."
At this point, I, I just can't do it anymore. I can look at FF8, see the obvious flaws in its plot and like it as a JRPG, do the same with FF12 and be indifferent towards it, but not FF13. Its just been around too long and is just that much of a mess. Has been in my face for too f***ing long to boot.

Please just make it go away...

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Snookies12  +   1139d ago
I'm just saying if you think about them as anything OTHER than a Final Fantasy, they're good RPGs.

I thought 8 was great even with the story flaws. FF12 I will agree on though. The game was fun, but the story, visuals, and characters were all so poor. I've played through twice now, and have yet to understand what the hell is going on in that game.
mewhy32  +   1138d ago
I just can't play anymore of the Final Fantasy games. I mean, you more or less just play from one FMV to the next. Pales in comparison to games like Skyrim and The Witcher 2.
Bimkoblerutso  +   1137d ago
I loved FF12, and to be honest I loved for many of the same reasons I think 13 is one of the poorest entries ever.

FF12 concerned itself much more with fantasy politics than a lot of FF fans were used to, so a lot of the soap-opera melodrama between characters was dropped for a much broader tale of political intrigue.

FF13 was rife with self-important philosophizing and humorless melodrama, and it almost felt like parody to me. The actual story was interesting enough, but couple the cringe-worthy dialog and characters with the game's ridiculous linearity for 4/5's of the game and it ended up being pretty lackluster.
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Ranma1  +   1138d ago
FF10 was the last epic FF
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youndamie  +   1138d ago
Yea I agree but XII was really good just not epic.
Dunpeal  +   1138d ago
and aren't they supposed to be remaking it or something? i thought i read that somewhere
Summons75  +   1138d ago
And yet I bet your one who says that 13 "sucks" even though 13 an 10 have a ton of similarities. 10 was good but not amazing. I'll buy the remake though.
phantomexe  +   1138d ago
10 was good but 13 was like a bad 80s chick flick. FF 13 is still the only game i've ever traded in. I've never missed a ff game since the nes but 13 was not staying in my collection and there is no way i'd give 13/2 or 3 my money. SE is a train wreck these days.
kostchtchie_  +   1138d ago
exactly, 6-10 were brilliant games, everything after that from SE has been utter garbage
DOMination-  +   1137d ago
10 was similar to 13 i have to agree. Linear corridors replacing the world map the main example..
BinaryMind  +   1138d ago
Huh? I thought this was going to be a rant on Versus XIII not one on the defense of FFXIII?
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Treian  +   1138d ago
the game doesn't exist.
elda  +   1138d ago
I enjoyed all FF games,didn't play 11 but FF-XIII happens to be one of my favorites,I'm off for a few weeks & I'm playing it again.
youndamie  +   1138d ago
Sorry but can you please explain why XIII is your favorite?
elda  +   1138d ago
@youndamie....FF-XIII is one of my favorites,I like the FF character Lightning & I liked the sci-fi elements of the story & game,I loved the battle system & the different direction Square took with FF,I hope that answered your question!
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CLOUD1983   1138d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
KrisButtar  +   1138d ago
i see flaws in every FF, of course there were things about 13 and 13-2 i didnt like, the lack of summons i remember ff6 had so many i didnt know what to do with them, i dont really like the "techie" "modern" style of the games, personally i would rather a more medevil look. i can name a number of things wrong with each ff. no FF is perfect i look forward to playing them all as i like rpgs.

i have 2 copies of ffLR pre-ordered 1 for me and 1 for a friend. i dont see what all the fuss is about with ff13vs, it doesnt look like anything special to me. i do know im going to buy that game to as i am sure its an rpg and thats what i like
Inception  +   1138d ago
I played FF XIII for at least 25 hours (at chapter 9) before i quit it. A lot of people already listed what they don't like about XIII. But my major complaints is the story. It never gave me emotional impact like IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, or Tactics did. Even i don't like XII but it still had some emotional impact about Ashe wants to revenge for Archadia Empire because they killed her husband and father. Also, XIII characters felt flat if you compare them to Cecil, Kain, Terra, Kefka, Cloud, Zidane, Yuna, Ramza, or Delita. Seriously, i never saw FF characters like Snow who's yelling "SERAHHHHHH!!!" over and over again. I hope they hired some experienced story writer for FF XV.

