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One Month Later… With The Wii U

David Howard:

Six years almost to the day after Nintendo launched the Wii comes its successor, the Wii U. Much like its predecessor, the Wii U hopes to garner new audiences with a new way of playing. The GamePad is the Japanese company’s latest attempt at innovation by merging a tablet interface with a traditional controller.

How successful was the console’s launch depends on what your expectations were but it certainly didn’t fall flat on its face. However, that is not the purpose of the following ??? words. We chose not to do a review at the time of launch as, well, we wanted time to settle with the hardware, get a good look around the different aspects of what were available and, perhaps most importantly, test it out in a variety of scenarios. (Wii U)

vork77  +   757d ago
one month later and its still one of my favorite console
Kingofwiiu  +   757d ago

One month later and it still feels like I have only just unboxed it and feel compelled to keep playing it.

The wiiu is the best console ever. TRUE remote play (in house True remote play) has totally revolutionized the way I play. So has the challenge of managing 2 screens all the time.

This console has TONS of potential.
Graphically , I'm happy with what I see too. Rayman Legends is a site to behold running 1080p 60FPS with AMAZING textures and lighting..... With 2 screen running...WOW.

NSMBU- 9/10
ZombiU- 8/10
Nintendo Land 8.5/10
TTT2- 9/10
Trine 2 DC - 9.5/10
Nano Assault- 8/10
AC3 - 8.5/10
BACAE- 8.5/10
ME3 SE- 9/10
SASRT - 7/10
Blops 2 - 9/10

My reviews for all the games I own on wiiu. Disagree with any ?
TXIDarkAvenger  +   757d ago
I've never played Wii U myself, but a lot of people were disappointed with ZombiU. Any reason why you disagree against them?
specsmatter  +   757d ago
Best console ever? lol hahahaahahahaha you dont even believe that bs yourself hahahaha plz its not even better than current gen.

With a name like Kingofwiiu we know how tainted your reviews and thinking is lol Games like MGS4, UC series and other blow all those games out the water. And i laugh when cartoony games like Raymans are touted as these graphical achievements lol Please tell me what Rayman game on any other console be it the Ps3, vita, xbox etc.... doesnt look beautiful? Do you know why games like those arent taxing on a system in any which way and can be done fairly easy with minimal strees on cpu or gpu lol

I bet your Wiiulee/metroid/wiiu alpha lol keep bubbling yourself mate. The consensus frm x wiiu owners and present owners alike is that it is a decent system with np graphical improvements and the controller isnt revolutionizing at all. With horrible loading times and some ports that actually run worse than the ps3 or xbox360 lol

Hey but your opinion is your opinion
Dgander  +   757d ago
@AnimeAvenger Most of the people that were upset were expecting a fps experience with ZombiU. Its a survival horror like Resident Evil but just in first person view. Its definately not a bad game (if you like survival horror games).
Kingofwiiu  +   757d ago
@Specsmatter. Specs do matter bro , that's why you should put on a pair because you seem to not be able to read..

This console has just launched. And I've never had so much fun with any console at launch.
OK some of the ports were a bit rushed... Others were'nt like Trine 2.

Graphics ASIDE. The reason this is MY favorite console ever , Is simply because of 2 things. 1 the ability to play on the gamepad whilst someone or myself is watching TV or If I'm tucked up in bed and want to lie down and play on the gamepad.

ZombiU is amazing. The graphics are not that great at all. But the intensity of Managing 2 screens at once is something completely new. It adds a new layer of depth to Gaming.
In trine 2 just drawing a square or a line summons a plank or a box instantly and feels amazing.
Rayman Legends demo is immense. I could go on and on.

I have a ps3 and 360 , and they feel seriously outdated and to me, irrelivant and finished now. With the exception of GTAV and a couple of other games.

I seriously CANNOT play 36o or ps3 no more. The Gamepad has changed everything for me.

But hey. That's just my opinion.

Anime avenger- Im not disagreeing with anyone. IMO ZombiU is immense. The gameplay is almost perfect.....

Wiiu >>>>>> Everything until Ps4 and 720.
Deku-Johnny  +   757d ago
Good to see people actually having something positive to play. The console really needs to be experienced first hand to understand just how great it is. You've got quite a lot of games for it, I hope to get most of the games in your list a.s.a.p. I currently own AC3, ZombiU, Darksiders 2, Nintendo Land and Trine 2. I agree with your reviews for the ones I have, obviously I can't have too much of an opinion on games I haven't played and although it's not a game I'd like to add:

Miiverse 9.5/10.

