Justifying Judgment on Journey

On the most recent PrimeCast, writer Mike Patuleia named his least favorite game/most disappointing game of 2012 as Journey. This award winning, "game of the year" title just doesn’t do anything for him, and it is this writer’s opinion, that there were many, MANY other games that came out this year far more worthy of the attention this one received.

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aquamala1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

it's getting lots of praises because it's an indie game (well if you consider a game funded by Sony to be "indie") and a ps3 exclusive. what would people say if it's a $60 multi plat game made by EA?

Blackdeath_6631971d ago

1) its not an indie game. (an indie game is a game not funded by a publisher journey was)
2)it got praises because it was a good game

trouble_bubble1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

But it's -not- a $60 game with any kind of EA Day 1 DLC or online pass. WTF lol.
"What would people say if it was a sandwich?"

Riderz13371971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I don't understand what you are trying to say with this statement. If it was 60$ then it should have had a longer campaign and I could care less as to who the publisher was whether it be EA or SCEA. The fact of the matter is it's a 20$ game (was on sale for 10$) and it's worth every penny. Just because it's an "indie" game doesn't diminish it's games quality.

Ezz20131971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

why you still trolling @aquamala ??!!

and it's not indie game you even know what "indie" means ???!!!
and are you telling me that every ps3 exclusive game get praise because it's ps3 exclusive????!!!
i wonder why PSAS and starhawk and TM didn't get GOTY awards or as much praise then

N4G is getting bad every day because guys like you
when a ps3 exclusive get praise and GOTY awards
"it because it's ps3 exclusive"
when some one praise sony or it games here
"he's sony fanboy"

but when someone praise gears or halo
the likes of you are no where to be found
and life is good
it's not sony's fault that their games get every year GOTY awards and get praise for being good
you should ask MS why they don't make games that are as good or why they don't take any risk with new ip's
instead of bashing sony exclusives because they get awards and great reviews

badz1491971d ago

what kind of dumb argument was THAT?

the fact that so many reviewers and other people agree that it's one of the best if not THE best game of the year is a solid proof that it deserves every single praise it got! it's a unique new IP, create a genre of its own and it's very engaging...worthy enough of all the GoTY awards to me! this is one of those games where when you play it, there is definitely no "I've done this in other games before" kinda feeling and despite being unique, it's beautifully executed and it does what it should have in an amazing and mesmerizing way!

congrats to thatgamecompany for another out the box kinda game!

MikeMyers1971d ago

Well if it was a $60 game then it would not be what this game is. That is not what ThatGameCompany makes. They make interesting games that go against the grain of your typical game that comes out. Sadly there are a ton of these smaller titles that don't get the recognition but Journey did. So its praise is deserved, it doesn't need to sell on graphics alone. It doesn't need to sell on marketing alone, it doesn't need to be a clone of something else. It's another game they have made that is actually calming. A total counter to the high-action balls-to-the-walls loud in your face games like Call of Duty.

The exclusive status of this game should be kept at a minimum. It is true there are some hardcore fans out there who want to make sure it is known that it's an exclusive title. Not for letting people know who otherwise wouldn't that it's only available on the PS3, but because they get some high off of its exclusive appeal. Regardless, those people are just looking for attention and should be ignored. Journey is a game that should be played and for those who don't own a PS3 the development team has just ended their 3 game exclusive deal with Sony. So who knows where their future lies but their history speaks for itself and it don't matter what system their next game ends up on, it doesn't change their foundation.

MysticStrummer1970d ago

"what would people say if it's a $60 multi plat game made by EA?"

I think this was submitted a bit late to be considered for Most Ridiculous Question of 2012, and unfortunately it will most likely be forgotten by the time next years award is given, but don't give up. I feel you have a lot of potential to generate more ridiculous questions.

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knifefight1971d ago

I didn't know anything about it till I played. I like to go in fresh, and I think it paid off.

After finishing it, I was in freaking tears. It had more emotional impact in its two hours than most games have even attempted. Journey is beautiful.

MysticStrummer1970d ago

"Journey is beautiful"

These exact words were my PSN comment for several weeks after playing Journey.

doogiebear1971d ago

I loved Flower. But not Journey. Totally overrated. Walking Dead gave me a much more emotional impact than Journey. And I played journey twice.

Y_51501971d ago

I got the Flower demo, it's so relaxing to just play it. Journey isn't the same though, which is cool.

MysticStrummer1970d ago

Well that's like your opinion, man.

