The Year in Video Game Sex 2012

Michael Thomsen:

If violence is inseparable from video games, sex may never have a major place in them. We can luxuriate in their animated encyclopedia of fantasies, but directly referencing sex apparently risks ruining the whole illusion. In 2012, games were less shy about introducing sex into their worlds, and yet most of the times it was left off in margins, something to catalyze a character's motivation or animate a bawdy background. But even as an intermittent presence it has a powerful and surprisingly broad range of effects.

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Conzul1998d ago

Here's a new idea....let's avoid talking about sex in multimedia.

Because that is SO 1970's, and it really doesn't matter.

ApolloTheBoss1998d ago

Speak for your damn self! >:D

Farcryplayer31998d ago

I was looking forward to seeing citra naked and sex is in first person lawl