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More DmC Devil May Cry Reviews Are in and They Are Promising

after a 9 out of 10 score from Level magazine, DmC gets two more great scores from OXM and GamesMaster UK. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Update the site giving the game a 9 out of 10 is X360 Magazine UK and not the OXM according to these tweets:

the mistake was because of our source (neogaf):

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NiceGuy360  +   943d ago
Watch a bunch of people come here and complain that a game they don't like is being well recieved.
Shouldn't we be glad that a game is actually better than we thought? To hell with who is developing the game and what they've said? A good game is a good game and I for one am looking forward to hearing more good things about it before ultimatly buying it.
Snookies12  +   943d ago
I'm okay with it getting good reviews if it's actually good. Though from what I've seen, heard, played, etc. This game looks anything BUT good. High profile games like these always get good reviews though, no surprise there. I'll wait till I hear actual player feedback.
Dno  +   943d ago
Devil may cry did not "always" get good reviews.
So far your butthurt. get over it the Demo was awesome and people like the game.
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Snookies12  +   943d ago
@Dno - I never said Devil May Cry ALWAYS got good reviews, please read my comment before responding. Don't be immature with your "butthurt" crap though, you're not a kid so how about being a little mature hmm? (If you are a kid, you shouldn't be playing this game.) The demo was not awesome. It was average, though as a long time fan of the series, it was bad for me personally. The game involves no skill whatsoever and lost everything that made it so fun in the first place.
Bimkoblerutso  +   943d ago

I know, it's funny that Capcom made no less than two out of four bad DMC games BEFORE NT was involved, and yet...NT is apparently ruining the franchise's legacy...
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keabrown79  +   943d ago
To be fair DMC 3 was the only one so far in the series that took any "skill" to finish.. I think that type of gameplay died with Ninja Gaiden Black. Though Bayonetta was close.
SilentNegotiator  +   943d ago
OXM on Metacritic reviews:
59% rated higher than the average critic

GamesMaster UK on Metacritic reviews:
64% rated higher than the average critic

These guys aren't exactly tough reviewers. There's a reason OXM gets quoted on about 50% of all Xbox games boxes and commercials (hyperbole, but still - they're quoted an abnormally high amount of times).

As always, the sparkling reviews will come first.
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HammadTheBeast  +   943d ago
It may be a good game. But it is not Devil May Cry. Fans of the old aren't mad that its a "good game" (not my opinion), but that it is a game which isn't DMC but has the sticker put on it. And that one lead dev is a complete a-hole.
AsimLeonheart  +   943d ago
Reviews do not mean a thing in the case of this game. CAPCOM rebooted it to get increased sales not good reviews. Even Resident Evil 6 got some 10s even though it was trash. We original DMC fans expected the high scores. This game will get top scores because everybody is loving the dumbed down gameplay and the western look. Everybody feels like instant pros by pulling infinite combos on training dummies called enemies that just stand there and getting SSS for doing nothing. It just makes everybody feel good about their supposedly "MAD SKILLZZ". I havent read even a single negative article about this game by any gaming publication. The real thing will be sales so let us see how this game does without the support of original DMC fans.
360ICE  +   943d ago
The game is good! Get over your dissonance. What you've played is nothing but a small taste, and hi: These reviews are what we're hearing now. Here's actual player feedback: It's good.
joab777  +   943d ago
Give it a chance. The developer is a proven company. I loved enslaved. So they took it in a different direction. So what. Maybe it is good...looks like it might be. We should be happy. But ppl will always be pissed off. Its like a run away train. Once somebody says something, everone jumps on board...posive and negative.
DOMination-  +   943d ago
I'm not interested in dmc games but I find this very funny that people still moan about this. From what I understand its story isn't canon so why care? Seems like a good game and thankfully the masses don't even know what a developer is to care about trivial stuff like supposed arrogance
Old McGroin  +   942d ago
"High profile games like these always get good reviews though"

