Tech Predictions For 2013: $199 Xbox 720, PS4, 2 iPhones, And More

Mobile & Apps: "The year 2013 is going to be a big year for technology and gaming, and probably may end up as being the biggest yet. Trying to figure out what will happen in 2013 is not easy unless one has some inside information, so theories and speculation will have to do for now."

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TheGamerDood2000d ago

720 starting at $199? bwhahaha

Vames1999d ago

Maybe if you had read the article to see where the $199 claim is coming from, you could have come up with a more thought out response.

NiceGuy3601999d ago

Reading the article? bwahahaha.
Or at least thats what I believe his response will be.

nukeitall1999d ago

It is surprising how many people didn't read the article and made comments. Even worse, Vames got 23 disagrees to 9 agrees (at the time of this posting) when he is speaking the truth.

MikeMyers1999d ago

Microsoft could shake things up a bit if they do plan on releasing a subsidized system with a low starting point based on a subscription based model. They could offer Live and a 3 year term for $9.99 a month and a upfront fee of $199. Or sell the system for $399. I just don't see them dropping the Live fees which is a shame. The Xbox 360 will get a major price cut this year.

As for Sony they are a bit more of a mystery. Their current PS3 is still over $200 retail, and they want to really push Vita this year. So do they announce more new hardware in 2013? The people at Sony did say that they don't want to come out last and give Microsoft a headstart again. I wonder if we will see bundles with Vita and the PS3 come out? Or perhaps the PS4 might be better suited with the Vita and could drive more sales there.

blitz06231999d ago

maybe because people have a sense of humor and you don't?

Sucitta1999d ago

brats on N4G (there's a ton of them) don't bother with reading articles. they are too dependent on mommy and too lazy to click on and read what they deem, a wall of text..

xbox would make MORE money off the $199.99 model if they used the structured cell phone type plan on their xbox live service.

In the end, consumer sloths would pay roughly 200$ more, over time, by selecting the marketing genius option known as the $199 model. And I say marketing genius only in the context that people by and large are mindless, thoughtless, ignorant sloths <3

it's disgusting and unbelievable how stupid and lazy so many can be..

meganick1999d ago

I read the article, and I still think your Xbox 720 price of $199 is ludicrous (subscription or not). It just won't happen. If there is a cheaper, basic model, it will be no less than $299.

MikeMyers1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

It's marketing, meganick. It would appear to be cheaper than the Wii U and probably the PS4 by hiding the long term cost. It would also help Microsoft keep people subscribing to Xbox Live and not have a higher upfront cost. Some cellphones cost over $600 to buy but if you sign a term deal often it's less than $200 and sometimes free (not really free but you know what I mean). After people buy the console they usually get one or two games and maybe another controller. That adds up and many people hold off buying a new console until the price comes down.

Having a consumer 'locked' in makes it more likely they will stick with you for that length of time. I myself probably wouldn't sign up unless the term wasn't much more than just paying it all at once.

1Victor1998d ago

@vames & nuke I must be missing something as the $199 price is mentioned on the middle of the article that is the reason for all the dissagree including my

guitarded771998d ago

@ nukeitall

Vames got disagrees for his defensive posturing after having a baiting headline. Unfortunately the reality is that many people won't read much past a headline, and if a headline is sensationalized or misleading, misinformation is spread at the sake of an author wanting hits. Vames is not the only one guilty of such tactics by a long shot, but he is still guilty. Ultimately, MS may use the monthly payment scheme to sell the 720 for an initial investment of $199, but they will not do it at the start when they are able to get full retail, and have a shortage of consoles because it's the start of the console's life cycle.

SilentNegotiator1998d ago

They didn't get any major boost doing cheaper subscription models for the 360 and they won't see any major boost doing for their next system.

Steadyhndz1998d ago

A model that is half the price? The only upgrade that will be available is a bigger hard drive. And his response is well thought out for how dull minded your statement was about the new Xbox being $400...then $200 for a downgraded version. The whole subscription thing is just a load of crap to be honest. Just taking a statement from opinion based article, and put it in your as if it's complete truth.

2 New iPhones in 2012? A little doubtful. They've had a very steady pace of releases 1 new iPhone every year along with a new iOS.

Then you just kind of leave PS4 in the dark with actual facts. You only took what everyone else is saying. "PS4 Q4 release"...We know it's going to be Q4 because it's been proven that big releases for anything are best to be released from October through November (Except movies...Dark Knight proved them wrong)

Vames1997d ago

@Steadyhndz no one said it would be a downgraded version. The article states that it is the same version as the basic model.

