For Gamers The Best Is Yet To Come Everyone is doing year-end “best of” lists, but to be honest, a lot of what was covered during the Christmas run up envelopes those lists. I’d rather look ahead to what’s coming in 2013 to plan out your buying list.
With two new consoles expected for 2013 the list of AAA games coming for not only the Wii U but also for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is surprising.

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showtimefolks1971d ago

day one buys for me

gta 5
last of us
beyond 2 souls
sly 4
god of war

than there are titles i will wait for half off

dead space 3(maybe a day one)
tomb raider
army of two
lost planet 3
devil may cry
Hitman HD collection
more Borderlands DLC
crysis 3

some games that i said maybe half off i may get day onbe depending on reviews/demo experience.

what's still amazing is how little we actually know about later half of 2013, new consoles most likely but which games and how many new IP's? a lot of big publishers said they are holding their new Ip's for next gen systems so could we have a E3 where 4-50% of the games shown are new Ip's?

remember me i think will be on next gen system

what about next COD on every current and next gen systems?
new AC game? which consoles
watch dogs i think will also be a next gen game

a lot of known but also a a lot of unknown

FarCryLover1821971d ago

I'm sure all titles that are released next fall, like COD, AC, etc. will be on both systems. I think the next-gen versions will likely just be better versions of the current gen versions and that it will be a year or so until the rest of the multiplats go strictly next-gen.

I think the exclusives at their launch will show off the consoles.

1970d ago
Pumbli1971d ago

No love for Company of Heroes 2?

That's somewhere around my top 10.

SuperSonic2661971d ago

2013 will be a huge year
Last Of US
Beyond 2 Souls
Ni No Kuni
Grand Theft Auto 5
God Of War

Cam9771971d ago

This may be pushing it but I hope for Dark Souls 2.

SlowBurn1970d ago

anything is better than 2012,on paper at least..
except for 86',terrible year,Wolfenstein clones etc.
seriously though,2013 has 'overrated' written all over it,my opinion.mileage may vary