Devil May Cry 2 would beg to differ.
AsimLeonheart   942d ago | Offensive
markte  +   943d ago
Good reviews=/=well received. Enslaved got good reviews but it was NOT well received. DmC is not better than I thought it would be, it is exactly what believed it was going to be since the first gameplay trailer. A mediocre H&S that tries to focus on story and presentation over gamelay.
Blackdeath_663  +   943d ago
i had little doubt that this game will appeal to lots of people and that there is a chance it might in fact turn out to be good as a stand alone game but as a DMC game it fails in every respect. every reviewer judges a game by their own standards some judge the game just as it is, some judge a game based on its predecessors so people can compare it to a game they may have already played in the series and some compare it to other games completely. this is why these random arbitrary points system make no sense. it might be a good game but it will NEVER be a good DMC game. that is all...
fossilfern  +   943d ago
I never was part of the "hater" group when this game was announced, I had concerns but I didnt hate on it straight away. When I got a chance to play it at Eurogamer and played it more with the Demo I was reassured. And im glad its now coming for PC so I can have that 60FPS+ smoothness!

I can think of worse hack and slashers.
people are acting like the last dante was a strong character, it was the gameplay that made dmc, and this is full of it, and change, change is good. seems to me people are just worried about the fact that things are changing, instead of worrying if it's actually any good.

Related video
wishingW3L  +   943d ago
full of button mashing gameplay with no timing or skill required. Have you seen how horrible the frame cancels are? Well look at this: http://youtu.be/BZNhkNssn_4... @2:22

It's like Donte's having a seizure or something and wha about the broken hit-box? And like I said, cancels in this game require no timing, they look ugly and they serve no purpose. Why? Because cancels are to extend combos but here combos are infinite as long as you continue mashing buttons! And do you know what make things even worse? The style bars fills by damage and not by combos!! That's why you get SSS by just doing an angel/demon dodge because it gives you an insane damage boost.

And beside, the battle system on DMC is not not DMC, it's Heavenly Sword but without the insane lag.
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dboyc310  +   943d ago
As a person that hasn't played the series I'm willing to buy the game if more and more reviews recommended. If it was a bad game I'm pretty sure they would have trashed it like resident evil 6 and other bad games that had came out recently. I'm interested though.
Blacktric  +   943d ago
"Shouldn't we be glad that a game is actually better than we thought?"

Trusting game press with reviews...


Are you really this gullible or are you just trying to covertly defend this crap that every Devil May Cry fan hated since day 1? We have seen crap ton of promotional materials. We have seen crap ton of screenshots, videos, developer diaries and CapcomUnity livestreams. And we sure as hell played the demo and guess what? We didn't like it. Not just because of the story or the way characters looked but because the gameplay was massively dumbed down.

It can get 10/10 from every single media outlet ever existed for all I care. It doesn't change the fact that the demo sucked just like the previous promo materials told us and footage we have seen from the final build of the game shows that nothing has changed.


"Devil may cry did not "always" get good reviews.
So far your butthurt. get over it the Demo was awesome and people like the game."

Being this desperate.

Calling people butthurt....

It sure feels like a YouTube video's comments section here.

"the Demo was awesome and people like the game."

10-20 people on N4G now equals the vast majority.
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Sevir  +   943d ago
Have a seat
You were all destined to trash this game since its unveiling!
oNIXo  +   943d ago
I love DMC, and I didn't mind the changes....so not every Devil May Cry fan hates it. I like change in games, even if it's bad. Without change you end up CoD. Same game every year. People complain about how a game hasn't changed, and it's the same thing they played last year. When it changes, however, they complain that it's not the same game they used to play.

Change is good, the changes themselves may not be, but change is good.
Godmars290  +   943d ago

1) Watch defenders accuse negative reviews of bias just like "haters" are calling positive one bought.

2) If the game sells poorly watch defenders blame the people who said they weren't buying the game in the first place.

Might be true but it wont change a thing.
NiceGuy360  +   943d ago
What do you mean "no"?
They have already started. 3 positive reviews and a bunch of haters who have not played the game and yet are busy complaining.
I mean what the fudge?? Are we gamers or what? Why do we not want highly rated games??
Blacktric  +   943d ago
"Why do we not want highly rated games??"

Implying high review rating means crap... 3D Dot Game Heroes, NIER, Vanquish all got less than 9 from some media outlets and all of them sold like crap. That, however, doesn't change the fact that they were fantastic games and were well received by the gamers (you know, people who actually play games to have fun and not to get paid).

"Are we gamers or what?"

