Project CARS Build 375 Formula B hands-on gameplay videos max settings - Team VVV

VVV: "We've been drooling over Project Cars' stunning screenshots for some time now, but were never able to actually sit down and play it for ourselves. Until now."

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cannon88001998d ago

Max setting on 720p? It would have been nicer if it was 1080p. But overall it was still nice to watch.

Morgan_Freeman1998d ago

There will be intense debates between this and the next Gran Turismo.

neoMAXMLC1997d ago

Let's just hope their physics engine is vastly improved over their previous NFS Shift games. That's what completely ruined those games for me.

hiredhelp1997d ago

This is miles better than shift trust me as a fan of GT Serious since psx days and a backer of Project Cars if you like the way GT5 simulation feels you love this.

ABizzel11998d ago

Already looks gorgeous with nearly a year to go before launch.

360ICE1998d ago

In fairness, GT5 looked gorgeous 5 years before launch :P

Sp1d3ynut1998d ago

True....but then they released the actual game ; the generic cars were so ugly, it ruined the overall look of the game...

360ICE1997d ago

Yup. The generic cars were a let down, for sure.
But the game did look gorgeous at times. Give me some of that Amuse s2000.... oh yeah. MMMmmmmm....

No, but the premium cars do look good.

coolmast3r1998d ago

This game makes very noticeable progress. Awesome. But it won't beat Assetto Corsa in terms of physics. Kunos Simulazioni are going to release a tech demo of AC (PC only) in the beginning of 2013. So we all will be able to see who's the true king of racing simulation.

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