Who’s Your Top Pick in PlayStation All Stars?

Leviathyn | Now that you've had a good chunk of time to play around with the roster of PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, we want to know: who’s your go-to character when you’re throwing down in a match?

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Y_51501813d ago

He is my favorite Playstation character so obviously I would want to master him. I felt more attached to the good Cole because I always played through being the good guy in infamous 1&2 first hen after I became evil Cole.

Right now. I feel like I am beginning to be really good with the character but there are still combos and tricks to learn I bet! :)

Thirty3Three1813d ago

I'm very good with GCole, but I want to see Crash :)

cmurdurr1813d ago

Agreed. Crash would be SICK. Unfortunately, I don't think Sony owns the rights to him anymore...

jakmckratos1813d ago

I really enjoy Drake and Nariko

HarryMasonHerpderp1813d ago

I'm training as Raiden at the moment.
Will probably play as Sir Dan next.

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The story is too old to be commented.