I am a gamer. But you seem like someone who is really keen on being a sheep for the sake of contradicting vast majority just to look intelligent and cool while failing to back up your own arguments.

Stop accusing people of not being a gamer or being stupid or "haters" just because they don't like something that you obviously love. And at least those people can explain why they hate the game while you keep babbling about them not fitting the gamer or decent person image you've created in your head.
TekoIie  +   943d ago
I think its because its a good game but not one the DMC fans want.

I am not a fan so I can't really say for sure but as a spectator on the controversy that's how it looks :/
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iNMyFiN4LH0uR  +   943d ago
This is the attitude we need. The criticism for this game turned into a blind hatred which was unfair from the beginning. The developers took a different direction, yes a flippin U-turn if need be, but they poured their heart into this game believe or not. Capcom and Ninja Theory consists of people, people just like us, not some executives and software engineers that are blinded by greed and looking to piss of people. They are creative people who take risks and try to innovate as much as possible because innovation tends to pay off when done right. And looking at these reviews, its paid off well. So come on guys, give this game a shot.
DragonKnight  +   943d ago
"Capcom and Ninja Theory consists of people, people just like us, not some executives and software engineers that are blinded by greed."

Oh, so DmC is free now? Didn't hear that.
Godmars290  +   943d ago
Naw, have to disagree. This game is Heavenly Sword and Enslaved. Its the same game NT has always made which is something more slanted towards style rather than substance. That its theme is a blatant contemporary message which hits you over the head says that.

Old DMC was as vapid but it tried to be fun.

Again, NT is doing nothing new or innovative, just recycling things with the UE so they can make a buck. Recoup some rep because they failed to hit one out of the park their first time out, and blamed everyone but themselves. Sony with HS, UE with Enslaved, and negative DMC fans when they first dropped meth Dante in their laps with no warning.
PopRocks359  +   943d ago
Well, I can say with some dignity that I am disappointed by the response. Mostly because it could potentially solidify this new DmC game as THE Devil May Cry franchise.

Here's what I mean; many Resident Evil fans cry foul because newer games are not what they used to be. If Capcom decides to stick with this new style, fans will probably never see the original Dante (or an end to his story) ever. Last I checked there was more to see at the end of DMC4.

I've said it before and I will say it again, if you like this game, that is fine. But at least respect that there are people out there who don't and will not like this game AND that there are legitimate reasons for it.

And before you ask, yes, I played the demo and I hated every second of it.
chadwarden  +   943d ago
People are hating on this game just because the game doesn't have the "real" Dante. Pretty pathetic reason to say a game sucks especially when it hasn't even been released yet.
Imalwaysright  +   943d ago
Don't pretend to be stupid as if you didn't know why DMC fans dont like the new DMC . Dante's look my ass. I've seen DMC fans complaining about how easy it is to pull out combos, no lock option, the game being 30 FPS, the pistols being useless etc etc and these are things that wont change in the retail version so DMC fans that played the demo know exactly what to expect from the final version.

I never played DMC but judging by these complaints i can understand why DMC fans dont like the new DMC. No gamer wants to see a franchise they love and supported since the beggining being dumbed down or streamlined for the sake of the casuals.
How clueless are you? The fans are hating on this game because it's not the "real" Devil May Cry.

The main character, or the color of his hair have nothing to do with it. That discussion came and went years ago, when the game was originally announced.
Lord_Sloth  +   943d ago
What you're seeing here is fan devotion to a franchise they love. Nothing more, nothing less. Honestly the DMC fanbase is quite committed to their love of the franchise. Kamiya and Itsuno should be quite moved by the loyalty inspired by them and the outrage something aside from their works has created.
rocky047586  +   943d ago
Don't be fooled. This is a fandom that consists of a bunch of fans that don't know what they really want. They complained how badly DMC4 sucked but when Capcom goes another route they complain about that too. 30FPS isn't what's hurting the franchise, "easy" combos isn't hurting the franchise, no lock option isn't hurting the franchise, pistols being useless isn't what's hurting this francise. It's the fans that are hurting the franchise as much as they don't want to hear it, it's true.

They are the ones that want to stay complacent with what they have instead of trying new things with the series. I don't understand why there is SO much hate for this game just because it doesn't play quite like the old ones. What's the point of giving it to another company if all they are going to do is make the same damn game? Capcom wanted to breathe new life into the DmC series and that's what NT is doing for it.

