Ars Technica's 2012 Games of the Year

Arstechnica- "It's always difficult to narrow an entire year of games down to just a select set of the best, but this task seemed harder than usual in 2012. The year really was an embarrassment of riches as far as video games, with plenty of excellent, innovative games ranging from indie to AAA, from iOS to high-end PC. This is our best attempt to narrow that great year to 20 games that we feel no one should miss."

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aquamala1909d ago

Dishonored wins, well deserved!

Tales RPG addict1909d ago

No "Tales of Graces F" come on so what that it wasn't a shooter. Does everything have to be about FPS games.

MikeMyers1909d ago

Lots of games within their top 20 are not FPS.

Aloren1908d ago

In fact only 2 out of 20 are FPSs... 3 if you include Dishonored.

Captain Tuttle1908d ago

That's a nice, well balanced list.