I never knew it before last month but having a second screen for a home console is what I've always wanted. Now it's just up to developers to want to use the Wii U to it's fullest potential.
t3rrorc3ll   757d ago | Trolling | show
Perjoss  +   757d ago
I'm loving my WiiU also, and ZombiU is one of the best zombie games ever made, in my opinion. Only complaint I really have is the console freezing, but in my 100 hours with the console its only happened 3 times, still hope they can patch it though.
PopRocks359  +   757d ago

You can play off-screen with Black Ops 2, Assassin's Creed III, Darksiders II and New Super Mario Bros. U, and I like/own all of those games.

I guess I'm a blind sheep for buying things that I like. By that logic, anyone who generally gravitates toward Microsoft or Sony products, or frankly, demonstrate any favoritism or a lack of neutrality is a blind sheep.

Yeah, that's not narrow minded at all.
t0mmyb0y  +   756d ago
I agree man. I used to use my PS3 everyday for games, shows, netflix. Now it's WiiU. I brought it to my Aunt/Uncles place today for our Christmas and it was a blast, and all we played was Nintendoland. Fun playing it with people who know nothing about it lol. Tripped my uncle out (because he has a Panasonic as well) that I could instantly control his TV haah.
PJF_Josh  +   756d ago
I don't really agree with your review scores on a lot of those but it's all personal opinion, mine and yours.

I've had my Wii U for a few weeks and game like Marvel Avengers make me even more wary of the system. So far, this game feels like a straight iOS port - all controls are swiping on the screen, unless I'm missing something or haven't gotten deep enough into it. I fear that the Wii U will end up with a lot of tablet shovelware just because it can be done, and easily. Why make a game from the ground up when you can just port your (already made) tablet game over and charge more for the experience?

NSMBU is fun for sure,
NintendoLand is the Wii Play of the Wii U, a bunch of tech demos disguised as mini games, not a lot of depth there.
Zomibe U is interesting, fun at times but not amazing by any means.
Batman is my favorite so far because of the pad use, but it does seem to have framerate issues compared to PS3/360.

Adding Friends on the system is a confusing mess and the Wii BC is terrible. I can move my games over from the Wii but then they're locked out of the Wii forever?? I'm keeping the Wii for the GameCube compatibility and it looks like I'll never use the Wii BC on the Wii U because of the draconian security policies they have in place.

As I said, personal opinion. I'm sure people love it more than I do and hate it more than I do. I'm still somewhere in the middle hoping to see that groundbreaking experience come along at some point, but it's not there yet.
AWBrawler  +   756d ago
Abbreviations. Confuse me. What games are those
tre  +   756d ago
One month later, I still use the WiiU daily. I have ZombiU, Assassin's Creed III, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Nintendoland, New Super Mario Bros. U, Batman Arkham City, Call of Duty Black Ops II, Darksiders II, Trine II, Little Inferno, and Nano Assault Neo. I sold my PS3, Vita, and all their games. Still holding on to my 360 just for Final Fantasy games for now.

Surprisely, I use the WiiU 50% of the time for internet browsing, Netflix, and Nintendo TVii while keeping current games paused. I have two laptops in the home but WiiU browser is lightning fast.

The signal from the WiiU console to gamepad is very good. I can move easily around my house and even use to in my front yard. I use signal in the back yard tho. Nothing is perfect!

My next game purchase will be Rayman Legends. I have plenty to keep me busy until then CoD online community is over 3500 now. Never have problems finding battles.
Nacho_Black  +   756d ago
You sold your PS3 and Vita but held onto your 360 for Final Fantasy games?

Ok then.
PJF_Josh  +   756d ago
Seriously, agreeing with Nacho_Black.

Your Final Fantasy statement makes no sense Tre.
tre  +   756d ago
Battery life is around 3 hours. Most of the time, I keep the gamepad plugged in. The long AC cord is great and does not get in the way.
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tre  +   756d ago
I forgot to mention that 360 was a gift and included the first two Final Fantasy 13 games. I have not purchased anything else for Xbox360, I was mainly a PS3/Vita fan until WiiU came out. Now I only play WiiU, 3DS XL, PC, and Xbox360 games.

