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PSNation: "One of the most amazing-looking games of the PlayStation 2 era received a facelift, and this is a good thing. No, it’s an amazing thing. While I can’t comment on whether or not I think video games are art, I can certainly say with great confidence that Okami fits the bill, and if I ever had to make a case for the 'art' group, I would use this game an example of expression through interactive media. "

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The_Klank1974d ago

Bought it and am playing through it right now, amazed that I missed it on Ps2 but I've got to say I'm stunned by how well it looks and plays even by today's standards.

If anyone has never played it I seriously recommend it.

Irishguy951974d ago

Same as you. I recommend this wholeheartedly, it's brilliant

ChipChipperson1974d ago

This game was literally the last great PS2 game I played before this gen started. I was absolutely blown away by the artistic design and how they incorporated it into the gameplay and in-game world.

Venox20081974d ago

one of the best games ever

Tiqila1974d ago

i have the ps2 version, hate to buy the same game several times, is hd worth it? maybe this time ill make an exception

NukaCola1974d ago

$15 for HD upgrade with Move and trophy support. It's a win if you want to play it again.

gorebago1974d ago

Awesome game. Now all we need are the Shadow Heart 1 - 3 given the hd treatment.

Dark_Legend1973d ago

Its my all time favourite and It looks great on ps3. I really recommend it to you, you wont be disappointed... The hd upgrade is one of the few things which capcom did well this generation

AKS1973d ago

I've already bought Okami twice on PS2 and Wii. You think they're going to sucker me into buying the SAME game a THIRD time? You were right if you guessed I would.

Dark_Overlord1973d ago

I'm in the same boat as you, but I'll wait till its in a sale and get it for cheaper :)

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