Is There A Clear-Cut Winner In This Generation's Console War?

As we look forward to a new generation, can we look at the current war and declare a winner? Or should we wait few more years before making a decision?

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NastyLeftHook01937d ago

yes, ps3 is the clear cut winner.

wishingW3L1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

we have to look no further than next year to see that PS3's the clear winner. Same multiplats as the Xbox, many more exclusives, unique games and GOTY's.

NiceGuy3601937d ago

Yes, console that lost the most market share, didn't make an overall profit for it's manufacturer and is in 3rd place is the CLEAR CUT winner.
I'm gonna go with no on that one.
Wii may have been number 1 in sales but 3rd party software sales were lackluster.
Xbox 360 may have had great exclusive and 3rd party sales, but having released first and then being overtaken by wii and having its lead over the ps3 dramatically reduced to almost nothing means it clearly isn't the winner.
Ps3, great exclusives and great 3rd party support from both developers and gamers but as mentioned still has yet to recover all launch and production losses. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it doesn't currently sell for a profit, I'm saying the small quarterly profits it has made do not amount to the 5 billion they lost launching it. Plus exclusives recieve less than deserved sales while rehashes like Assassin's Creed and CoD sell more than almost all their exclusives.

There is no clear cut winner this generation. Except maybe the gamers themselves.

XabiDaChosenOne1936d ago

*sigh...for the last time AS OF SEPTEMBER 30TH, THE PS3 IS NO LONGER IN THIRD PLACE!!

Ezz20131936d ago


ps3 is no longer 3rd place
they are tie at 70m

morganfell1936d ago

The 360 had a year head start only in Japan and the US. Everywhere else it was 18 months or more. The clearcut winner isn't based on sales though. It's founded upon the ability to consistently deliver great games, a variety of titles, and groundbreaking features that enhance the game experience within and titles and beyond. Only one company and their console really managed that feat - Sony and the PS3.

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BrianG1937d ago

Going by sales and sales alone? Today it would be the Wii.

Going by sales growth? The PS3.

Looking at the beginning of the gen it would be 360.

But as a gamer I'm more focused on the games. I feel the PS2 last gen was the best console due to the sheer number of exclusives it had. So for me the PS3 is my choice as of today for the console of this generation for the same reason.

GribbleGrunger1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

I think that's a darn good summary. Bubble.

BlackWolf1937d ago

That's talking in a smart way. +1

Godchild10201937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

I find it hard to pick a winner this generation until it is completely over and all consoles have stopped selling.

Overall this generation of consoles has been the best. All together, all three systems have sold close to 240 million and I don't think we have ever seen that before. The best part of it, that number continues to grow. While the games don't really compare to last gen or the gen before it, for the most part, it will go down as being one of the best generations for Video Games, while this generation will go down for being the best, for how well the consoles have sold.

Riderz13371937d ago

This generation of consoles won't stop selling for a looooong time. Heck the PS2 is still selling after being on the market for over 12 years.

AngelicIceDiamond1936d ago

"I find it hard to pick a winner this generation until it is completely over and all consoles have stopped selling."

I appreciate the enthusiasm but nobody's gonna care how the PS3 and 360 sale once the PS4 and 720 are out and at full force.

Think about it, once next gens released the "sales war" will start all over again with PS4 and 70 (dear god). Hardly anybody will compare sales to PS360 anymore. I could careless where there at now, let alone what it'll look like in the next year in a half.

Godchild10201936d ago

The whole point of my comment was "I" find it hard to pick a winner of this generation. I will move on to the next gen, but that doesn't mean people will forget about this generation.

It's funny that you say nobody will care. Did you see all the comments in the PS2 article when Sony declared they stopped shipping PS2s in Japan? The system sold 150+ million and still selling in some parts of the world, people will care after next gen, because the systems from the past gen will still continue to sell.

A new sales war will start, but that doesn't mean the 7th gen war will end until all consoles have stopped selling.

Hicken1936d ago

Funny, cuz the numbers of the PS2 are still important. So are the PS1's numbers, for that matter.

Hell, half the argument for why the PS3 isn't doing well is because it hasn't sold like the PS2.

You can SAY it, but reality bears things out rather differently.

Nice try, though.

prototypeknuckles1937d ago

sales wise the wii
games wise the ps3

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