Loved Walking Dead, but was blown away by Journey.

rezzah1970d ago

imo Journey is way better than Walking Dead.

from the beach1971d ago

"Every time you play it’s the same thing, you walk up hills, slide around sand dunes, and ride on carpet dragons. Halfway through one play-through you just get that feeling that this is JUST. NOT. THAT. FUN."


NastyLeftHook01971d ago

your comments started from the bottom, and they have been downhill ever since.

from the beach1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Your face started from the bottom and has been downhill ever since.


Just like Journey ...

360ICE1971d ago

Ah, yes. The ADHD generation.

from the beach1971d ago

Ah yes, another nasty, curt little reply from a Journey fan.

doogiebear1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Adhd? Really? Because we dont like journey? Hmmm.

Well my type of games are:
Dark Souls
Shin Megami Tensei/Persona
Valkyria Chronicles series
Deus Ex
Flower (by makers of journey)
Cloud (by directer of journey, found on pc)
The walking dead game
Metal Gear Solid 4
Heavy Rain
Breath of Fire series

Games I DON'T care for:
Call of Duty
Gears of War
And lots of other games that the media says are "good" but only cater to fast paced high octane seeking players. There are just too many of those to name.

I on the other hand like games that are thought provoking, deep, and emotional.

Journey promised those things. I like games from ThatGameCompany. I've been following Jenova Chen ever since he wrote his paper on "flow in gaming" (before he even completed his first game, cloud).

And despite it all, Journey disappointed me. So please don't even try to compare me or others to this ADHD generation as you call it. I judge a game (or piece of art) on it's ability to convey it's intended message. And I feel that Journey failed to do that for me (especially when compared to Jenova Chen's other games & his own philosophy of flow in games--which Journey was sorely missing).

Many in ThatGameCompany split up almost immediately after Journey was released. Personally, I don't think that they thought it was as amazing as the media and even many fans made it out to be. It certainly is unique, but it is hardly a game (even if it uses a controller). I'd say it's more akin to an abstract walking simulation that tries to create a sense of loneliness and search for meaning, but failed to do so in the realm of actual gaming. Perhaps it would have made for a good short 15 minute Disney Pixar film at an independent film festival. But it is hardly an engaging "game".

That is my opinion. In fact it's one based on my understanding of Chen's work and Philosophy. Can anyone else who finds my opinion "offensive", please explain theirs in detail?

Hicken1970d ago

I'm wondering how you keep those bubbles. Most of your comments are trolling. Your taste in games, apparently, is garbage. You have very little in the way of insight into games.

Yet, there you are, with five bubbles.

You quote a line from someone that obviously doesn't get what the game is about, and the line you quote is the perfect example of it.

By any chance, are you Tom Chick?

from the beach1970d ago

As I've explained to you before, I have my bubbles because I don't troll, whereas you lost yours because you do troll. It's as simple as that.

Your above comment is, as usual, out and out disrespectful - anyone can see that, regardless of how they feel about Journey or whatever.

OmniSlashPT1971d ago

Just because you didn't understand Journey, doesn't mean it sucks. It means you suck, it means you're close-minded and are used to games telling you what to do.

Journey made me believe in the industry again, that there are still some fresh ideas out there and that game can actually go through an evolution just like the film industry did. No one notices, but we are playing the same games with the same game mechanics for more than a decade now. It's something new is brought to the table, and it's time games use what makes them different from movies and books, INTERACTION. Journey uses interaction like no other game or entertainment piece out there, it makes it meaningful, it makes you care.

Games are not only about fun. They're entertainment, that's right. But so are movies, books and music. So a comedy film is better than a drama because it' Because it entertains you?

It's a shame there are still so close minded gamers out there. However, I'm glad even the big names such as IGN and Gamespot award Journey for what it accomplished in the industry and in the entertainment world as well. To be honest, it all started with Ico a decade ago, and through many 'art' games and the resurgence of the indie market, Journey feels like the pinnacle of what gaming could be, and should be. Meaningful interaction at its finest.

What surprises me the most is the lack of arguments the author has against Journey. Everything comes up as a ridiculous pretentious escuse of saying Journey isn't what everyone says it is lol

dariux321971d ago

Man i love every word you wrote .It's amazing there are people who think and feel games as me. To me Journey -one huge step foward.

goldwyncq1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

"Just because you didn't understand Journey, doesn't mean it sucks. It means you suck, it means you're close-minded and are used to games telling you what to do."

And just because someone didn't enjoy the game as much as you did doesn't mean that they're close-minded fools who suck. Everyone has their own opinions and you have NO RIGHT to insult anyone regardless of how different their opinion is to yours.

aquamala1971d ago

Why can't you just accept some people don't like the game, not because they played it wrong, don't understand it, or "closed minded". Stop with the insults

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