Humor - Ouya Preview: The Future Of Video Games

The Awkward Glitch writes: "Sit down, grab a Coke, and get ready to witness the next yawn-inducing leap in technology.

Electricity. Water. Toilets These are all great inventions made by mankind and have changed our very existence for the better. Now, the Ouya, a groundbreaking new way of playing boring cellphone titles."

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joeorc1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

The fact it has 1200 developers, ready to make games and the fact that this hardware is more robust than what was in the Nintendo Wii. Is not something you want to make light of in the Market. Remember what happened to Microsoft's CEO when he made fun of Apple's iPhone yea we know how that worked out!

Make no mistake about this, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are all watching the OUYA very closely.

Esp. When there is already 1200 Dev.kits already shipped!

sarshelyam1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Agreed. This article, specifically "TheSpoiler" and his poor attempt at humor, is steeped in ignorance.

If all the OUYA offered was a gateway to play smartphone games on a TV, I'd agree...but that isn't the focus at all. Almost all of the developers involved are creating unique creations designed specifically for the OUYA console that most certainly take advantage of a larger screen with only subtle design theory taken from the smartphone scene. Fact is, we're seeing many of the same types of games you would find on STEAM in their indy scene...and we all know how well STEAM does during those sales don't we?

Personally I'm looking forward to the following:

Legend of Dungeon

This article does, in fact, prove something. (1)I've never heard of " ;quo t; and because of this article I'll never have a reason to return, & (2)Ignorance is bliss? Do some research before writing such an ill-informed article.

The inclusion of Android as a basis for its OS doesn't mean all we're getting is bite-sized games. What you fails to realize is that it facilitates pretty much every Android application right off the bat. Pandora, MusicUnlimited, Fandango, Flikcster, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, GetGlue, LinkedIn, and many, many more!

MasterCornholio1997d ago

And the Ouya isnt the only one theres a steam box and another android console as well. I will probably get something like an Ouya so i can play Android games on my big 1080P monitor.

If theres one thing that the Ouya has is mass appeal due to its extremely low price point and can see all the casuals gobble it up in 2 seconds which means that Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft will loose a big part of the market.

Blackdeath_6631997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

there are only so many different platforms/systems people will by their games for eventually people will stick to one format. its happening to me already, with all this talk about the ps4 the xbox720 the steambox and the ouya i am finding my self leaning towards the device that has the most power the largest game library the most exclusives and the biggest variety which is the pc instead of choosing which console to limit myself to that way i will be able to play most of the games on the other systems with better quality and even more still

SilentNegotiator1997d ago

Too bad these d-bags got that Ouya instead of one of the other 60,000 backers.

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Bigpappy1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

I agree that prospects do not look very good for a console that seems focused on bringing cellphone type games to the big screen. But, I would not predict failure. There are a lot of people out there, who are not core gamers. This might just be what they are looking for. What I can predict, is that I wouldn't be getting one.

M$ is guaranteed a good chunk of the casual market, due to the uniqueness of Kinect. I know you guy hate hearing about Kinect, but there is nothing on the market, as of now, that can match it for Dance, and exercise. I you have young kids, they plow right in and start jumping around in front of it. Kinect is very Mom friendly as there is little to learn in order to use it. Sony is said to be working on a 3D camera. So we shall see how this all plays out.

SilentNegotiator1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

"I know you guy hate hearing about Kinect, but"

"...but I had to bring it up, even in an OUYA article, to slobber on it some more"

abzdine1997d ago

an android machine, ok but if it's to play only available games from google play on tv no thank you.

i thought it was a cloud gaming console i could definitely give it a try to try out the service.

ziggurcat1997d ago

the future of video games? lol, no.

this thing is going to be hacked to s**t, making devs not want to develop anything for the system. this thing'll end up just being a glorified emulation device for antiquated NES games.