First DmC Devil May Cry Review Score Revealed

Swedish magazine LEVEL has reviewed DmC Devil May Cry.

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Information Minister1692d ago

Early reviews are always to be frowned upon. That's expected.

EVILDEAD3601692d ago

Hope the rest of reviews are just as good..


ZombieNinjaPanda1692d ago

Rather see this series die then be consumed by corporate greed. Hopefully terrible reviews follow.

360ICE1692d ago

Well, they won't. Other than conservative DmC fans and people immediately got thrown away by Dante, reviewers are really gonna like this game. Probably land between 75 and 85 on Metacritic.

NukaCola1692d ago

I played the demo. It was ok. I'm not a die hard DMC fan so I couldn't really compare, but the demo is worse than Enslaved and Heavenly Sword so, I think Ninja Theory is sort of doing something wrong. They have games with really funny dialog and believable character interactions. This not so much. May rent it, but from first impressions, I wasn't sold.

NiceGuy3601692d ago

What is wrong with the people of this site? How can someone hoping the game gets great reviews get so many disagrees?
Why do people want the game to not be great?

rjdofu1692d ago

NiceGuy360: maybe that happened because the devs act like a bunch of immature @ssholes, constantly making fun of the initial fanbase while ignoring all the legit complains about the game.

Old McGroin1692d ago

Anyone stop to think that maybe the game is actually just good? Why so much hate for this game?

AsimLeonheart1692d ago

It is just as expected. This game will get top scores because everybody is loving the dumbed down gameplay and the western look. Everybody feels like instant pros by pulling infinite combos on training dummies called enemies that just stand there and getting SSS for doing nothing. It just makes everybody feel good about their supposedly "MAD SKILLZZ". I havent read even a single negative article about this game by any gaming publication. The real thing will be sales so let us see how this game does without the support of original DMC fans.

Information Minister1692d ago

Well, if some of you guys love this game so much, then you can buy 20 copies each and show your gratitude to the developer by offering them the illusion of success. Because I figure that's the only way they will get to taste success, after repeatedly insulting the existing fanbase.

No one in is right mind can say Donte may Cry plays exactly like classic DMC and if you do, then you are a liar or you've never played a DMC game before... Probably both!

If I wanted 20-30fps hack and slash action, I would wait for Castlevania LoS2. In fact, that's exactly what I will be doing! In the meantime there's God of War and Metal Gear Rising, which came out of left field and is very fun to play.

Ares84PS31692d ago

I'm not getting Tameem May Cry. Never liked this game and after giving it a chance by trying the demo I know for a fact that this is as generic of a game as it can get. They just tried too hard to be cool but it failed miserably.

wishingW3L1691d ago

the game will sell well because the hate has given it tons of free advertising and that combined with the high scores is gonna get from the biased media then it's a sealed deal. So say goodbye to the old DMC. ;__;

aCasualGamer1691d ago

I've tried the demo myself. This reviewer saying that the gameplay is better than previous games doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.

I'm sorry, but i don't trust gaming press. Lost trust in them years ago and it seems i made the right choice back then.

If you're really that blind and naive, then by all means you should also praise this review.

I for one am not.

ziggurcat1691d ago

@ Information Minister

and whiny, entitled gamers crying are also expected.

thezeldadoth1691d ago

its sad how these butthurt fanboys can't just accept a new good game and wish for failure because they didn't get what they wanted. you bought your games, they didn't owe you anything beyond what you paid for. Its their right to start fresh. I hope for a great new game.

Information Minister1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Yes, because anyone with legitimate criticism for DmC is a whiny, entitled cry baby. What's there not to like about this masterpiece of digital entertainment? Besides, true gamers don't criticize or expose flaws, they just take whatever the developer/publisher is looking to shove down their throats, without question! And they do it with a smile, Amirite?

Do these "butthurt fanboys" truly believe their complaints could actually hold substance? That's just silly!


thezeldadoth1691d ago

i guess you'll still be crying while people are enjoying video games

ZombieNinjaPanda1691d ago

Again, refer to my comment below. What a disgusting generation of gamers this has become. Fans that truly love and cherish a series don't want to see it turned into something bad? Oh they're just whiney entitled gamers.

thezeldadoth1691d ago

^ You miss the point. Its one thing to love and cherish a series, its another thing to impede on the artists creation. Try it before crying. I bet you're the same person that bashes COD for being the same every year. According to your logic, it should be the same every year, give the fans what they love and cherish as opposed to trying new things. Wanting a series to stay the same is cool, starting petitions, boycotts, and bitching before trying the game is ridiculous.

PopRocks3591691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

^Let's get something straight here. This has nothing to do with "artists." This has to do with fans of the series who CARRIED it before it became popular now feeling alienated by the very people who created it in the first place and the new developers who seem to have absolutely no idea what the source material was all about.

Look, if you and anyone else wants to enjoy it, fine. That's your prerogative, but don't start criticizing the fans who loved this series before it was changed into something that is simply nothing like it used to be. Something that those fans DON'T like.

