Metal Gear Solid Mobile - GDC 2008 Trailer

Konami gives you a reason to play with your phone. Tactical espionage action on the go!

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pwnsause3502d ago

WTH, get outa here, that looks better than the original PS1 game!

Nykamari3502d ago

I thought it was the PS1 game

mullet3502d ago

It's these Japanese people and their freakin' advanced cellphones in Japan.

Eamon3502d ago

Heh, graphics surpass the PS1 version.
So next gen phones are more powerful than the PS1.

belal3502d ago

tahats crazy!!!!! im getting this game !!!!

IzKyD13313501d ago

thats got to be the best mobile game in history!
graphics look like the PS1 game, hope the US gets this

Razmossis3500d ago

yes, the US is getting this, Payton confirmed this on a podcast

Wii60PS3DSPSP3501d ago

Port this to the DS or PSP please. Freakin cellphone games...

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