If the fans don't like it then maybe this series just isn't for you anymore and you need to go play Bayonetta 2 and Metal Gear Rising to get your 60fps fix from Platinum Games instead. Let the people who think this game is going to be good have their fun with it and you guys can play those games or the old DMC games.
oNIXo  +   943d ago
^What that dude said.
PopRocks359  +   941d ago

"instead of trying new things"

First of all, Dante having his face modeled after the director of the game who looks like a member of My Chemical Romance and screaming "Fuck you!" at one of the bosses is not "new".

In fact it's the same immature drivel that games like Bulletstorm brought upon this generation.

This new game's tone, story and design has NOTHING to do with the previous four games (which actually DID accomplish being fresh and unique) and you're telling me the fans are not allowed to be upset? What the hell is the matter with you?

You're a really arrogant person. I hope you know this.
princejb134  +   943d ago
idk dude it might have good reviews but enslaved also had good reviews and it was ok at best
AnAncientTree  +   943d ago
Why do all these annoying crybabies who claim to be some sort of DMC purist continually act as if they're speaking for every single last fan of the original series with their comments as if there's no true DMC fan, such as myself, who doesn't actually mind the direction that this reboot is going. And please spare me the "duhhhh, if you like this game's direction, you're not a true DMC fan" horsesh*t. It's pretentious and lame. Alot of us, maybe even most of us don't mind the change. And to the extremely intelligent people, like Snookies12(lol), who keep complaining about the game being too easy or requiring no skill, based on the demo. First off, how in the hell do you play the short demo, then speak as if you've completed the game? Are you people not familiar with the concept of progressively increasing the difficulty in a game? Aren't you supposed to be gamers? The demo had you play a small, unfinished portion of an early part of the game. Its not uncommon for a game to start off relatively easy and then gradually become more challenging as you learn the ropes. Not every game this generation is Demon's Souls. Its pathetic that these geniuses want this game to be horrible so, so badly that the possibility of it being good or enjoyable to people actually angers them. If the game is good, then it's good. Deal with it like adults. And you might want to to play through the final game and see what it has to offer before you judge it as a whole, or does that make too much sense?
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Blank  +   943d ago
Well hopefully people speak with their wallets I definetly am mainly waiting for ni no kuni but im still looking at reviews seeing how this plays out im hoping that they dont do a sequel and just go back to original gameplay (remember the one where getting sss was rightfully earned?) and also its unfinished canon aside the fact I dont want capcom outsourcing their ips
shadowraiden  +   943d ago
yeah dont let capcom outsource stuff they have already ran into the ground.
and is this the same original gameplay fans complained hadnt changed in the past 4 devil may cries.

people are just hypocrites with these types of games end of day.
markte  +   943d ago
DMC was not run into the ground, fans never complained that the gameplay never changed.

People randomly pulling insults from their ass, typical.
SAE  +   943d ago
To me , this is just like re6 , good game but not sticking to it's original idea , that's why i buy them used ..

Ninja Gaiden vita / boarderland 2 / walking dead will make me busy for less a month , feb will start releasing the great games :P ..
oNIXo  +   943d ago
Ni No Kuni, motherfucka' that poo poo is going to be off the chain.

Seriously, you should check that game out, it looks to be one of those awesome games that people don't purchase but turns out to be amazing.
SAE  +   942d ago
Never heared about it , just searched in google , it's LEVEL 5 game O.O , i love dark cloud ! i will watch a trailer ! thank you ..
j-blaze  +   943d ago
whatever, even if it gets a 100% on Metacritic it's a no buy for me, as a fan of the original Japanese series i want this parody game to die
WeAreLegion  +   943d ago
Huge fan of the original series and I'll take this over whatever crap Capcom was going to give us in the main series. This looks a heck of a lot better than DMC4.
DragonKnight  +   943d ago
@j-blaze: Parody game is an excellent descriptor for DmC.

@CrowTRobot: Yeah, you're not a fan of the original series based on your comment. Real fans of the original series would never think this crap looks better than DMC4. DMC4 may have been repetitive, but it's a buttload better than this terrible excuse for a game.
VileAndVicious  +   943d ago
*raises hand*

real fan!!
oNIXo  +   943d ago
*raises hand*

real fan!!

