10 Most Difficult PlayStation 3 Trophies That Aren’t Worth It

"In the great bildungsroman that is life, we are defined by adversity and the ways in which we overcome it. People often see themselves as an amalgamation of their achievements, whether it be in work, sport or other such social or political ingenuity. It seems gaming has been playing catch up in this domain over the past console generation, with the Xbox 360 and PS3 being well served by the achievements and trophies systems respectively."

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Dark_Overlord2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

Disagree with the first 8 on that list, they're skill based trophies that show you've pretty much mastered the games.

9 - Pain, most of those are achievable with insane grinding. Shame the game is horrible and only worth playing 10 mins at a time.

10 - Totally agree

Any online trophies that say win XX games, XX kills, play XX hours or reach level XX are the most stupidly annoying trophies, they rarely require skill and are just there to force you to play the sub par MP that has been tacked on.

ajax172146d ago

That's why I gave up on trying to get the platinum trophy for Resistance 2!! FUUU multiplayer!

mikemadden2146d ago

I love R2 online so the 10k kills was fun for me. I didnt platinum the game because i couldn't beat it on hard or super human.

ajax172146d ago

@mikemadden| Yeah, it is fun. I just sucked at it so I pretty much stuck with co-op and the campaign.

Welshy2146d ago Show
pixelsword2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

For those having trouble with Radec, he has one weakness; well, two, but you kinda have to plan ahead for the second one... :D

knowyourstuff2146d ago

There's this ridiculous bronze trophy in Twisted Metal where you have to be at a certain rank online or something... plus one for winning a battle every single day for 30 days straight, you can tell they wanted to encourage crazy people to play the game constantly, which is pretty innovative in keeping your online presence booming, but for the rest of us it's just nuts. We have jobs, girlfriends, and a life to get back to... well some of us anyway lol

Philoctetes2146d ago


I loved the Hardcore trophy for Dead Space 2. It was like playing a totally different game on that setting. Frustrating, yes, but oh so satisfying why I wrapped it up. Wish more horror-type games would do this.

Sarcasm2146d ago

Yeah the Resistance 2 MP trophies were stupid ridiculous.

LAZL0-Panaflex2145d ago

All it takes is one little bronze to screw up a platinum. Thats why i prefer gamer points 1000 is like having a platinum, if im sitting at 970 points in a game and theres 3 difficult 10 point achievements haunting me i just pop in call of duty or bf3 and say f*ck it. I got 14 platinums and added up all the time i spent on these annoying bronze trophies that are hard and pointless i gave up.

Iwill platinum infamous 3, crysis 3, and uncharted 4, and killzone 4 if it is easy like part 3.

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360ICE2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

Yeah, this could almost have been a list of the best trophies to have in your collection. For starters, I'm pretty sure Play is a gold trophy. Though they say it's silver. Also one of my proudest trophies :3

And if I could choose one trophy I'd take Beat Zico. The really cool thing about it, is that you need to use even tilting perfectly to get it right... or you could just look up different techniques on YouTube. And Late Boomer I also have! And it's awesome! And nerve-wrecking.

Battle-Cars is pretty much my favourite PSN game, so for pros like me that one is pretty easy (⌐■_■)

The other ones I don't know about. But come on. With "get 10.000 kills" in Resistance 2 there must be some better choices.

DasBunker2146d ago

2- I didn't finish NGS2 only because it was horrible, too easy and forgettable, NGS was way more challenging.

HarryMasonHerpderp2146d ago

I thought the original was much better also.

HardCover2146d ago

Demon's Souls trophies are not primarily skill based. Especially not the one mentioned.

They're tedious, time consuming, and definitely a complete waste of time (unless you choose to trade of course).

admiralvic2146d ago

This is easily one of the worst lists I've ever read, which makes me wonder if this person is even a trophy hunter or for that matter knows anything about trophies.

For starters, the first 7 items on the list are merely a matter of skill (as you state) and some like Zico CAN be done fairly quickly. Not saying I have the skills to beat Zico in 1 try, but the trophy can in theory be done in 10 minutes if you have the skill.

As far as Demon Souls goes, there are too many shortcuts to consider the platinum as impossible as some people make it out to be. Every boss can be conquered with online assistance and every item trophy (including this one) can be obtain by simply picking the item up. Sure you might not agree with this method, but as long as it exists... it will lessen the games difficulty.

