Wii Virtual Console for February 25th, 2008

This Monday there will once again only be 2 games released for the Wii Virtual Console. We get a TurboGrafx game and surprisingly a Nintendo 64 game.

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bym051d3951d ago

Wow, Kirby 64 is one of my favs.

OC Shock Value3951d ago

Where the F*** is Vectorman and Final Fantasy III... Dont piss me off Nintendo

marcdz13951d ago

this toy really is for kids. I can't imagine myself playing kirby damn nintendo grow up.

eclipsegryph3951d ago

You've got to stop letting your cat type for you, mate. And if that wasn't your cat typing, then might I recommend eating more fish? Studies show that eating fish can help strengthen your mental capabilities.

eclipsegryph3951d ago

Two thumbs up for Kirby 64! Great game right there, and well worth the money.

marcdz13951d ago

You don't want to grow up either. Looser! I can just imagine you being an adult with no life.

eclipsegryph3950d ago

You can, of course, believe what you will. I was merely stating that your comment seemed to lack any point or coherence, aside from being an offense to the English language itself.

Look at it this way - you can't really go around telling people that something is childish, and then go and act like a child yourself. It just invalidates your comments.

marcdz13950d ago

This a website that lets me say whatever I want and if I think that Kirby is for kids that is my opinion. You were more attentive about the way I type or come across than the topic of this discussion. Next time mind your own business. I don't care if you can type better sentences than me. You freaking NERD. The only insult is you trying to impose or correct someone for the way they type, especially when no one is asking you for your help.

eclipsegryph3949d ago

I was very well aware of your opinion about the game and never stated that your opinion was wrong. I merely pointed out that calling something childish and then going and acting like a child wasn't going to encourage anyone to actually pay attention to your opinion.

And of course you're able to type in whatever way that you want. However you should be prepared for the type of reaction that your particular method of typing brings. I think you'll find that you'll get your point across more efficiently the better that you type. You want to type without putting effort into proper grammar or punctuation? Go for it, and bollocks be to anyone who should remark upon it or give little attention to the point you had originally tried to make. Seeing as how people would be giving your post little attention, however, I don't know why someone would make an actual choice to type like that. Why put forth the effort, minimal though it may be, if people won't pay attention to it?

I'll admit, it was wrong of me to open up discussion with the whole "cat on the computer" thing. It was rude and disrespectful, and I apologize. The fact that you're typing very well right now makes it obvious that you have the ability to do that at any time.

My status as a nerd is debatable - I usually don't have enough time to practice my hobbies outside of work. I do, however, have a fond enjoyment of the written word, and it tires me to see someone bastardizing it when, as evident by your most recent comment, they have the option not to.

As a side note, just because someone isn't asking for help doesn't mean that they don't need it.

I notice that you have reached the limit of your comments for this particular article. If you wish to continue this, then feel free to send me a private message.