I can not wait to try out the Wii library of games that I missed, like Xenoblade Chronicles.
Not a hater, just a new lover of Nintendo... right now.
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younghavok  +   756d ago
agreed. I just started playing ZombiU about a week ago and omg... this console is great and has a bright future.
YoungPlex  +   757d ago
One month later and all I've been able to beat is AC:III. In total I have AC:III, NSMB U, Trine 2, Zombie U, COD:BO2, Nintendo Land, DarkSiders:2, Ninja Gaiden:3, and Little Infernal. I'm really enjoying Zombie U and it's a pleasant surprise that a game being a launch title, on a Nintendo console, is so damn good. I have plenty to keep me entertained until The Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Bayonetta 2, Aliens: Colonial Marines, and Pikmen 3 stroll around. I really like it!
PopRocks359  +   757d ago
Been playing some Black Ops 2 on Wii U myself lately. The launch may not have been the best, but it is a really good video game console, especially for fans of Nintendo.

EDIT: I agree that the system and its OS can be improved, but I feel it's nothing Nintendo can't or won't patch in later on during its life cycle.
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live2play  +   757d ago
koopa-john is my name there. add me if you want :]
t0mmyb0y  +   756d ago
Ya OS sometimes is veeerrryy slow. Even the browser some day.
Dgander  +   757d ago
There are some things that Nintendo can improve with this console (*cough* cross game chat) but for what it is right now its definitely a better experience than paid Xbox Live and PSN. Anyone bashing this console at this point is clearly clueless. The one thing that people hated the Wii the most for was online gaming and now Nintendo raised the bar and is probably a little bit past Xbox Live. My only upset right now with the system is the separate apps. Friendlist and video chat should be integrated into Miiverse. There is no need to switch between apps just to perform a tasks that should have been implemented into one place.
QuebecSuperstar  +   757d ago
I totally love my Wii U! One thing (among so many others) I'm so thankful for is the headphones jack in the gamepad.
PS4isKing_82  +   757d ago
My fav thing about my wiiU? It's backwards compatible with all the old wii games. That's a huge plus for me since I never thought the original wii was worth a purchase since it didn't have that many games worth playing. But there were games that I always wanted to try out. And now I can thanks to the wiiU.
Picture_Dancer  +   757d ago
" Both New Super Mario Bros U and Nintendo Land can run at a native 1080p resolution"

Hahah, what a lame article. Both games run at 720p:
New Super Mario Bros. U = 1280x720 (no AA on world map, post-AA in-game)
Nintendo Land = 1280x720 (post-AA)
t0mmyb0y  +   756d ago
The style they went with would be pointless to have it higher res. Cartoony games don't need it, save it for Zelda HD.
metroidfusion2  +   757d ago
Well unlike a lot of people I am giving the wii u a chance and my lil bro and I will get more games next month and the wii u as of now has 10 native 1080p and 60fps games as of now and I'm sure more will be coming and the wii u is getting a ps4 and 720 ported game in 2015 its called HUMAN ELEMENT look it up and I'm sure a lot of surprises are coming
chukamachine  +   757d ago
If Nintendo is your thing, then you'll obviously love it.

But for many, they are waiting on other things.

Personally I don't hate ninty, some games are excellent.

I do however hate stupid little wii characters for children. Nearly as bad as avatars from ms.

As for graphics, haven't seen anything yet that cannot be done on PS3/360.

Although my pc destroys all.

I actually hope Sony does not go the same way with the controller.
Bimkoblerutso  +   756d ago
I have to say, I was really digging the controller for this first month or so (and I still like it for Netflix and other apps), but as far as games go, the touch-screen controller has officially revealed itself as a novelty to me. In most cases it's just an annoyance, and to be perfectly honest, I don't see that changing in the future.
_LarZen_  +   757d ago
One month later and mine is a dust collector. I never learn.....
Kos-Mos  +   756d ago
Clean our house filth.
josephayal  +   757d ago
I've found the Wii U to be a perfectly enjoyable experience, I think needs to expand the team so they can make more games faster coz the Wii U launch line-up is very poor imo
The Captain  +   757d ago
I truly am loving the Wii U. I was not excited for this console at all! I decided to get one for Christmas as I always want the latest and greatest. What a sleeper hit for me! I was a little hesitant as I hated the Wii and sold it.

