GDC 08: Steven Spielberg's Boom Blox (also, hands-on) - Destructoid

Destructoid's Chad Concelmo writes:

"The hands-on was ridiculously short, but, good news, I loved what I played! Yes, the concept is simple, but the controls are really spot-on (a lot more than most Wii 3rd party games). In addition, throwing things at the screen and watching these sometimes Rube Goldberg-esque block puzzles collapse all around with (with accompanying rumble) is pretty satisfying.

One thing I thought was really cool was how the Blox actually react to what you are doing on-screen. They don't just sit there as part of the scenery. They will sometimes dodge your projectiles or even cheer you on if you do something extra explosive. This also affects the gameplay, as the physics engine is so spot-on it will actually know where your Blox are located on the screen and react accordingly."

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Intrepid3945d ago

RumorGirl said that this would be the best 3rd party game on any system. I'm starting to believe 'her.' It looks sooo good. The Easter Egg is incredible. Awesome technology.

Who said the Wii couldn't handle realistic physics?

wiizy3945d ago

this game sounds like its going to end up being real good