Now Fight NIght is probably one of the most over rated trophies on the WHOLE PSN, since a lot of people seem to misunderstand it. Yes you need to be #1 in the world, but the trophy is a simple matter of matching up against and ultimately beating whomever holds the belt. Additionally the system is always in flux, which basically means it's always possible to obtain it regardless of conditions.

Anyway... the list really should include the truly annoying platinums / trophies like every title in Lost Planet 2, Anything online related in Time Crisis Razing Storm, Max level online in Quantum Theory (seriously... it's amazingly tedious), Warhawk and other titles in this league.

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Red_Orange_Juice2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

if they require mastering the game and are heavily skill based aren't they diffcult then?

Dark_Overlord2146d ago

Yes they're difficult, but the author is saying that they are not worth the effort, which I disagree with and say they are worth the effort :)

Cam9772146d ago

GT5 is the hardest! Don't tell me those X1 challenge are easy to gold.

ZBlacktt2145d ago

Not like any of that matters. There are WAY to many people using CFW ( custom firmware ) to hack trophies anyway. This list means nothing to them as they all have them.... Trophies are overrated once hackers could cheat to get them.

Dark_Overlord2145d ago

I agree, on a global scale they don't really mean anything, but to me personally they do :) I like earning and collecting them :)

Mounce2145d ago

I simply disagree that the list doesn't have any mention of Warhawk trophies.

Warhawk of the WORST! They clearly don't know difficult pointless trophies if they didn't take a look at some of the trophies on THAT game.

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Y_51502146d ago

Here's one trophy that I found out that it wasn't worth it.

I was just about to Plat Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 with one trophy to go, it was about getting all 200 (or more) titles. It felt like a whole new set of trophies that are less fun to do so I gave up...

Myst2146d ago

I remember that game and getting the trophies, I think since I made a new PSN name I just dropped doing it. it was becoming more time consuming than anything else.

GenericNameHere2146d ago

NUNS2's platinum wasn't really that hard, and getting the titles wasn't really hard either. Just keep playing online and Versus mode. Have you ever tried to platinum NUNSG? That game was EASY! The last trophy I had left before the platinum was to reach 30 hours. In NUNS2, I reached the 30 hour mark just playing the story, and I didn't get the platinum until about the 43 hour mark.

On the article itself, I think my hardest and proudest platinum to date was one of my earliest plats: LittleBigPlanet. Getting that 500 likes or loves or whatnot took forever, and there were a few levels that were almost impossible to ace. And trying to collect all items also took quite a while.

Y_51502146d ago

I do not fully agree with you. NUNSG is Easier because you only need to get some of the titles not ALL of the titles. Also NUNS2 isn't that hard except for that title trophy.

GenericNameHere2146d ago

Why do I have 3 disagrees? Do people not agree with me thinking NUNSG is easier than NUNS2 or something? Or about the things needed to get my LBP2 play? O_o

You don't agree with me? I said nothing to counter your point, just that if you were to try to plat NUNSG (if you haven't already), that it would be easier to do so than NUNS2.

Y_51502145d ago

I actually gave you an "agree vote"
You didn't say easier on the first comment, you said "Easy" that's why I didn't fully agreed but your second comment cleared that up. NUNSG is easier but not Easy. :P

Tetsujin2146d ago

Another site that can't keep the story to 1-2 pages, they HAVE to use 10+ screens? Not worth reading.

Temporary2146d ago

I was ready to look at their list til i realized it was set up the way it was. I dont bother.

ajax172146d ago

I was going to say how stupid that sounds, but it is so true :p

r212146d ago

Dont worry, the rating is one and a half a star. A bit more votes and this site should be banned. Unlike another certain site that rhymes with otaku which strangely still has 3 full stars.

Nicaragua2146d ago

Beat zico isnt that hard, half the guys on my friends list have it.

And the description of Anulpha Pass as a difficult course are a joke, its the easiest course in the game.

saf1007922146d ago

I have beat zico. If u ask me the trophy that requires u to get to like lvl 70 on zones is harder

abzdine2146d ago

Zico isn't hard at all it's easily made in slow speed level... the Zeus 75 zone was the toughest thing.. you lose focus tou are dead and you restart from 0!!!!

torchic2146d ago

Zone Zeus is pretty difficult, but Arcade Perfect is on another level.

learning the tracks in reverse and then having to race them on Phantom class + Elite difficulty, it's like a completely new game.