Violent video games are not to blame: Why I’d cancel my membership to the NRA

Says GamesBeat writer Jason Lomberg: I'm not a member of the NRA. But if I were, I'd cancel my membership immediately. Violent games are not to blame for the Newton tragedy, and they won't make anyone more proficient with firearms.

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SilentNegotiator1941d ago

There are plenty of 2nd-Amendment groups. No need to stick with the NRA.

DeadlyFire1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

I always liked the NRA up until this ignorant shot at video games came out of them.

Sandmano1941d ago

If anything if there were no violent games then people would probably commit more crimes. Theres times when people get angry and do stupid things they later regret. Sitting down and playing a game be it violent or not is a great way to let out some steam.

cl19831941d ago

I agree with the author, with his point of weapon proficiency, not translating through normal video games. However the military's around the world have been using video games to train situational awareness, tactics, and in some more advance simulators even heavy weapons. Now while I agree the games most of us play currently are out of scope with the military, the NRA has a partially valid point.

jadenkorri1941d ago

yes, but those soldiers still train in the real things. No military is gonna train someone with just video games/simulators then hand them a gun/rifle and say your ready for war.
NRA has no valid point, A gun did not walk into the school and shoot those kids. Someone disturbed held a gun and did the most atrocious thing anyone could imagine. Video games has nothing to do with this. This person wanted attention, and were giving it all to him right now.
Any gun laws/restrictions takes the gun out of law abiding citizens and will hand them directly to criminals leaving innocent people no way of defending themselves. NRA should be standing by your constitutional rights, not blaming video games.

cl19831941d ago

I didn't say that they didn't train with real weapons. I was only saying that there are some video games that do train people to kill all though they are designed exclusively for the military and police.

League_of_Draven1941d ago

If violent video games are to blame for gun crimes then guns are to blame for violent video games.

Enemy1941d ago

You're wrong, man. Video games clearly invented violence. People only started killing each other in 1972 after the birth of pong.

FreshRevenge1941d ago

yes video games cause Hitler to execute 6 million Jewish people. What oh that is right video games didn't exist back during the holocaust!

DeadlyFire1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

Checkers did though. I never realized it was such a dangerous thing to play games. Never know when they will inspire violence. A loss a checkers could cause death to millions.

Summons751941d ago

NRA isn't to blame either. Stop acting like there is a problem with gun control. Criminals will get guns illegally. They aren't going into a gun shop applying for a license and buying a gun or getting denied and saying "oh well, harming people is wrong anyway".

Lifeequals421941d ago

I don't think anyone is suggesting that (in this thread, anyway).

SnakeCQC1941d ago

erm okay crazy gun nut. In japan where guns are illegal there has never been more than 30 gun related deaths while in america its over a thousand. Do you see why? give people guns and they will shoot people thinking they are in the right and its the solution to the problem. The NRA gets vast amounts of money from the arms industry and its clear from their stance on everything that they are a lobby group

Summons751941d ago

You can't compare Japan to the US, they are two completely different countries. Japan is raised with deep morals and values where in america there are so many different cultures and people get raised differently, that is why in Japan you can leave your bike on the street for hours unlocked and it will still be there; in the States you do that it will be gone in less than 30 minutes. Taking away people's right to defend themselves will do nothing but raise the crime rate because innocent people who respect laws won't be able to defend themselves.

ChocolateGiddyUp1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

I live in the south where everybody owns a gun, and I'm more worried about the legal-firearm owner shooting me. Nothing ruins your day faster than sitting across from a table full of psychos with revolvers hanging off their belts at a pizza place.

I think in Japan you have to pass a psychological evaluation in order to buy a gun. We should probably follow their lead.

vickers5001941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Most of these shootings aren't caused by criminals though, they're caused by people without a criminal record, people who are able to go into a gun shop and apply for a license and just buy a gun.

And maybe heavier gun control laws wont "stop" these kinds of tragedies, but you would be a fool to think they wouldn't at least lessen them.

Guns shouldn't be as easy to get as they are now, and there is absolutely NO need for automatic rifles other than for military and police forces.

When I hear the same old "we don't need gun control because the person will always find guns", those people never suggest actual solutions (other than "keep your guns safely locked up", which obviously isn't working), they're just replying to a fear of someone taking away a hobby of theirs, and seem like keeping that hobby is worth more than the potential to reduce shootings.

Gun control laws may not stop the intelligent calculated psychos or criminals, but they do have high potential to stop the emotionally unstable people who might try to go buy a gun at walmart or steal a gun from a relative.

I'm not saying we should ban all firearms(except automatic rifles), but I am saying that it should be MUCH more difficult to get a gun than it is now. Hell, make it a requirement to pass a psych evaluation to be able to own a gun/get a gun license.

And I know, guns aren't to blame, the people are. The thing is though, is that gun laws can change, people can't/won't.

ab5olut10n1941d ago

nobody is using automatic rifles in these shootings. semi-auto, huge difference.

cl19831941d ago

Actually most guns used in these school, and mass shootings have been stolen. Also the federal fire arms act of 1939 requires a person go through a atf back ground check and pay a 250.00 permit fee to have a full auto or select fire weapon.

TekoIie1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Your assuming that everyone who uses a gun to start a mass shooting was a criminal before hand knows where to find an illegal gun dealer...

That is simply not the case and It is a desperate argument to usw when it comes to supporting gun ownership laws.

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