So whatever XIII fans said about this game, i can't fine why i personally must like XIII...except for graphic and that battle theme.
TheLyonKing  +   1138d ago
When versus is released let me know. If anyone needs me I will be playing 7 to 10 AGAIN
GenericNameHere  +   1138d ago
I'm not saying it's Microsoft's or Square Enix's fault, but FFXIII was the FIRST FF game to ever go multiplat on release. FFVII and FFVIII were on Windows, but they were 1-year old ports, so it's not like they interfered with FFVII/VIII's development.

Again, I'm not blaming Microsoft or Square Enix, just that the FIRST FF game to ever go multiplat on release was also the FIRST to be both critically and financially panned.

*edit* oops nvm. FFXIII actually did pretty decent, but it's still less than FFVII/FFVIII or FFX despite those being on one platform, and XIII being two.
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DigitalRaptor  +   1137d ago
You may or may not have a point.

I'm just waiting for the Final Fantasy that's coming exclusively to the PS3 for any chance of a rejuvenation of the series. As far as Square is concerned, I'm not so sure these days - it's in Nomura I place my hope and trust.
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FinalFantasyFanatic  +   1138d ago
For me, 12 was easily the worst game in the series. I couldn't care for the characters or plot so I didn't care if any of the characters died or some bad happened to the world (or the battle system). At least it had the most content for a FF.

I considered 13 a mixed bag, decent characters (disliked most at the beginning, liked most by the end) decent music, great graphics, battle system was fast past but played itself for the most part but the plot was below average for a FF.

I was excited for versus but now I just feel as if it'll never see the light of day (that and most people will have lofty expectations considering it's development time).
TheLyonKing  +   1138d ago
I agree I hated 12 mmorpg style of fighting and the gambit system made unjoyable.
izumo_lee  +   1138d ago
Final Fantasy 13 was a game that the hype surrounding it hurt it greatly. The fan base after seeing the trailer were expecting some grand epic game in the same light as games of the past. Instead they got a game that divided the fan base & became a polarizing title in the series.

If you look at FF13 as just another JRPG the game is actually not that bad. Took awhile to get into but in the end was a good game. However if you look at it as a Final Fantasy game it is very underwhelming & so far off from what the past games were.

Another point that upset fans was the games long development time. The move to multiplatform was a mistake not cause it should not have been on other platforms but made that development time & wait for the game much more frustrating. Add to the rumor that a lot of content was taken out the game did not live up to the potential & hype it received.

Yes when the game was released it became the highest selling game in the franchise (across multiple platforms mind you) but the majority of those sales were due to the hype of the game. Fans soon realized that this was not the game they were expecting.

Personally i liked the game but not as much as older games of the series. I never really had fun playing the game & it became a chore 'grinding' for items for equipment. The last boss was not memorable & i didn't really care for the ending. As a Final Fantasy fanatic that was a letdown.
kupomogli  +   1137d ago
I don't want Versus XIII. The series has went downhill the past few releases. I will definitely play Versus XIII once it comes out, being very hopeful that it doesn't suck ass like the last few have, but I've yet to gain any sort of interest in it.
WhateverBlah  +   1137d ago
Man I feel u FF have indeed went downhill after FFX 10+ years ago & I hate & despise every FF game have been released since then, "but" the only reason I want at least to try Versus is because the setting is different the story(dark - lovers destined to fight each other) is different the approach is different(huge world-worldmap-lots of transportation vehicles) & all that kind of differences make it "at least" worth trying & also "very interesting" in my book, but all that at the end doesn't matter if the game have been scraped or it was vapor ware from the beginning.
god_mode  +   1137d ago
People should give Vs a rest. It will not be the high profile FF to save all FF that people are holding this to be.

In fact people will probably be just as disappointed because they are holding it up with unexpected high hopes.

I didn't dislike 13 but I must say it didn't hold up to previous FF's and it only started to get good when your characters got to Grand Pulse which is damn near towards the end of the game. (IMO)

13-2 was slightly better but the whole only two characters in your party plus a monster really was a bad design choice. I mean seriously part of the fun of FF is having a large amount of players to choose from and form a party.

It's almost as if the production team wanted the FF 13 series to be regarded as the worse in the franchise.
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BitbyDeath  +   1137d ago
I used to want it but am over it now.
FFXIII has ruined it for me.

They should make Kingdom Hearts 3 instead.

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