Is This Sony’s Evolution Gearing Up For Next Gen?

Alex C:

In a day or so it’ll be 2013, and that’s the year we’re all expecting to see confirmation of PlayStation 4 and whatever Microsoft are working on next. Four new job postings (issued just before Christmas, in fact) suggest that Evolution, Sony’s Runcorn-based first party, are hiring for something pretty big for next generation.

The four roles all concentrate on C++, and are focused on graphics and tech, game programming, general optimisation and online. There are few clues as to what the positions are actually aiming at in terms of games, but it’s a fairly substantial boost to the studio.

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Abash1974d ago

MotorStorm PS4 would be an awesome launch title, such a fun racing series

GribbleGrunger1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Yep. Uncharted 4 would also be a great launch title; although Jack and Daxter 4 (excluding J&D X) would be welcome. We're also likely to see something from Sucker Punch but it's difficult to know what games are coming because most of Sony's developers have now got two teams.

KwietStorm1973d ago

OK but he said Motorstorm because its about Evolution.

ABizzel11974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

These are the devs. who are likely to have some presence on the PS4 Day 1. It will have been over 2 years since each dev. has released a game by E3 2013, or in Sony London and San Diego case they're developing PSMove 2 or an annual game.

Launch - Launch Window games

Evolution: Motorstorm PS4 / Wipeout PS4 / New Racing IP
Polyphony: GT6 Prologue
Guerilla Games: Killzone PS4 / New FPS IP
Sucker Punch: inFamous PS3 / New IP
Sony London: PS Eye 2 + Dualshock Move controller
Sony San Diego: MLB PS4

Add in Battlefield 4, Call of Duty 5: Future Warfare 1, Assassin's Creed, Need 4 Speed, and all the other annual 3rd party franchises and it should be a pretty good launch for the PS4 (Just be sure to space the 1st party games out over the first 1/2 of the year).

After that the year 1 games should come out around the following holiday season, among them should be

Naughty Dog Team 1: Uncharted PS4 / New IP
Sony London Game: Getaway / 8 Days / New IP

And that's it. That's what make me believe we'll finally see Agent, The Last Guardian, and Final Fantasy 13 vs. at E3 2014 (if not, then they're cancelled).

sourav931973d ago

I think Call of Duty 5 was "World at War".

Conzul1973d ago

Surely you mean "inFamous PS4"

ABizzel11973d ago


I know what you mean, but that's not how Activision is going to market it. At least IMO. I think Infinity Ward will be making the numbered sequels from now on such as COD: 5, while Treyarch will be making spinoffs like Black Ops, and World at War.


Yeah I meant inFamous PS4 :D

akaakaaka1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

You are missing Santa Monica as posible fist year PS4 launch game, they now have two main teams .
One doing GOWA and the other one I belive a new IP.

And I'm also hoping a new early a good big PSN game from team Siren(former silent hill team) but they may focus only on the vita(gravity rush was a success on it)

ABizzel11973d ago


I think you're mistaken. They have an external team that works with pretty much every other PlayStation developer out there. That's why when you see most PlayStation exclusives you see Sony Santa Monica in the "Special Thanks". They don't develop full games, but help other developers get their games running on the PS3, the best they can.

Now if they've become a full team then that's news to me.

As far as Siren that's Sony Japan, and I didn't add them because they're suppose to be working on The Last Guardian (which is in the 2014 part of my comment). On a side note hopefully they'll make another Siren and Gravity Rush.

DOMination-1973d ago

Re: Santa Monica.. There was a rumour that there was a second team making a game directed by Stig from GoW3 but the other week there was an interview with the studio head and she said they tried to move away from GoW but couldn't which suggested maybe this rumour is just that. But who knows.

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BattleAxe1973d ago

As long as the next Motorstorm game is something like the first game, then it should be good. I really didn't care for Motorstorm: Pacific Rift or Motorstorm: Apocalypse. Pacific Rift not only felt diferent with its gameplay, but graphically it was quite a downgrade from the original.

BitbyDeath1973d ago

I liked all 3 but Pacific Rift was my favourite of the three.

The only downgrade in graphics were the mud, the rest seemed better to me.

grailly1973d ago

Pacific Rift is by far my favorite. I feel like it's one of the most underrated games this gen. It's definitely in my top 5 this gen, and I don't even like racing games.

apocalypse I liked, but it was a big disappointment coming from PR

DOMination-1973d ago

Motorstorm is a shite franchise honestly and i hope they either do something new or release a proper full on wipeout game now they've fully merged with SCE Liverpool

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Riderz13371974d ago

New game from Naughty Dog
Killzone 4 from Guerilla Games plus a possibility of a new IP (already confirmed)
New game from Media Molecule
New game from Polyphony (GT 6 Prologue?)
New game from Sucker Punch
All the third party games such as (possibly) Battlefield 4, New CoD etc.
Plus Sony has other first party studios which could be working on something

Greatest launch line up ever?

DigitalRaptor1973d ago

It would be smart to have a great launch lineup like that. I mean the PS4 would probably even sell well with a decent launch lineup, especially if it's priced well, but some new games/IPs from Sony's top studios within the launch window could do great things.

grailly1973d ago

would be great sure... but then I'd be so poor... I usually buy every first party game at a console's launch. a console + 3-5 games sounds really expensive

quiddd1974d ago

A proper SOCOM.........(holding hope for that franchise)

akaakaaka1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

I hope david jeff makes it!
He knows what up with socom and his new studio is working on something.
Or who else could do the job? /6 games are good at ideas but to laggy and Socom ip can't afford another incomplete game or a middle finger to the hardcore(zipper did with s4)

A lag free confrontation 2 will do the job but with next gen tech.

SOCOM is one of those ip that can easily have 5 million sales if is done right and have a stable solid community.

And MotorStorm needs to go back to a more realistic look.. keeping the brutally arcade gameplay obviously.

And I'm the only one who want Extermination ip come back to live?

specsmatter1973d ago

Proper Socom would be insane!!!!! if done right on Ps4.

Skips1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

A proper next gen Socom would blow my mother******* clothes off!

specsmatter1973d ago

I was just thinking how awesome a new Media Molecule ip or LBP would be on the ps4. Thinking maybe this time around gamers could actually create backgrounds with dynamic effects (that would be crazy!!!!)

But im sure ND, Santa Monica, GG and a few other devs will have a presence during the ps4 launch lineup. I would go crazyyyy if a good dev took over a Demon Souls sequel and had it at launch as a solid rpg!!!!!

Either which way im hype for the future of the Playstation brand and look forward to the new innovations and stronger hardware the next PS will bring. Haters can hate but one thing we know is Sony brings it when it comes to quality and hardware features.

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