thelondonpaper in UT3 Xbox 360 gaff

Videogamer writes: "While Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 has finally hit UK streets, the Xbox 360 version is still shrouded in mystery - or so we thought.

On our busy commute home this evening we spotted a review for the Xbox 360 version in thelondonpaper, the popular London-based free evening newspaper that those annoying men and women in purple jackets force on you as you barge your way through five billion other commuters on Oxford Street".

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Ashta3952d ago

I'm going to go ahead and say that its bogus. Considering that Rein has constantly said that the 360 version is "up in the air" right now due to Microsoft not letting them have an open user enviroment with Mods I would say that either Epic released it without mod support or the paper is lying.

games4fun3952d ago

not going to rule out that maybe they came to an agreement with msoft but i doubt it i think that they just don't know the diff and just gave a review for both systems not caring

Skerj3952d ago

Lately I've been thinking that they're just going to say "screw it" for 360 and ramp up work for GoW2.

lodossrage3951d ago

Yeah I know they're suppossed to be bringing the game to 360. But the thing is, look how long this is taking.

Will 360 gamers even care at this point? Especially knowing gears of war 2 will be on the way this year?

And if this ends up coming out AFTER gears, then they may as well forget it.

Bathyj3951d ago

I've been saying that for a year. Seriously. Bots donts want it anyway because we got the better version with mods, and we got it first. Plus Epic isn't EA or Ubisoft. They dont have 100's of people working for them, they're pretty small really. M$ themselves will probably pay Epic to drop UT3 if they go right onto Gears 2.

Salta_nelas3951d ago

^^ My thoughts mods, no mouse, no KB and soo late, they might scrap it and focus on Gears.

Bnet3433951d ago

They should of never made this game for Xbox 360. Just focus more on Gears 2.

name3951d ago

No one on 360 wants unreal tournament 3 after hearing about gears 2. They should just cancel the game in general and bring that out. Especially without mods.

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