Just because you like the game or don't understand the hatred for it doesn't give you the right to say that anyone criticizing the game is a whiny crybaby who has never tried the demo. I have; it was garbage and I doubt I was the only one who thought so. This game is open to criticism just like any other. Get off your high horse.

ThanatosDMC1691d ago

9/10?! Hardcore game dumbed down for casuals. Reviewers suck at their jobs. The gameplay was horrible.

RememberThe3571691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

I want the game to suck so we can get the REAL DMC back. I don't want this series to stay 30fps with an emo protagonist.

I've said it the whole time, I think this game is going to be good. It's just not DMC.

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xtremeimport1692d ago

is there a chance that this game might actually be good?

I mean damn, everyone got their panties in a bunch about the change of direction. But doesnt mean the game cant be it before you judge its quality.

Knight_Crawler1692d ago

No chance in hell that this game will be as good or better than the older DMC games.

Emo Dante
Bad acting
Horrible game play
Laughable story
Unforgettable characters
No fan service
Arrogant developer
Greedy Capcom

This game is a mess and hope it bombs like Ninja Gaiden.

Mocat1692d ago

"play it before you judge its quality."

I vaguely recall a shitty public demo.

ScubbaSteve1692d ago

Most reviewers, that receive early copies of games, are instructed to hold off publishing the review until the game is released, unless the review is overwhelmingly positive. From time to time you'll hear of a review that deviates from this, but they usually don't get early copies of games from publishers anymore. As a result the initial batch of reviews is a bit skewed and a prudent gamer would wait a week or two in order to make a well informed evaluation.

ChronoJoe1692d ago

ScubbaSteve whilst that's largely true, Magazines are typically an exception to that rule. They get their review copies much earlier and are usually exceptions to review embargos.

Root1692d ago

"I vaguely recall a s***** public demo"

and thats why they've obviously been payed off

Just as expected realy....also

""It has also been mentioned that DmC veterans will feel at home and there’s a high level of skill required to unleash chain combos"

REALLY....because I remember mashing the attack button over and over again on the hardest setting and I still got a SSS rank

The demo was of the finall game and it was broke yet it gets a good no

They've payed them off guys, the gameplay contradicts their review for the game

Kurylo3d1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )


Id rather take EMO Dante over the bitch boy gay dante in devil may cry 3 with the shirt all open lol. Got nothing against gay people, but that dante was downright disturbing.

Dude bad acting has existed in every dmc game. Do u not remember the corny ass line dante said in dmc1 when he thought trish was dead.. "i wanted to be the one to give your dark soul light" lol.... i got chills cause it was so corny.. i got embarrassed hoping no one would see me playing the game at that moment.. even if it was a good game.

Cant comment on gameplay.. played and beat ever dmc game, but this one dont look bad to me.

Story is laughable to all of em.. i mean most of the villains in the dmc series are cardboard cutout extreme jokes.. like they intended to make it a comedy. With the exception of dmc1 that is .. which at least tried to take itself seriously.

Fan service... well i would like to see more breasts and butts.

Where you see arrognace... i see confidence.

And to say capcom is greedy... its a corporation. Its intent is to make money yes. Why would they put out a game if there was no money to be made.

I think u cant come up with any real arguments. Your just mad that the original story wont be continued because it got so corny that less people were buying it.

360ICE1691d ago

They haven't been payed off. In fact, no reviewer in the video game industry has ever has been payed off. If there is bribery in this industry, and there probably is, it's a lot more subtle than giving someone money. It's about pressuring the reviewer to give a good review, and blacklisting those who don't.

But take it from someone who've played nearly the entire game, and who obviously isn't payed to write this comment: The game is gonna be great.

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showtimefolks1692d ago

played the demo thought it was aight but not something i will pay full $60 for. With early 2013 as packed, i am gonna have to pick and choose(its not about the money with work/family barely have time for games so only want to play what i have to)

i don't think this game will get bad reviews, most DMC fans are still not over the fact this game doesn't have old dante, seriously get over it. Capcom told NT to give the character a new look, they returned with similar looking dante but capcom rejected it.

there is DMC HD collection so enjoy old school DMC and this one will be with a fresh twist. also DMC 4 wasn't a'' that so it was either time for this series to take a long break or a reboot.

ThanatosDMC1691d ago

You dont understand it's not just the characters but the gameplay, the style switching, the difficulty, the ranking, the combo system, the weapon switching, the guns, the targeting system, the retarded enemies, etc. The game has no skill required.

You guys keep mouthing off that we're ass hurt about the characters but we're way past that at this point after the demo and the many gameplay trailers.

DMC4 should have been better than DMC3 especially with the on-the-fly style switching with Dante but sadly... his gameplay was only for less than half of the game and we were stuck with a whiny little boy called Nero. Not to mention the repetitive levels. They were just lazy with DMC4.

INehalemEXI1691d ago

just gimme dis game !