Sony Announces Destination Playstation 2013

We're excited to announce the 13th Annual Destination Playstation event, hosted by Sony Computer Entertainment America, February 25th-28th 2012.

This year's destination brings us back to the picturesque Sonoran Desert and the luxurious Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort. As our guests, you'll be treated to food, drink, play, and a first look at all the amazing new releases coming from Sony Computer Entertainment America in 2013.

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Lucreto1691d ago

I am expecting the PS4 announcement.

Mintyrebel1691d ago

Doubt it, E3 or Gamescom would be the only place they would announce their next gen console now. TGS maybe has an outside chance but that show has been on the decline recently, so thats doubtful too.

mrshooter2k121691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

I agree, but Sony could possibly hold a Playstation Meeting in Tokyo early next year, in the same vein as the PS Vita announcement in January 2011.

Mintyrebel1691d ago

They kind of already announced that the Playstation 4 was in development at a share holders meeting so....

jaosobno1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

No, Sony needs their own event to announce PS4 where they don't have to share the spotlight with Microsoft. Destination Playstation will be ideal time to do that.

An announcement with a few tech demoes on Destination, and full reveal on E3 2013.

Lucreto1691d ago


The 360 was announced on MTV so a special event just for the console is a good idea. E3 would be good but the 360 would also be announced so it would have to share the spotlight.

The last Destination Playstation was back in 2009 so something it up.

If it was me I would announce it at CES and do a whole PR campaign through the year.

Riderz13371691d ago

When was the last time a console was announced at E3? Exactly. They announce them before E3 to get the hyped built up so that people go and watch E3 to get more information.

Tapani1691d ago

TGS has absolutely not been on the decline. It has simply changed with the market.

And this year was better than last.

Check your facts. The game is played by the numbers, not by random assumptions.

scofios1691d ago

They can do the same microsoft did with the 360
The official unveiling of the Xbox 360 occurred on May 12, 2005, on MTV Presents hosted by Elijah Wood.The system with some playable games, was shown off at E3 2005.

ABizzel11691d ago

I doubt it as well, it's too soon. They won't announce anything about the PS4 until After their fiscal year which ends in March.

The earliest we'll hear about the PS4 is April - May in a formal announcement, and we'll get more at E3.

UltraVegito1691d ago

The lack of any mentioning of the Vita in the comments disturbs me.

Tease the ps4,show the last gaurdian and beyond two souls and give the vita some fcking love(moar games!annnddd a price cut)dammit T.T cmon sony.

calis1691d ago

Why exactly do they need to wait until a big show to announce something?

Something about the gaming world I don't understand, like secrecy about a game, why does it need to be done at a big event?
What difference does it make?

TristanV11691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

Sony never ever announced a new console/handheld at e3. ps2 march/99 ps3 may/05 psp may/04 psvita jan/11

DeadlyFire1691d ago

Wrong. E3 is the only place ever to announce a console. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have NEVER revealed a console outside of E3 to the public ever.

If Sony show any PS4 material it will be a game or two with a Playstation logo at the end of its trailer.

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grailly1691d ago

feels weird to think we might be so close to a next-gen announcement. I'm really hoping these announcements will arrive very soon, but then I feel awkward thinking that I might know what's coming up next in a month or two.

JoGam1691d ago

Expect PS4 all you want, but it won't be announced.

JoGam1691d ago

If they are announcing the PS4 during this event Sony really need to advertise this event. People NEED to watch this event to get the word out. Oh that's right is it going to be live online? For the PS4 to be announced at this event Sony needs to push and make this event huge.

torchic1691d ago

exactly and that's why it's unlikely to be unveiled at this event. not hyped up enough, it feels too soon.

the n4g crowd are a little too eager with console unveils, I mean back in 2011 a lot of them were predicting new consoles in 2012, told them it would never happen but hey I got my disagrees. here's another example of that.

unveil at this even is not impossible, but I would be very suprised if it did happen.

Anon19741691d ago

I don't know that we'll see a PS4 announcement next year, let alone the launch. Of course the PS4 is in the works, that's no secret, but if the PS4 was seriously gearing up for launch next year, we would have seen a sharp increase in R&D spending from Sony's game's division. Every time there's been a new hardware model or new console launch we see a sudden increase in R&D spending reported on the financials about a year in advance of the hardware release.

