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Capcom Looking At Newer Games For Wii U, Not Porting Older Ones

Capcom haven’t announced any Wii U games beyond Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, but that doesn’t mean more aren’t coming. (Capcom, Wii U)

hduce  +   756d ago
I'm all for new games but I wouldn't complain about a few ports if they made some enhancements for them.
camel_toad  +   756d ago
I can't say I love my wiiu but I do have faith in the tablet's potential so I'd love to see some more games made specifically for wiiu with the tablet in mind - as opposed to ports using the tablet as an afterthought.
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morkendo23  +   756d ago
I would welcome any game long as it is not FPS those games becoming boring now same REHASH over an over.
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DeadlyFire  +   755d ago
RE 6 is coming to WiiU. No doubt in my mind.

Lost Planet 3 might as well. Depending on sales. RE always lands on Nintendo system when the hardware is strong enough to take it.
stuntman_mike  +   756d ago
I reckon Remember Me will come out on it.
MADGameR  +   756d ago
Meh....I was hoping maybe Capcom would port RE remake and RE 0 on PSN/XBL. I would SOOOOOOOO buy it in a heartbeat
swice  +   756d ago
That's a step in the right direction. I would love ports in the future however
ShaunCameron  +   756d ago
I see a Wii U-exclusive Resident Evil game on the horizon. And it just might turn out better than the last three main and spinoff RE games Sony/Microsoft gamers got blessed with.
PopRocks359  +   756d ago
Yup, another positive Wii U article with no one reading it. Meanwhile all the negative ones get heat up in the hundreds. Typical.
Root  +   755d ago
...it's Capcom

New games by Capcom for the Wii U....ooooo so excited /s

Most of the negative articles, and I said most, just point faults out with the Wii U. Of course they heat up, because they are true. The state of it for a next gen console is dreadful, especialy if it wants to keep up with the PS4 and Nextbox and wants to have the same third party support as them longterm.
PopRocks359  +   755d ago
You're largely missing my point.

People have consistently complained that there are too many ports on the Wii U, or that the library is not appealing or this or that. Most of the articles that forward this (often times duplicate articles as well) become the most looked at in the Wii U section.

Here's a Wii U article from a publisher saying they only want to bring NEW content to the console. Capcom or otherwise, how is this bad news? At least it's not old ports.

Basically I'm convinced this community WANTS to hate this console. No one around here cares for what good there is to be had from the console, all they ever focus on is the negatives (often even blowing said negatives out of proportion IMO).
delboy  +   756d ago
Nintendo always had god relationships with Capcom and other east developers/publishers.
Expect some exclusive RE game and believe me a exclusive MGS game for Wii U is coming also.
exfatal  +   755d ago
yea im thinking a metal gear solid type game is coming. I say type cause im sure they'd go with some weird spin off. but i'd like to see some MEGAMAN LEGENDS!!!
grassyknoll  +   755d ago
Dragon's Dogma 2 please.
DivineAssault  +   755d ago
yup, prolly casual or E rated titles only.. who knows tho? They made RE Revelations on 3DS which was awesome but didnt meet their expectations in sales.. Bring back viewtiful joe! HD remakes & a sequel.. Thats an E rated capcom game i like but im sure sony will get it too so theres no point

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