Totally blown away on Trine 2 and Raymond. The graphics and detail are crazy!! Loving the 1080p.

Go to your local game shop and give it a try. Then you can form your own opinion. Happy gaming!
Picture_Dancer  +   756d ago
I'm sorry to inform you but Trine 2 runs at 720p on WiiU:
Trine 2: Director's Cut = 1280x720 (FXAA)
The Captain  +   756d ago
No problem. Still looks good as this was the PC port. Thanks for the info.
wiiulee  +   757d ago
silly one month review to start off there are plenty of reasons to buy third party titles since they are supporting nintendo's platform and adding their triple titles which plays better on wiiu and will keep getting better.....miiverse does not need to change and its something that sony and microsoft will be copying soon, load times are no worries as those will go away , my brand new laptop takes 10 seconds to load up....and wiiu gamepad is innovation at its best since its never been done in home consoles and will be copied by both sony and microsoft soon enough....wiiu is a fantastic system and despite haters is in front to stay...silly articles....i couldnt be happier with my wiiu, having other systems thats the truth
sniperxx  +   756d ago
The vita? LOL - that thing is a complete joke.
Killzoner99  +   757d ago
freaking garbage
axisofweevils  +   756d ago
Hey, that's no way to talk about Vita.
Killzoner99  +   756d ago
Yah buddy , you wish. The Vita does everything Wii U does only better.
3-4-5  +   756d ago
It won't have an impact until Legend of Zelda, Mario U ( 3D ), & Smash Brothers are released.

Those 3 alone will sell 5 million Wii U's.
Jadedz  +   756d ago
Loving the Wii U
It's my all in one device (PC, gaming system, streaming services).
hobohunterz  +   756d ago
I feel very sorry for you using it as a PC
jrbeerman11  +   756d ago
My all in one device IS a PC.

I splurged on a gaming laptop because my wife hogs TV. So I can completely understand how awesome it is to be able to play game without TV.

I am keeping my eye on WiiU and see what kind of library it gets as I was dissapointed in the Wii's library for awhile (which turned into my familys bowling machine basically). Of course a new Zelda and two good JRPGS come out at the end of its cycle after i gave it away (which is more incentive for me to get WiiU).

I also wonder if the newer PS and xbox are going to make the wiiU look underpowered like last gen.
sniperxx  +   756d ago
The Wii U is so far the best console purchase I have ever made. I was very surprised that I would be this impressed with it
younghavok  +   756d ago
I love the console personally. Remote play is very convenient, the selection of games at launch is huge and varied, BC for all of my wii titles and accesories, and pretty damn quiet. Miiverse is a blast that I can just browse and gather opinions from or be wowed by the artwork. Its a month old I believe and so far its started out great. Got some good games coming the next few months that I'm really looking forward to.

As a gamer I am more than satisfied.
TotalSynthesisX  +   756d ago
One month later and we still don't have any good exclusives. No 3D Mario, no Mario Kart, no Smash Bros., no Metroid, no Star Fox, no F-Zero, no Zelda... You need to get your shit together, Nintendo.

The console itself is nice, though. Nothing really blows my mind but it has potential.
jrbeerman11  +   756d ago
I do not have a WiiU, and I am waiting to see what kind of library it gets.

That being said, its launch isn't too bad. You can't expect a system to have all kinds of awesome exclusives within a month of launch. Its why I hate buying consoles when they first come out.

I will say though, that not having ANY of those titles you listed is disappointing. Snes launched with mario world, 64 with mario 64, even the wii had twilight princess (although gamecubes was available and better). The gamecube didnt have any of those at launch and look how that did...
USEYOURFIST  +   756d ago
skimming through the comments i think my wiiu must be broke as i get occasional lag on mario when doing multiplayer on the gamepad and my gamepad signal is tempremental if i take it to the next room. I was never expecting to be wowed by it as i brought it for my kid, but im just quite suprised how many people are thinking this is going to compete with ps4/x720...oh and the menu load times are awful!
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hazardman  +   756d ago
Ill be getting one for the kids in the spring. Ill reserve any judgement til i have extensive hands on time with it. the 10 min i spend on it at gamestop doesnt count but id be lying if didnt say its a great 10 mins everytime.
#20 (Edited 756d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
jakmckratos  +   756d ago
ANd I still can't think of a good reason to get one. Nintendo needs to make some friggin announcements.

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