I like change!
TemplarDante  +   943d ago
I dont trust reviews.
How can I trust a bunch of people that receive "goodie bags" of "goodies" from devs and publishing houses?
No thanks.
I will hear what my fellow gamers say about a game.
Anyways, we all knew the media was backing NT since day one, would they really turn around and eat their hat now?
Pathetic. From what Ive heard from folks that have played the game..

-Too easy,
-Too short,
-No replay value,
-Many distasteful moments,

They also told me the non-DMC canon in it gets annoying and its mostly a cheap thrills experience.
"Its as complex as the Rock in the Doom movie" - not my words, but someone that has finished the campaign summed the story with that line.
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Vandamme21  +   943d ago
Good job capcom and ninja theory..but I still want devil may cry 5 after this..then go make dmc devil may cry 2 or we can get both.
smashcrashbash  +   943d ago
I am not sure what the big shock that it is getting good score is. Besides the constant griping and whining about every single minor thing about the game the demo was not the atrocity that people claimed it was. The moves worked well, the grappling needed getting used to and the whole living city thing was a very imaginative stage.I don't think people should let their blind hatred of new Dante cloud their judgement. I prefer old Dante but that doesn't mean I will let that influence my judgement of the game. The long and short of it is that if it a good game fine.If you don't like the direction DMC is going that if fine too. That is your choice. But trying to make the game seem bad even if it isn't and wishing for it to fail is idiotic.
Spenok  +   943d ago
Well said. Glad to see some people have a clear head on their shoulders on this site.
oNIXo  +   943d ago
You're not a REAL fan if you don't hate this game.

I liked the demo too.
LordMe  +   943d ago
Yeah, we knew this was the case. NT has yet to have a badly reviewed game.

Even now, when the entire plot has become a demon controlling the world through debt and banks and using a soda to made by demon vomit to control the people.

The entire game doesn't even FEEL like DMC, and while I understand it's a reboot (which was not needed) might as well change the names and make it a new I.P, or a spinoff of DMC.

Imagine if Zelda to Epic Games, who turned Link into a hulking Kratos type, would the fans just have to "get over it"? I doubt it, everyone would defend them.

This is no different, it's iconoclast on gaming.
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Blank  +   943d ago
Damn good comment I was thinking about the whole "what if it were a more retro original ip in this dilemma?" and the example you used cracked me up! Outsourcing the legend of zelda to epic hahaha! Yeah the whole game industry would flip only time it works is when they listen to fans and not ignore em like NT and capcom have been doing
You don't even need to hypothesize, we have a fairly recent example of this in the form of 2008's release of Prince of Persia.

With a metascore of 85, I think it's safe to say PoP was a pretty good game, and I really enjoyed it. But the fans wanted the old PoP back and they got exactly what they wanted, denying newcomers to the series (such as myself) from a sequel to the reboot. Oddly enough, I don't recall people defending that game so feverishly, as I've seen for DmC.

I was sad to realize that I would never play another PoP in the same style as the one released in 2008, but the fans felt a lot more passionate towards the franchise and it was a lot more important to them than it was to me, so I figured it was only fair and simply moved on.

Now I find myself sitting on the other side of the fence with this new "Donte may Cry", so pardon me if I'm expecting this game to flop hard. And if there's any kind of justice left in this world, that's exactly what will happen!
smashman98  +   943d ago
Yea but you are vastly exaggerating the situation
It's more like what if they changed the color of links hair and made pulling off combos slightly more accessible and created a deeper story with much more emotion

To be honest that sounds good get on it ninth
DragonKnight  +   943d ago
Lol, no it's not like that at all.

It's more like "what if they changed Link to a loud mouthed idiot that looks like he's done a bit too much meth, made him look pale and pasty, and Ganon was actually a business man trying to take over Hyrule using the rupees instead of an army of monsters? The Master Sword doesn't work on every enemy any more, and you can kill everything with one button press, all while getting 50 hearts in 2 minutes and Zelda is an annoying midget that hates you."

That's what it's like. If you but DmC, you're buying a garbage game. If you don't want to waste $60, buy something else.
TemplarDante  +   943d ago
A word of warning to those who purchase this game.