We just witnessed such a spike with Microsoft's Entertainment division which no doubt signifies the new Xbox is gearing up for launch next year, but all is quiet on Sony's front and has been since there was a spike related to the Vita, far before it's announcement. Unless we see the sudden spending this holiday quarter from Sony's Game division, time is running out to carry out a launch in 2013 and I don't think they'll launch next year.

If we don't see that spending increase this quarter, my guess is Sony will aim for a March release, as they did with the PS2 (and PS3 outside of NA/Japan). A 2014 launch is starting to look more likely to me. Of course, I could be dead ass wrong, but Sony's been pretty consistent in the timing between seeing that spike in R&D spending and launching new hardware.

Shadowstar1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

I don't think Sony can afford to give the next Xbox another year lead. I think they'll push something out if MS does.

GribbleGrunger1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

I think you're in the ball park with that assessment Darkride66 ... and to be honest, ShadowStar, I really don't think it matters to Sony whether they release first, alongside or after the 360. Only people who see the numbers of consoles and not the numbers of PSN outlets are concerned with the whole 'a' V 'b' concept.

Delivery is the key to Sony's success now, not just install base.

ABizzel11690d ago


I agree with you somewhat, but at the same time, if Sony let's MS get a 2 year head-start and Nintendo get a 2 year, then it's going to be a nightmare, building up the same level of hype for their console as the other 2 will already have, especially considering the PS4 and Xbox 1080 will likely be near identical (Final CPU / GPU being the only variations, but both PC parts.)

MS's head start last gen gave them a chance to sell 8 million consoles in their first 11 months. Then when Gear of War was released right before the PS3, it showed what true Next-gen games looked like, and Sony didn't have an answer, which pushed that lead from 8 million to 10 million. On top of that they were cheaper than the PS3, and have been this entire generation by $50 (when PS3 made price cuts) - $100 (when MS made prices cuts in response to those PS3 price cuts).

That lead is all but gone, but look at the struggle and negative press the PS3 had over those first few years, and believe it or not it left a bad stigma on Sony's and the PlayStation Brand. Everyone I know who has gone out and bought a PS3 within this last 2 years have loved it, and broken all negative thoughts they had on it, but that ominous cloud still looms over everyone who hasn't bought a PS3, and were around when all the Sony hate was going on.

Giving Nintendo 2 years, and MS another 1 year head-start will be disastrous for the PS4, especially if they don't launch with a powerful list of games that look and play just as well as anything on the Xbox 1080, and a price that matches. But even then they'll still be at a disadvantage with MS have a larger install base thanks to the year head-start, the Xbox being lead platform (which shouldn't be as big of a problem as early PS360 days), and having to play catch-up all over again when the Xbox becomes the dominate core console of choice in the USA (aka the largest gaming territory).

Sony can't afford to let any of that happen again, or their brand will take another hit, and with the PlayStation Brand being among the best they have, it would be a dire situation if that happened.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

It just got real?

I hope they stream it!

@Kingofwiiu below
"Dress is business-casual unless otherwise noted (sunglasses recommended)"
in case you get sprayed..

showtimefolks1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

sony will talk about ps4 at GDC than show more at E3

Uncharted 4
Killzone 4

i want 2 out of these 3 at launch with ps4.

ziggurcat1690d ago

@ Lucreto

won't happen until E3, and even then it's not being released until 2014.

people need to stop holding on the the false hope of it coming out in 2013. with absolutely zero confirmation from sony, i don't know how people got it in their heads that it was going to happen.

Lucreto1690d ago

Why E3? If Microsoft announce a console as well neither will get the spot light.

Sony never announced a console at E3. CES or Destination Playstation are good starting points.

I said before Destination Playstation has not been held since 2009 and a dozen games were announced there.

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EddieNX 1691d ago

I will be there with my 3DS XL and Miyamoto T-shirt!

hduce1691d ago

I'm not an advocate for violence. But...... You might get sprayed!

sashimi1691d ago

attention whore much? lol

akaakaaka1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

It's okay we have good memories about mario when we where immature kids we loved mario..
And miyamoto is so cute I remember is face (very amaze) when he saw killzone 2 or 3? for the first time lol at e3

MmaFan-Qc1691d ago ShowReplies(2)
chukamachine1691d ago


You should take a PSVITA Instead. Destroys the 3ds ain all area's.

BlaqMagiq241691d ago

And you won't make it out alive if you do.

Ezz20131691d ago


lol you are going there was this
it's like going into a bikers bar with T-shirt writen on it "i hate bikers"