Some Germans Want to Burn Video Games in Front of the Reichstag

Kotaku: "There's a movement afoot in Germany to hold a mass burning of "killerspiele,"—thei r word for violent video games—in front of the Reichstag in Berlin on Jan. 27. Leni Riefenstahl died eight years ago, so if this really happens, someone else will have to film it."

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unchartedxplorer1999d ago

Put some sense into those Germans , Austrians!

TheGrimReaper1999d ago

The last Austrian who put his weird kind of sense into the German people led us to WWII xD

But you are right, these people (in this case some Germans) need some sense put into them.

Tetsujin1999d ago

Another vote down for kotaku, and no click from me.

Captain Tuttle1999d ago

Why? What's wrong with the story?

TheGrimReaper1999d ago

Read my comment below
Kotaku's article is wrong in some parts.
Just saying "Germany is extremely serious about banning anything that conjures up memories of its Nazi past" is ridiculous!

IIC0mPLeXII1999d ago

Yeah because when I want to look toward non violence I think of Germany. With their rich history of peace and understanding, they should definitely take a stand on fake, animated violence.

TheGrimReaper1999d ago

As almost every "first" world country, right? -.-"

BitbyDeath1999d ago

I always find it funny how Spartans are remembered and praised as opposed to Hitlers' reign.

You can't have it both ways.

ferelinstincts1999d ago

Some Men just wanna watch the world burn...

IIC0mPLeXII1999d ago

I was born in it....molded by it.

DarkBlood1999d ago

shush you and your nolan batman quotes :P

thebudgetgamer1999d ago

When Germans start getting together and burn things I get a little nervous.

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