By purchasing DmC, please be advised that YOU will be blamed for the throwing of the Onimusha brand under a bus if Capcom decide to let NT reboot the Onimusha franchise.
The_Klank  +   943d ago
So you would rather no Onimushia then a rebooted one? Just curious.
TemplarDante  +   943d ago
Yes. Let it Rest In Peace rather than exume its soul from a grave and F it up.
Just look at how DmC turned out..
Does NT have no shame?!?
Its worse than that succubus sex scene that burned into our brains with pain the other day.
The_Klank  +   943d ago

Ok lemme say that I enjoyed the hell out of the 1st two games, classic.

That being said, Onimushia was released over a decade ago which means many many gamers have never even seen it, let alone play it. So there is incentive there for Capcom to reboot it. I know you won't be very pleased with that but there is a reason that there has been no mention of a sequel, it never really sold all that well in 1st place, the very same reason Dmc was rebooted.

I think its just gonna be more and more common for previously released games from previously released gens get rebooted. There has been a glut of them this gen.

Pm me if you'd like to reply, I'm all for civil discussion.
VileAndVicious  +   943d ago
what was so great about onimusha again?? The first was pretty cool, but if I recall the others weren't all that.
BigBoss1964  +   943d ago
I don't want to live on this planet anymore
taijutsu363  +   943d ago
taijutsu363  +   943d ago
Wonder how much reviewers get paid to swallow their souls? O_O
The_Klank  +   943d ago
Can I ask a question to some folks.

If this or any other Capcom game gets say a low review like 3/10 or something does that mean Capcom didn't 'pay' them and the review reflects that?

OT I've always enjoyed good games, if this turns out to be one, I'll enjoy it.
Whitefox789  +   943d ago
I'm still wondering about Gamespot's RE6 review.....

It's been ages since I've seen a high profile game get a 6/10.
smashcrashbash  +   943d ago
That is how the hate goes. Anyone who claims to have enjoyed it is paid off and any low scores means that it is okay. So logically if just about everyone gives it a good score that means EVERYONE was paid off.If it was a game that everyone wanted ANY score would do. No one would be talking about anyone being paid off or about first reviews are always the best. It would be accepted and anyone who protested would be shouted down and attacked. The score could have come from a lost tribe in Africa and everyone would take it to heart.

But since people have been against the new DMC from the start they will find every reason unreasonable or not to go against it including telling the reviewers they are paid off. No one ever thinks that Microsoft pays off every one to say Halo is great no matter what other people say against it but Capcom MUST be paying everyone off because you played a demo and judged the whole game based on that.So any low scores against DMC will be used as ammunition and all high scores will be purposefully ignored. And not because it is necessarily a bad game.It's because you want to prove that it is bad even if it is not so it can fail and you can prove that you were right.That is what this is about. That you are right.That is what most of these things are about these days to gamers. You MUST be right. Even when you are wrong it can't be that you were wrong.It has to be something else.Like the people who still insist PASBR should have gotten 4s and 5s when it didn't because it didn't get the low scores you predicted it would. Gamers are always upset when their BS predictions don't come true.
Root  +   943d ago
I don't care to be honest because after playing the demo a lot and hearing off the arrogant twit himself on twitter that it's the final product, how can it get good reviews when it's broken, takes no skill and is just a bad game.

Some of the things the reviews are coming out with though contradict what the game is like.

For example

"It has also been mentioned that DmC veterans will feel at home and there’s a high level of skill required to unleash chain combos"

You don't need skill AT ALL, we all know this by playing the demo and watching gameplay videos. I got an SSS rank on the hardest setting by button mashing so how is that 1) going to make dmc veterans feel at home and 2) need a high levels of skill to unleash good combos.

They're obviously being payed off...let the paid ones release their reviews first to give off a good impression then let it go from there.

