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Gamer Living: "While technically solid all around (save for the single-player mode) as an online multiplayer game, PS All-Stars really hits its stride in a party setting. Having 10-12 people in an entertainment room together to cheer on and/or trash talk the combatants while they play, getting ready for their own turns, and playing on one large, single-screen head-to-head is just pure and unadulterated fun to be had for hours on end. On your own, online, or in a group, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a great gaming experience to be had by players of any kind."

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TheLastGuardian1971d ago

I'm having a blast playing PlayStation All-Stars online.

cpayne931971d ago

Very underrated game. Online is a lot of fun.

Killzoner991971d ago

Number one game in the world. Long Live Play.

Killzoner991971d ago

I love how I'm down voted for speaking the truth. There are so many fanboys around here.

Kos-Mos1971d ago