Steam Sale 30/12/12

Ryan Archer from The Nerd Cabinet summarizes the Steam Sale Daily deals for 30th December.

"Ah the Steam Sale, how my wallet fears your mighty presence. Well wallet there are yet another 6 games with huge discounts today, brace yourself!"

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aquamala1995d ago

GTA complete pack is back for $12.49, includes GTA 1,2, 3, vice city, San Andreas, 4, 4:episodes, crazy deal!

Software_Lover1995d ago

Do you have the issue with the GTA games where it is showing 2 copies of each? The second tile for each game is just a blank gray tile that I cant get rid of.

PonyMadeFromTacos1995d ago

1 is for Windows, the other one is for Mac. I think.

BattleAxe1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

You get a free copy of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas for use on Mac.

You can set a custom image for the Apple versions. Just google GTA 3 Mac or Vice City Mac and go to Images under the google search and you'll find that people have made some pretty nice Grid View icons.

urwifeminder1994d ago

Nice i may get the mount and blade pack some very amusing youtube vids looks fun.