Capcom would of done the same for RE6 if they knew it was going to get bad scores.
prototypeknuckles  +   943d ago
right thats just suspicious, this is another example of the review not matching up with the score which is very strange
WeAreLegion  +   943d ago
You played the demo. That was a bug. It was confirmed. You CANNOT get a SSS rank on the full game by button mashing. Trust me.
Root  +   943d ago
It's not a bug, it's just crap gameplay

1) They said they arn't changing anything in the demo, so what was in that is what were going to get

2) Dosen't matter what weapon or attack you do you can get SSS easy...button mashing or not
prototypeknuckles  +   943d ago
as a huge DMC fan i hate this game but im going to rent it to see if it will completly prove me wrong and if it does, well i dont know how can i inform people on here about it, is there a message board on n4g?
Whitefox789  +   943d ago
You can post your own review of the game and people can leave comments on it. I think that'll be the closest thing your looking for. Cue me in on when you post your thoughts I would love to hear them.
prototypeknuckles  +   942d ago
im a little late but thanks.
vork77  +   943d ago
this is like a fan made game for 1 its not the same story or characters, 2. its poorly made
WeAreLegion  +   943d ago
Good. I absolutely loved the demo. I've been with this franchise since the beginning and it's good to see NT breathe new life into it. Capcom's main teams absolutely SUCK, so I'm glad they didn't attempt a DMC5.
LoneWolf019  +   943d ago
I dont remember the past dmc's geting scores in the 9s. Now that a good source like oxm has scored it can you complainers stop complaining about how Dante looks, and just pay the dam game already??
RyuX19  +   943d ago
I'm not going to listen to a review from a bunch of nobodies that don't know how to play a DMC game and probably never played them in the first place.

It's been proven for about 2 years that the media doesn't know a damn thing about DMC and what makes it good.
Root  +   943d ago
"stop complaining about how Dante looks"

Gee you know why people are upset /s

You obviously don't understand the whole situation so why are you calling people when you don't even know your facts.
LoneWolf019  +   943d ago
Not much more facts need be given. Ive been a dmc fan since day 1 and I played the demo and I like it. If you dont like it please tell me why? and either way I dont listen to reviews when I go to pick up a game. If that was the case I wouldn't have boughten Ninja Gaiden 3 which I also enjoyed regardless if it was a bit more simple then the previous combat wise.
Root  +   943d ago
"If you dont like it please tell me why"

Really ¬¬

It's been said on here a ton of times so I'm not going to waste my time posting the same old long list again about why this new new one sucks, if you havent seen why people are actually upset then, as I've said before, you don't understand the entire situation and you shouldn't be calling people when you don't know your facts

It's about the "hair".....what is this...2 years ago /s

You can't defend something when you don't know both sides.
League_of_Draven  +   943d ago
And the people hating on the game continue to be in denial...
Whitefox789  +   943d ago
Do you have anything better to do? I'm just curious.

I know I sure do :D
smashman98  +   943d ago
Lmao I'm sure he does he's just voicing his opinion but you stopped to comment on it that's funny

I on the other hand am absolutely bored waiting for this game so I've got nothing better to do
wishingW3L  +   943d ago
he's not voicing his opinion, he's just bashing anybody's opinion that's different than his!

He's not saying that he likes DMC or anything, he is saying that people are in denial because they don't agree with him.
#18.1.2 (Edited 943d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
N4GDgAPc  +   943d ago

and all the DMC haters don't bash us for buying the game? works both ways. Telling us don't buy this game, your not a DMC fan if u like this game and let capcom go bankrupt is just being a hypocrite. I played all DMC games and actually loved them all. Even the DMC 2 game most everyone hates. It was a lot easier but it was still a great game. Which is funny because only DMC 1 and 3 are ones that are greatly recieved as DMC games. 2 is well hated and 4 was good but not well liked. So with most Fans only 2/4 games were well recieved.

You might not be doing this Whitefox789 but there is a hell lot of DMC fans that are doing this. You make it sound like its only coming from people that like the game. So there is alot of fans that don't say there opinion ether. Just bash them for liking the game.
N4GDgAPc  +   943d ago
How he worded it is wrong but I do think there a little denial. Judging a game by its demo and some videos its going to suck is being a little denial. Now granted if I played a demo and didn't like it I wouldn't buy the game. But I wouldn't know if I would like the game or not until I actually played the Full game. $60 is a lot of money to spend to make sure if u like it or not. But thats why I never play demos ever. The demo can be missleading at times. The demo could of been a small section where I considered it boring and the rest was great.
Chuk5  +   943d ago
I enjoyed the demo. More than I thought I would. I may pick it up.
Y_5150  +   943d ago
As a NON-FAN OF Devil may cry, I like the new direction. Sorry guys.
Whitefox789  +   943d ago
You have nothing to be sorry for, if you like the new direction that's your own thing man.

