GDC 2008: Peter Molyneux Talks Fable 2 Features

Joystiq writes:

"Want to know why Peter Molyneux's replacing your mini-map with a breadcrumb trail? Whether or not his character has unprotected sex? If same-sex marriage is still on the table? Journey on, dear reader, journey on."

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Dr Pepper3862d ago

I can't wait for this game. It's good they're are trying new/different ways of playing, like the breadcrumb trail instead of the mini-map. Will it work well or just be annoying? Who knows, but at least they are trying something different that can help immerse you in the game even more.

3862d ago
Talvish3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

If you read the interview that Peter had with Next-Gen ...

... he accidently indicates there is some form of competition when he essentially says 'How can this UNO player beat me'.

Hard to say fully what that feature is entirely, but his death comment with Joystiq and the UNO comment with next-gen are most likely related.

EZCheez3862d ago

I don't know about not having a mini-map, but i'll still be buying this day one.

I loved Fable 1, LOVED IT. I can't wait for this one. If fact, this time, I think I'll start off as a bad guy. That way I'm positive that i'll play it at least two times through.

Also, I've got $5 on PETA getting involved after they find out you can beat your dog.

Kuest3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Hopefully, I will see a release date soon.


Wazzup, Dr. Pepper! Bubbles because I saw you.

Edit: to Easy Cheese

I hate you... your ten bubbles too. No man, regardless of how good he posts, should have 10 bubbles. Especially, when a certain 8 bubble individual is sitting just beneath.

Lucas223862d ago

damn i wish i had a sbox to play this game, hopefully more jrpg, rpg games come to the ps3 that are similar

3862d ago
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