EA Sports Server Shutdown Next Week Means NBA Live is Finished NBA Live 10 is one of six EA Sports titles that will lose online support on Jan. 11., according to a notice from Electronic Arts. While retiring online features for sports titles more than a year old is not uncommon for any sports publisher, killing multiplayer support for NBA Live 10, which released in 2009, is noteworthy as it symbolically means the end of any professional basketball simulation offered by EA Sports.
A scan of NBA Live's multiplayer community on PlayStation 3 just before publication showed 377 online and 36 playing a game in progress.

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NYC_Gamer1973d ago

NBA Live has been finished for me ever since 2K came around

fresh2death931973d ago

I don't like this.. i rather have one shitty basketball game and one very good one. More competition = better games.

Baka-akaB1973d ago

When one is too shitty to even be competition , it have as much bearing as the big game being alone on the market .

Have faith they'll probably just relaunch it on the next few consoles

Lior1973d ago

Who even playst that game anymore

black9111973d ago

Me and alot of friends still play live10 online on ps3

Dark_Overlord1972d ago

Why can't EA just patch in a hosting ability with a P2P connection for users?

They are the worst for shutting down servers and forcing you to buy a new version just to play online >:(

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