I would like to think that the Devil May Cry fanbase (myself included) aren't rabid dogs that sink their fangs into anyone that likes parts of the game or the game in general.

I would hope that the DMC fanbase is sinking their fangs into anyone that says anything about the game that can evoke the emotion called hatred into them or insult the fanbase itself.
WetN00dle69  +   943d ago
Agreed, i might pick it up day one.
Deadpool616  +   943d ago
Why would I support a company who does nothing but encourage this war between the Devil May Cry fan base? It's absolutely disgusting that they would pit gamers against each other to promote a game.
#21 (Edited 943d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Bellcross  +   943d ago
Even if this game got a 10/10 I'm still not buying. I don't care if it goes on to sell a million copies, Capcom and NT wont get a cent from me.
Hanso  +   943d ago
yeah bro we must unite
lets boykott DmC
hosseincode  +   943d ago
i updated the story and fixed an issue
baziwood regrets the error
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   943d ago
Well done, guess it will always be the same "people crave innovation and then disregard, hate or mock it". What's even more disappointing is having too prove your a fan for your comment to be, dare I say a from a "hardcore" gamer. Its funny really.
MaideninBlack  +   943d ago
Summary of the GMUK review for those who may not have seen it in the other review thread. :P

-The otherwise excellent story fades toward the end

-There's nothing here that's nearly as memorable as duking it out with Phantom and Virgil from the 2001 original

-New Dante is younger, meaner and swearier than his predecessor and-despite better voice acting-lacks that certain spark

-DmC combat doesn't feel as progressive as the rest of the game and is let down by the cookie cutter boss battles.

-Despite not making as heady of an impact as the original rebooted DmC is still a bloody fantastic action game

-It's a close run thing, but 2001 DMC takes it by a hair's width thanks to its smooth combat and iconic hero
kevnb  +   943d ago
reviews are completely without value these days. Ill wait and see if its any good.
Tapani  +   943d ago
I don't think it's that difficult to analyze this one.

Someone (Capcom) just realized Ninja Theory can produce very good games after Heavenly Sword and especially Enslaved. They didn't sell, because they were strange, overhyped, had one or two major problems or what not. Overall, they were still pretty good experiences for the ones who got to the end.

However, Capcom realized this band of developers could produce something good if they are well guided. They were lacking a lead for DMC series and fit this developer for the task.

Ninja Theory promises to give their best shot by making a hardcore, but unique experience with a reboot and this is the result.

Of course they will create something different. And after Enslaved I am not surprised at all that these, now very experiences devs, are producing a very good DMC-like unique new game.

Just drop your prejudices, check out the game and see what these guys are about :)

(Enslaved was brilliant!)
VileAndVicious  +   943d ago
Omnislash  +   943d ago
It may be good as a standalone game, but as a Devil May Cry game, its a 1/10

DO NOT BUY THIS! Buy Metal Gear Rising or something.
but metal gear rising may be a good standalone game, but as a metal gear solid game, it's a 1/10

DO NOT BUY THIS! Buy dmc or something
VileAndVicious  +   943d ago
omg, you took the words out of my mouth lol.
plenty of "true" metal gear fans don't like revengeance either
Roccetarius  +   942d ago
At least Platinum Games does have competent people working on MGR: R.
#28.1.2 (Edited 942d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
Omnislash  +   942d ago
Raiden is still the same character, They didnt bastardize the series its just a spinoff. DmC is different, they completely changed the characters and the gameplay and gave it the same name of a good franchise. Not to mention that the developers are completelly disregarding the real fans of the series.
elda  +   943d ago
I'm glad to see reviewers are giving this game some positive feedback,it looks like I & people who are interested in DmC will enjoy this game!!
#29 (Edited 943d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Ganzi  +   943d ago
Personally I feel like the game is a lot deeper than the haters are giving it credit for. I thought the demo was great and I rarely ever say that about a demo. I am not going to say im picking it up day one, because it is entirely possible I will be busy, but I must say, I sure am psyched to get it when i can!
bayonetta  +   943d ago
it must be the end of the world
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