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Has Devil May Cry's reboot lived up to the expectations? One of the first reviews (a readable one finally) clears some doubts on the matter. [Translation available on the top right corner, just click the english flag]

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Mocat1935d ago

Let me save you people alot of time, for future reviews

CrimsonDragon901935d ago

I wonder who's the butthurt who came up with that lol

Chuk51935d ago

That's not even clever.

NovusTerminus1935d ago

So wait... They hired Ninja Theory for their writing and one of the first reviews says this?

"Just a shame for a plot far from exciting and a technical sector not really rise to the occasion ... "

... Odd translating aside, that shows that even the plot is not up to par. And we know the gameplay isn't...

GSpartan7771935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

The plot according to the reviews dies off as you are nearing the end of the game. This site called the plot dull, inconclusive and unpleasant - the game apparently makes a lot of sex jokes.

Gamemasters said that story fades toward the end.

j-blaze1935d ago

thank you! so now it's official the story suck, b..but NT teh master storyteller lol... honest "unpaid" reviews are always welcome :)

DevilishSix1935d ago

This seems about right, after playing the demo and viewing many gameplay, story, and interview videos, this new DMC game seems to be around a 7.5 quality. I think the average once reviews get released will be in this area. I envision it being considered a good game. Not Great or Exceptional, but good. So a 7.5 seems fair.

OniXRuleZ1935d ago

I love the demo! so i will buy it for xbox! don't care about reviews!

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The story is too old to be commented.