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SuperSonic2661999d ago

It needs to release at $199 or the PS4 will dismantle it.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Will happen anyway since MS hardly have any hardware pushing devs nerds like sony.

One thing is for sure...

Who would pay monthly then pay for multiplayer? Xbox gamers for sure.. Also happy tuesday!

shivvy241999d ago

i have this strange feeling PS4 will dominate next gen , its just that sony has their best devs already working on PS4 , yes MS has Halo and Geears but just a strange feeling

nukeitall1999d ago


"It needs to release at $199 or the PS4 will dismantle it."

Well, back in the day, it was expected the PS3 would dismantle the Xbox 360 out of the gate as it was the industry's laughing stock.

Fast forward 7-years and the Xbox brand is as strong as the Playstation overall and sold more consoles. MS this generation pushed forward and shaped online gaming.

So I don't know, will MS be complacent or is Sony too plagued by bad management.

It will still be a few years before we likely know.

kickerz1999d ago

Paying for Xbox live is nothing for me.. It's like 2 hours work.I guess a lot of people don't have jobs theses days.. Which makes me think Microsoft has 2 options for Xbox live for 720
1: make gold free and then make a platinum paid service which would give u free games and Xbox music.. Kinda like playstation does.. Although I think Microsoft would lose millions and millions of dollars doing this.. Or
2:just make Xbox live gold cheaper. At about $20 a year and start offering free games a month and other new features.
I think option 2 is Microsofts best option as its kinda like everyone wins.. What u think?

Aghashie1998d ago


I have a job and make money on a normal basis. But still, no. I already payed $200+ for my gaming system and already payed $60+ for each game. And MS still expect me to pay for an online service? I mean... its ok to pay for online gaming in a MMORPG. I mean, its just one game. But forcing the customer to pay for an online service on a system that you already payed for? No way! That's like Toyota charging you money every time you turn on the air conditioner on a car you already payed. I don't know... I just don't feel right about it.

SilentNegotiator1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

"Paying for Xbox live is nothing for me.. It's like 2 hours work.I guess a lot of people don't have jobs theses days.."

1) Ummm, yes - there IS a very high unemployment rate right now in Xbox's biggest region - a lot of people don't have jobs.

2) Gaming is historically a young person's hobby (30 and under); a group that doesn't make the big bucks.

3) Being able to afford something doesn't mean that the person sees it as being worth spending money on.

*numbers not related to those in your comment

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1999d ago
rainslacker1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

I too want to laugh at this...but then I think..."what if it's true"...then I slap myself back into reality. Although you really should read the article before laughing.

FarCryLover1821999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Ignore this comment. I said something dumb and had to edit it.

cannon88001999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Just for you, from Katawa Shoujo's own Misha...

TAURUS-5551999d ago

it wont even be a contest, PS4 will win hands down.

meganick1999d ago

Don't be so sure. Sony hasn't successfully tapped into the crucial casual market like Nintendo and Microsoft have. So unless they have something amazing up there sleeves, I see Sony struggling next gen. I know that type of talk is unpopular on this site. I like Sony and don't want to see them struggle, but that's just the way I see it.

TruthbeTold1998d ago

The subscription/contact based model would be trouble in the sense that they would be going from a 'Whoever has the cash can buy/play' system to a 'You have to pass a credit check' system. That pushes out a lot of people.

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jdubdoubleu1999d ago

Vames, you're such a dummy.

EddieNX 1999d ago

720 starting at $199? bwhahaha

morkendo231999d ago

Bwahaaaaaaaaaaa yeah' right 720 @ $199 ps4 $150?? we can dream right?

bozebo1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

If one maker chooses to sell them cheap, the other will have to follow suit or their user base will be too small for 3rd party developers to bother with - that's assuming they are similar in performance as they were this generation.

Remember, they get a share of the cash you spend on every game so if they are confident that people will buy many new games they make up the losses on the console that probably costs $500+ to manufacture. (and digital distribution is going to keep getting more relevant - where there aren't manufacturing overheads and there isn't a 2nd hand market)

They know loads of people will want the systems on launch though, so those prices are indeed insanely low - they can easily get away with introducing the consoles at similar prices that the current gen did and adjust the RRP based on uptake and the response from 3rd party developers. They will drop in price at record speeds though, compared to previous console generations.


Bwahahahaha!!!!! Wait....what was the topic again?

KangarooSam1999d ago Show

Ahh yes that was it! Carry on....

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